Dan O'Heirity

China’s Diplomatic Presence on the World Stage is Just Laughable

I know that this is not a defensible position, but China’s diplomacy or lack thereof just makes me laugh. As reported by Australian News, China is very unhappy with the United States, Canada, Britain and Australia because these countries have “condemned the arrest of over 50 opposition parliamentarians and democracy activists in Hong Kong in a joint statement on Sunday”. The bottom line is that four of the five countries in the “Five Eyes Agreement” – New Zealand did not sign up to this one – have called China out on using the new security legislation imposed on Hong Kong to quell any kind of dissent or disagreement with China. Here is how China has reacted. First, “Any actions which harm China’s core interests will be met with a resolute counterstrike and will not succeed.” Secondly, from the Global Times, “Many Chinese people feel as if they have swallowed a fly when hearing about Australia”. WTF? Next, “Australia treats China’s goodwill with evil. It is not worthy to argue with it. If it does not want to do business with China, so be it“. And finally, with specific reference to Australia, “Its politics, military and culture should stay far away from China – let’s assume the two countries are not on the same planet“. Here’s how a British diplomat would respond, “I rather fear that we will not be taking too much notice of the opinions of a power that is singularly not aligned with our own values and truths”. O.K. That’s subtle. As always, Beijing’s response seems to be that of angry and out control adolescent. Take a look at the article and you will see that China has responded in exactly the same way to any criticism of its attitude towards Taiwan. China, Taiwan is ours. Rest of the world, no it isn’t. China, “China’s response to international recognition of democratic Taiwan would be overwhelming“. I have been writing for weeks, if not months, that there is a very real danger that China will try to take Taiwan. After all, they took Hong Kong and, quite honestly, there were no real consequences. Watch the video below from Sky News on whether China will try to take Taiwan.

The Chaos in the United States May Well Embolden China

So, everything is connected. Covid has distracted the world. America has imploded with insurrection in the Capitol. And China is progressing its plan to be the dominant world power. Think about the facts. All we have seen from China is aggression during 2021. I don’t believe that China is looking to the Biden presidency to effect some kind of rapprochement. That is not how the Chinese think. Beijing has contempt for America and American values and they play the West for fools, trading off our sense of “fair play” and our naivety regarding there long term aspirations. China is watching and this is what they are watching. America deeply divided in a way that may mean that the country never recovers. Just take a look at this video. This is the raw face of extremists in America. This is scary stuff with armed men – and they are all men – talking about having been “cheated” out of their country. One of the men says that they will now “push for secession”. I’ve watched multiple videos reporting the level of armed security that will be present for the inauguration. From the National Guard through to the FBI. The national guard will be armed and I remember thinking that no one in their right mind would go up against an armed national guard. Then I saw these guys and I reckon that they would take on the guard. They seem to see it as their patriotic duty. Of course, it is impossible to predict what will happen on the day of Biden’s inauguration but I believe that we have real cause for concern. And, as I have said many times before, these guys are not going away. Nor is Trump. Biden may be sworn in but the deep divide in American will remain. I’m imagining domestic terrorists. Not a full on in front of you war. But an attempt at secession through terrorism.

Trump and His Cronies Are Totally Responsible for What Is Happening in America

I’ve written so many factual, evidence based posts that tonight I just want to give my mind free reign. However, you can watch the video below from CNN that supports what I am saying. OK , bit of a contradiction in that point. Trump has spent months convincing his supporters that the election was stolen. They believe him even though around 50 legal challenges to the results have been rejected by courts across America. The Republicans, almost to a person, have either openly supported Trumps’ lies or remained silent for fear of consequences in the future. To my mind, those who have remained silent are absolutely spineless. They didn’t opt for one way or the other. Support Trump or speak out. Those who supported Trump were taking a gamble that he’d either win the day with the election results or, at worst, be an ally in the future. That’s politics. Right. But we’re no longer in the land of politics. We’re in the land and the reality of armed national guards potentially defending the Capitol against armed insurrectionists on the day of Biden’s inauguration. It could be that we never see armed conflict on the day of Biden’s inauguration but that view misses the point. Trump has taken America to the point where armed national guards are a necessity. Trump has won according to his own warped vision of what winning means. He has galvanised hundreds of thousands of followers to the point where they are considering armed conflict. I can only think insanity. I’m tempted to say that Trump has managed this in just two months but that is not the truth. His whole presidency has pointed towards this final outcome. There is a most excellent article from The Conversation arguing that whilst Trump might be gone. Trumpism remains in Australia. I would add that whilst Trump is gone, Trumpism remains large on the world stage for Western democracies. Here is the crucial point, “The mere appearance of wrongdoing used to be enough to raise public confidence problems and thus end a ministerial career. Now, even the substance of dishonesty, non-disclosure or incompetence avoids meaningful sanction“.

First Published January 19th, 2021

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