Dan O'Heirity

Trump May Be Impeached for Inciting an Insurrection

Given that Trump incited an insurrection, you would be forgiven for believing that he would have been removed from the Whitehouse by now but such is not the case. I’ll get to the point that it’s complicated in a little while but seriously, what would the guy have to do in order for those with some power to fast track his removal from office. And so, to the complications. As reported by The Guardian, the Democrats in the House of Representatives have charged Trump with one count of “incitement of insurrection” over the Capitol Hill riot. However, Republicans have blocked an effort to have Vice President Pence “remove” Trump under the 25th Amendment to the United States constitution. The amendment allows for a president to be removed under extreme circumstances. Personally, I would have thought that inciting an insurrection would count as an extreme circumstance but apparently Republicans do not agree with me. As for the charge of inciting an insurrection, the House is due to debate the charge on Wednesday 13th January. The Democratic congressman David Cicilline of Rhode Island believes that there will be sufficient votes to impeach Trump. However, removing Trump would require a conviction in the Senate. So there we have it. With nine days until Biden’s inauguration, American will watch on as their politicians fail to to do the right thing, removing Trump immediately. Meanwhile, there are rumours that die hard Trump supporters intend to march on Washington for a second time on inauguration day. This has resulted in what could broadly be termed a state of readiness on the part of the Pentagon, FBI, Secret Service and other agencies. However, on a positive note, the Trump appointed Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf  has resigned. This is significant because the US Secret Service, part of the Department of Homeland Security, will be providing protection for Biden as he becomes president. If I were Biden then I’d be breathing a sigh of relief.

One of my favourite news outlets is The Conversation. The stories are written by academics in conjunction with journalists to deliver informed by readable article. There is a piece from The Conversation that looks at the question of Trump’s impeachment. Here’s a summary of how the impeachment process works. Both the the House of Representatives and the Senate have to act. If a majority of the House is in favour of the impeachment then it goes ahead. ABC News reports that there is a majority in the House in favour of impeachment. The Senate is where the actual trial takes place and it acts as a kind of court, hearing evidence and listening to testimonies. Conviction requires that two thirds of Senators vote for the conviction and apparently this majority has never been reached in previous impeachments. Next, it is clear that impeachment can sometimes be a something of a lengthy process, perhaps too lengthy to remove Trump from office before Biden is sworn in. However, ABC News reports that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is pushing to have Trump impeached by Thursday this week. Secondly, the story form The Conversation reports that the impeachment process may be continued after Trump leaves office as long as he is impeached before he actually does stand down as president. There would apparently be some value in such a proceeding because if convicted then Trump would not be able to run for office again. Also, the Senate would be split 50/50 between Republicans and Democrats. If the vote were split along partisan lines than Vice President Kamala Harris would have the deciding vote. And so perhaps it would be better to “string out” the impeachment process. However, Pelosi has called Trump “unhinged” and therein lies the problem. Trump is “unhinged” and God knows what else he might do in his remaining days as president. In this respect we should be concerned about Trump on two levels. What might he do with his sights set on America and what might he contemplate on the world stage. I shall leave you with the reality that is Trump.

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