Dan O'Heirity

There Are Just So Many Reasons to Despise Beijing And China

According to my preferred data source, as of today 100,280,252 confirmed cases of Covid-19 across 219 countries and territories along with 2,149,387 and that’s on China. Forget Mike Pompeo declaring that the Chinese are guilty of genocide for their treatment of the the Uighurs. Forget too that Anthony Blinken, nominated to succeed Pompeo, agrees with the judgement that the Chinese are guilty of genocide. Why? Because the Chinese are guilty of Kósmocide. Beijing through acting recklessly and with a hardened heart, started a pandemic that has killed more than 2 million people. And what does China do? It celebrates the anniversary of Covid-19 with celebration and denial. As reported by the BBC, “Wuhan has long since recovered from the world’s first outbreak of Covid-19. It is now being remembered not as a disaster but as a victory, and with an insistence that the virus came from somewhere – anywhere – but here“. Let me see if I can find some adjectives to describe the behaviour of the Chinese: abhorrent, disgusting, despicable, reprehensible, unconscionable. Those will do for a start. Any civilized country would have marked the Covid anniversary in a sombre fashion. If that country was the country where the virus originated then there would have been acknowledgement of that fact along with a show of solidarity with other countries around the world. But not China. China denies and lies and we should loathe them for their behaviour.

It’s also worth reading the BBC article to find out about the current status of the investigation by the World Health Organization team into the origins and spread of the virus. One year on from the original outbreak and the investigation has barely begun. Furthermore, the investigation is “mired in politics” with the Terms of Reference (TOR) seeming to placate Beijing. For example the TOR refer to the possible origins of the virus outside of China. Give me a break. I wrote months ago that the investigation would be controlled by the Chinese and that the Chinese would determine the outcome of the investigation. Notice too how China deals with any difficult questions. The BBC reporter asked China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Hua Chunying,  why there were narratives about the virus originating outside of China when there was no real evidence for this supposed fact. Chunying replied, “Your question reveals your prejudice against China“. WTF. A BBC reporter asks a perfectly legitimate question and is accused of being unfriendly towards China. Further on in the article the BBC reports that Prof Shi Zhengli told the BBC that she would welcome a visit by an inquiry team to the Wuhan Institute of Virology to rule out the possibility of a lab leak. However, when the BBC followed up with an email Zhengli replied, “Your question is not friendly“. Seriously, what are you going to do with a country that has killed 2 million people whilst staving off investigations with charges of prejudice and unfriendliness?

China’s Aggressive Expansionism Is Continuing Almost Unabated

I think that it would be fair to say that China pretty much took Hong Kong with next to no consequences. Sure, world leaders kicked up a bit and the United States imposed sanctions against leaders who were involved in the implementation of the new security law but, basically, there were no real consequence for China. However, more than taking Hong Kong, my view is that China was testing the world to see what would happen. China must be thinking that they “got away with it”. The question now concerns what will be next. China has long contested the South China Sea region, making claims to waterways that are claimed by multiple other countries. The ABC has recently reported that China has authorized its coast guard to fire on vessels in the South China Sea. To be more exact, “The [new] bill allows coastguard personnel to demolish other countries’ structures built on Chinese-claimed reefs, and to board and inspect foreign vessels in waters claimed by China“. The new Bill also authorizes coastguard to create temporary exclusion zones “as needed” to stop other vessels and personnel from entering. This is not yet China trying to take the South China Sea. It is China testing out the world to see what will happen with the passing of the new Bill. The question is one of how the world will react. China also has an ongoing dispute with India over what is known as the Line of Actual Control. This is the border between China and India. The Australian news reports that there has been another clash between Indian and Chinese troops over an incursion by Chinese troops into Indian territory. Harsh Pant, a professor of international relations at King’s College in London has said that this is another case of China testing the waters, this time to see what the new American leadership might do.

It Seems That Only Old and Frail People Need Be Concerned About the Pfizer Vaccine

The question of the vaccines for Covid-19 caught my attention a couple of weeks ago when Norway reported 30 deaths resulting people taking the Pfizer vaccine. You watch the story below to see if you find the reporting as odd as I do. The basic argument is that the deaths were all amongst elderly and frail patients meaning, I suppose, that younger and fitter people have nothing to worry about from taking the vaccine. However, isn’t it the case that it’s the elderly and frail who are most at risk from Covid? And isn’t a vaccine meant to protect those who are most vulnerable to Covid?

Australia is in line to use the Pfizer vaccine and there’s a story from The Guardian that reports the Health Minister assuring Australians that the Australian government is being absolutely thorough in reviewing evidence from around the world to ensure that the Pfizer vaccine is safe. The Health Minister also says that it is not clear whether the people died as a result of taking the vaccine or from old age. Personally, I find it nonsensical to think that someone took the vaccine and then just happened to die of old age at some point soon after being vaccinated. But that’s just me. The Norwegians, however, would seem to disagree with me. As reported by the Guardian, Norwegian authorities have said, “In Norway we are now vaccinating the elderly and people in nursing homes with serious underlying diseases, therefore it is expected that deaths close to the time vaccination may occur“. In other words, old people just happen to be dying at around the time of taking the vaccine.

The Pfizer vaccine was cleared for use in Australia yesterday, 25th January 2021. One of my favourite news sources, The Conversation, has an article that is aimed at alleviating concerns about the vaccine. However, before I get to those reasons, consider that the rollout in Australia will begin with “high risk groups” which I take to mean the frail and the elderly along with, for example, health care workers. So, to the reasons why we should apparently not be concerned about the vaccine rollout. First off, the vaccine cannot enter our DNA and change our genome which is the complete set of instructions for making all the molecules our cells need to function. So, the vaccine is not going to alter our genome. Let’s take that as a good thing. Next, and this one just makes my mind boggle, taking the vaccine will not connect us to the Internet. I know right, but apparently some conspiracy theorists are claiming that the vaccine contains hydrogels – a substance that helps the vaccine enter our cells – and that these hydrogels will connect us to the Internet. The vaccine does not contain hydrogels and, even if it did, these hydrogels could not be used to connect us to the Internet. Moving on, the vaccine will not cause autoimmune diseases such as arthritis and multiple sclerosis. We just have to take it that this is a fact as there is no evidence to support the claim. Finally, the vaccine will not make women infertile. Again, the basic argument is that there is just no evidence to support this claim. So, myths debunked but I still won’t be rushing to have the jab even though the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has assured us that the vaccine has gone through the appropriate approval processes with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

First Published January 26th, 2020

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