Dan O'Heirity

The Official End of My Covid-19 Blog

It has been a long time since I wrote a blog entry and the reason is that I became acutely aware that our leaders – whether Prime Ministers, Premiers, State Governors or whatever – are never held accountable for their deplorable and often dangerous actions. The triggering event was Trump’s acquittal for inciting a riot on Capitol Hill. The Republican Party Senators showed themselves to be absolutely spineless with only 7 Senators voting to find Trump guilty. And so Trump walked away meaning that he is still able to run for President in the future. There were other factors that led to my slump into cynicism. The World Health Organization “independent inquiry” into the origins and spread of Covid-19 was an absolute joke. Seriously, can anyone actually remember seeing extensive coverage of the findings of the investigation because as far as I can see that never happened. Rather , a bunch of Western scientists went over to China, where the the investigation was run by the Chinese who provided very limited access to infection sites and to key personnel who might have shed some light on the outbreak. The Chinese also provided limited access to data that was crucial in terms of understanding the origins and spread of the virus. Basically, China got its own way and ensured, according to their ridiculous and antiquated custom, that they did not “lose face”. And so, China has got away with infecting 181, 175, 561 people and they have also got away with killing 3,924, 972 people. I have written many times before that China is guilty of K├│smocide because they have murdered millions of people in countries all across the world.

I live in Australia and so, moving closer to home, I see the same fact in relation to our leaders. They are never held accountable for their incompetency and stupidity. We have seen 16 Covid-19 outbreaks originating from individuals in hotel quarantine and yet no one is ever held accountable for this fact. At the same time, we have been subject to draconian lockdown measures when the reality is that our Covid outbreaks have not originated in the community. They have originated in hotels and it the State governments that are responsible for managing hotel quarantine. There is a long and sad history here which goes back to untrained private security guards managing the security at these hotels. And yet the Victorian Premier, Dan Andrews, has never accepted responsibility for the use of private security guards even though his Office is responsible for the decision about the sort of security to use at these hotels. The scenario that I have outlined is bad enough but consider also that Covid-19 outbreaks in New South Wales and Queensland have also been linked to cases originating in hotel quarantine. This just makes my mind boggle. I hold a senior management position and I am pretty sure that if I made the same mistake 16 times then I would be out of a job. But no. Our State leaders remain in place, with absolutely no accountability for the hotel quarantine debacle. Here’s another fact. The elderly are most vulnerable to Covid-19 and yet the majority of Covid-19 cases and deaths in Australia have occurred in aged care settings. Seriously, if our government had to do one thing, it was to protect those most vulnerable to contracting and dying from Covid and yet the Australian government has singularly failed in this respect.

The Plot for a Covid-19 Hollywood Movie

If I were going to write a Covid-19 plot for a Hollywood movie then it would look something like the following. China wishes to become the dominant world power but realizes that traditional warfare is contrary to their purposes. Therefore, China manufactures a virus in a laboratory in Wuhan and releases it into the city knowing that the virus can be contained to the Hubei Province. The reason for this fact is simple. Anyone who dissents or fails to follow Chinese Communist Party directives will either be imprisoned or put to death. China sends Wuhan citizens all around the world to ensure that there will be a Covid pandemic that will last for years due to the fact that the virus has been designed to constantly mutate. Hundreds of millions of people are infected and millions of people die from the virus. Countries around the world are forced into extreme lockdown conditions but the virus spreads within these countries because the citizens do not face imprisonment or death for non-compliance. Whilst the world is focussed on Covid, China engages in aggressive expansionism first taking Hong Kong and then taking Taiwan. The world watches on but ultimately does nothing of any consequence to prevent China from pursuing its aim to become the single and dominant global world power. A vaccine is developed for the virus in double quick time with the stage 3 trials being conducted on humans rather than in laboratories. The vaccine is effective against the original strain of the virus but 4 variants emerge and the efficacy of the vaccine against these variants is limited.

Covid continues to ravage every country in the world with the exception of China where the virus has been eradicated. Countries fall further and further into debt whilst China, the manufacturing center of the world, experiences economic growth with countries having no choice but to purchase their goods from China. The reason. These countries have no manufacturing base because they shifted all of their manufacturing to China decades before. Any country that dares to defy China is punished with China imposing massive tariffs on goods imported from those countries. And so, the world is caught in a double bind where there is no choice but to import from China and no choice but to kowtow to China for fear of the economic consequences. The worst is yet to come. China uses its economic might to force other countries into political and socio-cultural submission. World leaders no longer speak out against China because to do so would mean economic ruin. Global newspapers become afraid of criticising China for fear of political and economic consequences and slowly, over time, the only reports about China are positive reports on China’s rise to becoming the dominant world power, a rise that is embraced because there is no other choice for countries that want to survive. Ultimately China achieves a coup d’├ętat by activating the Chinese diaspora to ensure the imposition of Chinese Communist Party rule across the world. The world realizes far too late that China had not simply allowed its citizens to emigrate. Each citizen was chosen as a loyal member of the Chinese Communist Party, ready and willing to act in China’s interests when called upon to do so.

First Published 26th May 2021

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