Survival 101: Tuna & Bean Risotto

Recipes for the Apocalypse
End of Times

Servings 2

Prep Time 0 mins

Cook Time 25 mins

Total Time 25 mins

Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay

So, I was home alone and drinking rather too much and I wondered about what I could create with minimal effort and minimal ingredients and I came up with this recipe for a tuna risotto. Honestly, it couldn’t get any easier. That said, having some chilli sauce to hand is highly recommended. Not that it will taste bad without the sauce. It will just taste better with a bit of spiciness.


  • 1 Massel Vegetarian or Chicken Stock Cube to taste
  • 2 cups / 500 ml of boiling water to dissolve the cubes
  • 1 cup of rice to your choosing, white, brown, risotto
  • 1 Tin ( 6.5 oz /185 gram) of Sirena Tuna with beans
  • 1 or maybe 2 tsp of Masterfoods finely chopped chilli


  1. Put the stock cue into a measuring jug, boil water and add.
  2. Stir the mix thoroughly until stock cubes are dissolved
  3. Pour stock into a large frying pan and turn heat to low.
  4. Watch the stock until it is simmering but not boiling.
  5. Tip in the 1 cup of rice and stir until it’s simmering again.
  6. Continue to cook until rice is ready, around 20 minutes.
  7. Add the can of Sirena Tuna with beans and mix through.
  8. Last but by no means least add the chilli to your tastiness.

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