Dan O'Heirity

Biden Will Be Sworn in as the Next President of the United States

It would be more than fair to say that many have wondered with the day of Biden’s inauguration would ever come. Beyond Trump’s many legal challenges to the legitimacy of the electoral process there is just the fundamental fact that Trump is so unstable that just about anything could have happened. And it did happen. Trump incited a riot and the Capitol building was stormed. There was never a chance that proceedings to declare Biden the next president would be thwarted. However, looking back at the event there was a real chance that elected officials might be murdered by the angry mob. Remember that sections of the mob were chanting “Kill Mike Pence”. There is a fascinating article from The Conversation that looks at how right wing extremism has been growing over recent years. At the same time, Trump appears to have been doing his utmost to play down the threat of this extremism. Why? Well, rather obviously because he has had an interest in “cultivating” such groups for his own purposes. Anyone who follows the news will know that Trump engages in making baseless accusations, most notably with reference to how the election was stolen from him. However, The Conversation article also reports on conspiracy theories that Trump has peddled over the last four years. Consider this from The Conversation article, “Two of the newest members of Congress are members of QAnon, the inheritor of the “pizzagate” conspiracy theory, in which all who oppose Trump are deep state members of an international child sex trafficking cabal“. My mind just reals at this fact as in I can’t make any sense of it because it is just so ridiculous. And yet people believe Trump. The Conversation piece ends with a sentiment that I have expressed many times. People must be held accountable for what happened in Washington. If there are no consequences then Trump will have won and he will be free to pursue his post presidency agenda, whatever that might be.

Right now it’s exactly 6.00 PM AEST on Wednesday 20th January. It’s 11 PM, Tuesday 19th January in Washington. So, by the time that I get up tomorrow, the inauguration process will be over. I have to say that I will be waking up tomorrow morning with a slight sense of trepidation. Will there have been a riot? Will someone have tried to assassinate either Biden or Harris? Could it be that a right wing extremist in the National Guard might try to take out Biden or Harris. Take a look at the Sky News story below which reports that the FBI is vetting the National Guard. Two people have already been “stood down” for their extreme right wing associations.

Given that there’s 25,000 National Guards in Washington, a riot is extremely unlikely. An assassination attempt, perhaps more likely. However, let’s say that Biden and Harris are sworn in without any “problems”. As mentioned above, Trump is not going anywhere and Biden has some significant issues that he will have to address. To take just one of those issues, as reported by my usual data source, the United States has recorded 24,809,841 Covid cases along with 411,520 deaths. No other country comes close to those figures. The cases and deaths are all on Trump but it is Biden who is going to have lead America out of the reality and horror of Covid. Imagine when the death toll rises to the half million mark, something that is highly likely. What will that do to the psyche of America? I’m feeling that this is a bit of a light weight post but I’m going to end here. Tomorrow is a huge day and I shall post again in light of what has happened in Washington.

First Published January 20th, 2021

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