This post takes a look at the likelihood of Trump being impeached and convicted of inciting a riot on Capitol Hill. The impeachment is necessary because Vice President Mike Pence will not invoked the 25th amendment to remove Trump from office. Sad times for America.


This post is basic. It’s a commentary on the consequences of the insurrection in America. I maintain as I have done for weeks that we are living in the most dangerous of times.


In news that is almost unbelievable protestors in American have stormed the Capitol to protest the election result. Honestly, this turn of events is surreal. Meanwhile, China continues to block the independent inquiry into Covid19. Seriously, one year on and no inquiry.


In this post I take a look at some key metrics that demonstrate that China is in the ascendancy. I then cover what this week will hold for democracy in America and I conclude with a story about Chinese infiltration in Australia.


As we head into 2021 I’m making the argument that “everything is connected”. China’s belligerence, Trump’s insanity and Covid are all conspiring to change the world order and to undermine the idea of Western democracy. Trump should be gone, Covid will likely be brought under control but China will remain. The West must stand up to Beijing.