Dan O'Heirity

Give China an Inch and They’ll Take a Mile and Then Some

A couple of days ago The Sydney Morning Herald published a fascinating article entitled, “Apologising for China’s delinquency? We’ll be sorry”. The article makes two main points. First, there has been an argument that China is a rising power and that China should therefore be given “strategic space” to develop and mature. The trouble is that China has used this “strategic space” to take Hong Kong, to grab territories in the South China Sea and to use its armed forces to try to intimidate countries including Japan, India and Indonesia. Then of course there is the fact of China’s intimidation of Taiwan. The bottom line is that China is an aggressor and Beijing is ignoring the international rule of law. For example, an international tribunal at The Hague ruled in favour of the Philippines that China had no right to the territorial claims it was making in the South China sea region. Beijing simply ignore the ruling and commenced to creating islands in order to establish a military presence. The second main argument that the article makes is that we’re told that we should not make China “angry”. It’s worth quoting this statistic in full, “Altogether, Australian newspaper reports on relations between Australia and China have featured the word “angry” on 1057 occasions over the five years from 2015 to 2020“. What’s the result of this “idea” of China’s anger? Well, in the case of Australia, “when China takes action against Australia it seems justified by its anger” and the implication is that Australia has done something wrong and that Australia is responsible for the state of relations with China. This is a nonsense. We should make no mistake, kowtowing to China is, “an invitation to a rogue power to smash its way to dominance“. Thankfully, Australia is standing firm in the face of China’s bullying and the rest of the world should do the same.

What Can Possibly Come of the World Health Organization Inquiry Into Covid-19?

According to my preferred data source, as of today there have been 105,916,428 confirmed cases of Covid-19 across 219 countries and territories along with 2,309,033 deaths. The Covid-19 cases and deaths are a direct result of China trying to cover up the virus in the early days of its emergence in Wuhan. More exactly, these cases and deaths are the result of China allowing infected travellers to travel all over the globe. On my reckoning China is guilty of Kósmocide, murder on a world scale. Far from being contrite, China has politicized Covid-19 through seeking to represent China’s management and control of the pandemic as superior to that of the West. Rather than cooperating with an international independent inquiry, China has sought to ensure that the inquiry is conducted on its own terms. Think about this fact. It is around 14 months since China first became aware of Covid-19 and yet it is only now that the World Health Organization (WHO) inquiry team have managed to gain access to China. Call me cynical but 14 months is a pretty long time to get rid of any evidence that might be embarrassing to Beijing. It is also a pretty long time to falsify reports and to intimidate Wuhan locals into not talking with the inquiry team. You can read an update on the investigation from 9News. The team has visited the Wuhan market claiming that even though the market has been disinfected and shut down, there is still much that can be learned. The team has also recently visited the virology laboratory that has been subject to conspiracy theories about the virus being man made or having escaped from laboratory. A WHO team member has expressed confidence about the laboratories safety protocols. However, what did the laboratory look like 14 months ago?

If Trump Is Not Convicted Then Anything Goes in American Politics

I would contend that any right-minded person knows that Trump should be convicted for inciting the riot on Capitol Hill. However, even more so, Trump must be convicted because, if not, then there will simply be no limits upon what a president might do without there being any consequences. Take a look at this interview from CNN with Trump’s Impeachment Manager. I would say again if inciting a riot is not impeachable then nothing is.

However, my view is that Trump will not be convicted. First, he will manipulate matters to his own advantage including not turning up to testify at this own impeachment trial. Secondly, and this point is also connected with Trump’s manipulation, there will be too many spineless Republicans who will not vote for conviction. Finally, it really does seem that you can do just about anything in American politics and get away with it. Take this story from SBS News about a Republican law maker who as a former member of QAnon. It is worth quoting a statement from the Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene in full, “Ms Greene added that she ‘walked away’ from QAnon before she ran for Congress, and acknowledged that ‘school shootings are absolutely real’ and that ‘9/11 absolutely happened’ – US tragedies that she has cast doubt on in the past“. In 2018 Greene asserted that California wildfires were ignited by a space laser controlled by a Jewish family. Seriously, we have a US congresswoman who has, in the past, question the reality of school shootings and 9/11 along with backing some bizarre theory about Jewish controlled space lasers. In my opinion she is certifiable. And what’s going to happen to her? She will be reprimanded by the House of Representatives for her extreme statements.

First Published February 6th, 2020

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