Dan O'Heirity

The World Breathes a Collective Sigh of Relief

I look at a lot of headlines that I dismiss as sensationalist nonsense. Just an attempt to grab the readers’ attention. However, a headline today in the The Guardian captured exactly what the world is feeling right now, “And breathe: the world exhales as the madness of the Trump era ends“. I have always maintained that Trump is certifiably insane. Psychiatrists have various labels for him but whatever the label, Trump was completely unstable and unpredictable as president of the United States. I have written on many occasions that Trump might start a war, possibly nuclear, for no other reason than his ego. I did let out a sigh of relief that he did not do so in the remaining days of his presidency. I honestly saw that eventuality as probable given that starting a war is one thing that Trump would not be able to do as ex-president. At least not a war between countries. Whether he can start a civil war in the United States is another question entirely. The Guardian article resonates with a sense of hope for what Biden might do as president. I am not so sure. American is divided down the middle and to say that there is “unrest” would be an understatement. The possibility of domestic terrorism seems to me to be a real possibility. There are just too many “good old boys” who have believed Trump’s lies. Sure they didn’t attack the Capitol because there were 25,000 National Guards. It would have been a massacre.

As for Biden’s inauguration, it passed off without incidence. There will be a lot of reporting on Biden over the next few day but for now I am going to go with a story from ABC News that reports on Biden’s speech saying that, “With a touch of religious revivalism, and heavy on repair and restoration, each word was carefully crafted to point to the possibilities of the future and to draw on pride, patriotism and the decency and goodness of the people“. So, yes, healing America has got to be at the top of Biden’s agenda. A is battling Covid. However, in the bigger scheme of things, a divided America with Trump still wielding influence is not going to be able to assert itself on the worlds stage. There there is China, with Beijing offering advice to Biden on how to productively move forwards to repair relations with Beijing. Anyone who has followed my blog knows that I have absolutely no time for China. Beijing has aspirations for world domination and, so ,whatever might appear to be the case with China is, in fact, not the case. The West is naïve in this respect. China only has China’s interests at heart and those interests are defined by ruling the world. They’ll play games to get to where they want to go but do not mistake any conciliatory talk for an actual intent to work with other world powers. All you have to do to know that this is true is look at Beijing’s diplomacy fails which reveal the real face of China. These “fails” evidence Beijing’s hatred and contempt for the West. That is the bottom line. They take us for fools.

First Published January 21st, 2021

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