Dan O'Heirity

Upon Reflection I Believe That Trump Has Won

Before I report on various news stories that have covered the Capitol Hill insurrection and its aftermath, I want to say that I believe that Trump has won the day. My reason for saying this is that he has fundamentally divided America whilst inciting an insurrection led by his supporters who all believe his lies about the election having been stolen from him. There’s just no going back from this position. No matter what Biden does, American will remain divided and the extreme right, whether they follow Trump or not in 2021, have been emboldened to act with violence. Moving forwards I believe that we will see more of the same. What I mean by “the same” comes across loud and clear in this report from CNN news. As always, the news Anchor Don Lemon delivers a masterful report. He is absolutely brilliant at remaining silent to allow videos, images and facts to speak from themselves. I highly recommend watching this video particularly for the interviews with the police who defended the building. There is also a point where Lemon says that Biden will be inaugurated in five days time but “we will still be living in this America. He means an America deeply divide with groups fuelled by hate and violence.

Trump incited this mob, directing them to storm the Capitol. What does Trump do afterwards? He engages in a complete volte face by “unequivocally” denouncing the violence. David Parkman is of the opinion that this is a completely false Trump who is trying to save himself from what is coming. For example, being convicted in the Senate of inciting a riot. I would tend to concur with Parkman. We have never seen Trump behaving in this way or making this kind of speech. However, the oddity for me is that Trump and his advisers have taken a shot at trying to exonerate him, at least to some degree. I’m not a lawyer but I can imagine that Trump’s defence will be that he never incited a riot and that he denounced the violence that happened even saying that anyone who acted with violence is not a true supporter of the Make America Great Again movement. Parkman notes that many of the rioters were wearing Trump paraphernalia. Oops. Trump also says that he has been briefed on the possibility of further violence and he condemns this potential violence saying that he has done all that he can to maintain order including bringing in thousands of national guards to ensure that there is no more violence in Washington. Lastly, Trump just cannot help himself. He has to mention that banning Twitter accounts – he means his account – is an assault on free speech. Give me a break.

Trump’s video has of course resulted in a lot of commentary in the news. CNN’s Dana Bash reaction is, “give me a very large break”. Dana Bash is basically on the same page with Parkman. Neither believe a single word that Trump is saying. However, Bash also says that Trump showed no contrition and never apologized for his role in in the insurrection. Why would he? The minute he utters any kind of apology he is acknowledging that he had a role in what happened and his admission could, I believe, be used in the impeachment process. Trump is actually taking a completely different tack. He is trying to get us to believe that he has always condemned violence. Bash also says that Trump should have acknowledged that the election was fair and true. I can almost go with that point but then on the other hand how could Trump make such an admission after months of telling his supporters that the election was stolen. Whilst I might take issue with some of the points made in the report, there is one point that I agree with totally. Trump never came out to say that Biden was the elected president of America. Trump could have done this without every reneging on his claims that the election was stolen. Why did Trump not make the statement. Well, becomes he’s a delusional sociopath totally removed from reality.

I’m going to include this report from 9News because it provides an overall perspective on where America is at right now. The story ranges across the lock down of the Capitol ahead of Biden’s inauguration. The images of soldiers carrying guns is a telling one. Equally telling is a brief clip of an official saying that he and his peers fully expect that there might be an attempt on their lives. On a more positive note, we see removal trucks leaving the Whitehouse so we can, finally, be assured that Trump is actually going to leave the building. There is also a clip of Joe Biden committing to rolling out 100 million does of the Covid vaccine in his first one hundred days in office. He refers to attempts thus far to deal with Covid as a “dismal failure”. The clip of Biden prompted me to a thought. I keep across five news outlets and I cannot remember seeing one of those outlets reporting ono Biden’s response to the violence. I know that there will have been a reaction but it is interesting, and perhaps a bit worrying, that Trump seems to be stealing the headlines. I also wondered whether this reporting is a sign of things to come. That is, Trump may be ex-president Trump in a few days time but will he still dominate the news headlines? Might this fact undermine Biden’s presidency? I would say that no matter what happens next, Trump will remain a force to be reckoned with in the future.

To conclude, whilst I might maintain that Trump will continue to be a force to be reckoned with, there are caveats to that claim. First, Trump has been impeached for a second time and he will face trial in the Senate. However, a story from The Conversation argues that it seems unlikely that Trump will be convicted in the Senate. The reason is that a two-thirds majority in the Senate is required to convict Trump and it seems unlikely that majority will be reached. The video below from CNN makes it very clear that due process will be followed and that whilst Biden and his team will focus on the job at hand, the Senate will have to make the time to conduct the trial. Furthermore, as reported by The Conversation, Trump is facing criminal and civil charges at both the federal and state levels for alleged crimes both before and during his presidency. The Conversation is of the opinion that it is unlikely that Trump will face federal prosecution. However, he may be prosecuted at a state level with charges that could include include probes into potential bank, tax and insurance fraud, as well as the falsification of business records. Finally, two women are suing Trump for accusing them of lying when they came forward with sexual harassment charges against Trump.

First Published January 17th, 2021

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