Dan O'Heirity

There Are No Adjectives to Describe the Insurrection in America

Over the last two days I’ve been watching the news reporting on the riot and storming of Capitol Hill at the time that Biden should formally have been declared as president. SBS News is of the opinion that Trump incited a coup and his fanatical followers faithfully followed Trump’s cue to “march on the Capitol”. This video from CNN confirms that Trump incited the riot. It also gives the background story as to what triggered the violence. Basically Vice President Mike Pence said that he did not have the right to overturn any electoral results. That was enough for Trump and his supporters to go off the deep end.

SBS News also reports that Biden has called the riot an insurrection and said that we have seen an “unprecedented assault” on American democracy. SBS News also reports that Biden has now formally been sworn in as the president of the United States but the fact of the riot, insurrection, intended coup of whatever you want to call what has just happened in America, remains and will be stain on the history of the United States. I’ve read a lot of news stories and watched a lot of videos over the past day or so but I think that this report from CNN most closely surfaces the true import of the riot that Trump incited. The clip opens with Van Jones, a former Obama administration official, calling the riot an act of Treason. I don’t think that there would be any stronger designation for what has happened in Washington over the last two days. Indeed, Jones says that we are “looking down the barrel of a civil war” and further on in the report there is mention of “domestic terrorism” along with the fact that Ivanka Trump tweeted that the rioters were American patriots. The tweet was later taken down. I would recommend watching the report in full.

The question now is where to next given the surreal event of a riot in the heat of democratic America. Well, rioters will obviously be found and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. If these people were prosecuted for treason, then under Federal law any individual convicted of treason could be put to death. And alternative judgement could be 5 years’ imprisonment and a minimum fine of $10,000. I confess that I do not understand the disparity between these two outcomes. Death or imprisonment. Isn’t the gap just to wide. Anyway, on to Trump. The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has called for the 25th Amendment to be invoked in order to remove Trump from office. You can watch her speech below.

Trump has just two more weeks in office and so you might ask yourself whether there’s any real point to removing him from office. Firstly, I have said on many occasions that Trump is certifiably insane. Think about it. A madman is in charge of a nuclear arsenal. Secondly, as the video points, Trump could do absolutely anything in the next 14 days. Look at what he managed to achieve with a couple of speeches and a few tweets. Now imagine Trump decides that he’d like to strike Iran just because starting a war is not something he’ll be able to do once he leaves office. Not possible, right. Well, if I’d say three days ago that there would be an attempted coup in the United States, most of you would have laughed and shrugged off the suggestion. Yet here we are in events that are still surreal. If you’re still not convinced, then try this line of argument from The Conversation concerning why Trump has incited a coup. Here’s the heart of the argument, “Whether it’s Trump or his rioting supporters, if they can’t get their own way, if they can’t win, they’ll just create as much chaos as possible and revel in the absurdity of it“. Trump is like a small child throwing a tantrum. He can’t get what he wants and so he is kicking everything down around him to make sure that no one else can have what he wanted.

So, what will happen next? Well, there’s an excellent analysis from Sky News debating whether Trump will be impeached or whether the 25th amendment will be invoked to remove Trump.

However, I will say as I have said so many times before, that Trump is never going to disappear. He has mobilized an extremist base including the Proud Boys and he will continue to try to undermine democracy and democratic processes, possibly with a view to getting re-elected in 2024. And that is precisely why he is so dangerous. Trump may be insane and, from an intellectual point of view he may be utterly stupid, but he is a master manipulator through social media. I often wonder whether I am the only person who does not see similarities between Hitler’s rallies and Trumps’ rallies. The absurd lies being told whilst the masses chant to the tune of the dictator. I made reference earlier to a report that mentioned looking down the barrel of civil war. And I fear that the idea might become a reality. Imagine Trump leading a group headed by the Proud Boys. Watch this video if you want a considered opinion on whether Trump is going anywhere soon. The conclusion seems to be in the negative.

Whilst I’ “reporting”, it seems to me that the focus on the United States, whilst warranted, misses the bigger picture. China is poised to strike and a weakened America, unable to act provides the perfect conditions for China to pursue its global agenda. After all, if the US is divided down the middle then what hope for making global decisions that will contain China? I would say no hope and that China has achieved its goals as set out in “Unrestricted Warfare” to being the United States to its knees without ever firing a shot. China has played a slight of hand trick. Look over here at Covid and oh my gosh the world imploded whilst you were distracted. Nothing that you can do about it now. It’s a done deal. Now way back from anarchy in the USA. That history will never go away. The idea that democracy is done, it will never go away. We win. And we can wait for the spoils of war.

First Published 8th January, 2020

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