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The Idea of the West Is Under Attack by China

A while back I shifted my attention in these posts from reporting only on Covid to taking a closer look at China and at the American presidential election. I said at the time that “everything is connected” by which I meant that the world order is changing as a result of Covid, China’s increasing belligerence, and Trumps insanity that is dividing America and undermining the very idea of democracy. Today I came across a fascinating story from ABC News that helped my thoughts to coalesce. The first part of the story reflects on 9/11 and Bin Laden and makes the argument that Islamic terrorism is an attack on the very idea of the West and that 9/11 shattered the West’s faith in the idea of “progress”, of the world moving inexorably forward to a more enlightened state. There is also an argument that Islamic terrorism is both a war against the West and at the same time a war for the soul of Islam. And so we come to China. To quote in full, “One of the world’s leading analysts of political Islam, Olivier Roy, points out jihadism is a youth-dominated movement that draws inspiration from the Chinese cultural revolution”. But that is not the point that I want to make. Whilst I am certainly not a political expert, it seems to me that China is not just trying to dominate the world through political, economic, or military means. It is not just about controlling the world stage, or dominating in trade or grabbing islands in the South China Sea. China’s current mindset is more about bringing about “eroding the very virtues the West was built on”. China’s aim is quite simple. Beijing wants to institute its authoritarian regime across the world. Thus, whilst it may well be true that, “Terrorism and coronavirus have altered the nature of freedom, eroding the very virtues the West was built on” we should be watching what Beijing is doing with the point in mind that Beijing wants to bring an end to the idea of Western democracy.

Trump Has Helped China to Achieve Its Aim of Undermining Democracy

I have written on many occasions that in my opinion Trump is certifiably mad. But there has been method to his madness. His barrage of lawsuits contesting the American election were all doomed to fail. However, Trump managed to divide America and undermine people’s faith in democratic processes. Millions of American’s believe that Biden’s win is not legitimate, that the election was somehow rigged on a massive scale to make sure that Trump did not win. The very idea is ridiculous. Can you imagine the scale of coordinated fraud that would have to happened in order for election results to be rigged for Biden. What group of people could possibly coordinate a campaign of that magnitude? If you want to watch a sober analysis of Trump’s attempts to undermine the electoral process then take a look at this video from CNN with Don Lemon telling us that Trump “piled crazy on top of crazy on top of crazy”. Lemon also makes reference to the “insane clown posse” saying that there were so many of them.

Lemon’s commentary on the various videos of Trump is absolutely perfect. He knows when to stay silent in order to allow Trump’s absurdity to speak for itself and he knows when to laugh because really there is just nothing that can be said about the insanity that is Trump. If you want to see more of the insanity then take a look at Trump praising his own achievements during his New Years’ Eve address. Honestly, he is completely unhinged. Honestly, he talks about having “defeated the China virus” when as of today the United States has recorded 20,904,701 confirmed cases of Covid-19 along with 358,682 deaths. Defeated. Trump must have a different understanding of the meaning of that word. Trump also says that “we built the wall” meaning the border wall with Mexico. The thing is that the wall is nowhere near complete and Biden has said that he will not continue with the project. I could continue but I shall follow Lemon’s strategy and allow Trump’s lunacy to speak for itself.

Australia May Be a Small Country but It Is Standing Up to China

Trump has damaged not just democratic processes in the United States but also the very idea democracy. As I have said, millions of Americans believe that the election was rigged and as such they no longer have faith in the idea of democracy. Meanwhile Australia, a country with just 25 million people has been standing up to China throughout 2021. I have written on many occasions about the reasons that China is upset with Australia and I am not going to do so again in this post. If you want an overview of China Australia relations during 2020 then you can take a look at this ABC News story. The point that I want to make here is that China is attempting to impose its authoritarian world view on Australia. Beijing wants Australia to behave in ways that do not “offend China” which includes Australia press not writing derogatory stories about China. Note the hypocrisy in that the Chinese press has written utterly reprehensible stories about Australia during 2020. That point aside, I would say that the fact of Australia standing up to China is not a story just about China Australia relations. Rather, Australia’s continuing resolve is a story that should tell the rest of the free world how to respond to Chinese bullying. To give in to China would be to tell Beijing that the West can be coerced into behaving as China wishes the West to behave. And that can never happen because the moment any Western country gives in to China, Beijing wins. Sure, the Australian economy is going to hurt in the short term but in the longer terms we will find new markets for our goods and services and we will overcome our trade dependency on China. Australia has humiliated China by refusing to kowtow and we must continue to humiliate Beijing. Who knows, we may even manage to undermine Xi Jinping’s leadership. After all, does China want a leader who cannot bring a tiny island to heal.

First Published 3rd January, 2021

10 thoughts on “Covid-171

  1. Interesting stuff here. Thanks for sharing your views. I’d like to contribute my voice to your blog, if that’s something you’d be keen to try out. You can reply here, or message me directly on my site.

    1. I publish my real writing at and have often been intrigued and dismayed at the fact that I can’t voice my words to the world. My WordPress site is just where I keep my mind sane through writing to empty my head. My only true aim has been to have someone put lyrics to some of the poems and lyrical pieces that have found their way into creativity at Deviant Art. So that’s it. Pretty simple really. Here is nothing to me. I live in my Deviant Art site.

      1. Not a problem. My only function is to give your words a voice. If you’d like to give it a try, then contact me through my site. You can use the audio for anything once I send it to you.

      2. Hi Darius, sorry not a super user of WordPress so can’t quite figure out how to reply through your site. No doubt I will figure it out! Your audio recording spoke volumes to me in terms of your integrity, perspicacity and your artistic ability. I have a very deep and resonant voice but no capacity for intonation and so I cannot speak to my own words. In a spirit of reciprocal integrity, I would l like to find a poem or lyric for you to try out. I totally understand that in these days many people have been hit hard and are doing what is needed in order to forge their way. You are doing so with poise and good grace and with a focus on creativity. Good for you. I guess my point is that your contact seems serendipitous at this time in my writing and should we be able to find a voice for my work then I would of course expect to remunerate you for your talent. I will find a particular piece that I would like voiced and send through to you. Cheers, Iain.

      3. You write beautifully, Iain. Thanks so much for your kind words too. I’ve added an email contact form to my site, which should make things much easier. I’m really looking forward to spending some time in my VO booth with your material. Feel free to send it any time!

      4. Hi Darius, I went through to your site which has the main landing page with your voice over. I think you might need to provide a link on your site to the email form. No worries. I can send you a link through here if necessary. As mentioned, I have a plan in mind which is to find one of the poems I would really like voiced. I will find one this week – first week back at work – and certainly send through to you by next weekend. I will be excited to hear your recording and if “we” can hit the mark then I’ll find some additional poems / lyrics that I would like voiced. I would have to say, gosh, I am feeling buoyed by our encounter. Cheers, Iain.

      5. Funny you should message me right now, because I’m actually trying to sort out the email form code for my site! It’s not working very well, and I think I’m just going to stick with a basic form-less home page for now. My email address is located at the bottom left corner of the home page. Thanks so much for your interest. I’m excited to see what we can do with your words+my voice… it’s always fun to develop something creative. I’ll keep my eyes open for your email, Iain. Cheers

      6. Hi Darius, just ahead of my writing I did think that you’re site would benefit from a page with examples of your work for clients along with a testimonial page. It’s been a long while since I worked extensively in WordPress but my memory is that page creation is pretty straightforward along with links to the pages across the top of the site. A quick Google search should provide some good tutorials.

        So, to the poem I’ve chosen which is below. I’ve never thought that it is my best piece but I enjoy reading the words. The “ethos” of my Deviant Art site should give you a sense of tenor. Also, I have to ask re mature / sensitive / possibly objectionable pieces of writing. I have to label these as “mature content” in Deviant Art but I just need to know your position. If you’re not comfortable with e.g. sexually explicit / suggestive poems / hateful writing then no problem. I just need to know what is and what is not acceptable too you.

        Cheers Iain.


        There is a ghost within a tree
        Hanging there and watching me
        Socket eyes so very black
        Obsidian lips dried to crack.

        Ghost I don’t why you’re here
        But know this I feel no fear
        Pierce with me your ghostly stare
        Do your worst I do not care.

        Now you seem so far away
        It’s my mind that now holds sway
        You’re the form of truth to be
        Here to show what I must see.

        So you’re here for my salvation
        Here to conjure realization
        What’s the truth in your dead stare
        What have you come to declare.

        For hours now I’ve looked at you
        And still I haven’t got a clue
        Why you came to haunt me so
        What it is I’m meant to know.

        Now you’re fading from my vision
        Leaving me with elision
        Come again another night
        With your darkness show me light.

      7. Thanks very much for sharing your poem! I’ll get to work as soon as I’ve familiarized myself with it enough. As for a page on my site with samples of my work… well, that’s a bit tricky because I find myself talking to erotica/romance writers these days, and until recently most of my work was corporate/commercial stuff. Not exactly what artists want to hear from a guy who offers to take a swing at their creations, you know? I’ve been doing this for about 10 years, but in a sense I’m starting all over again. I need to build up a fresh cache of works, before I can put anything out there for self-promotional use. Hopefully you and I can achieve this together, and benefit from producing something that showcases both our talents. By the way, be sure to email me ( because it’s the most convenient way to send you my recordings.

      8. Noted about the email and I have added you to my address book. Absolutely no strings attached, but I feel like we can help one another out beyond our work on my poems. I mean the beginnings of a virtual friendship perhaps and some broader discussions about your work and my work and what else we might find together. You can probably tell from my Deviant Art site that I have challenges but I am also very high functioning, at least in the opinion of my various psyches. Look forward to further conversations. Cheers, Iain.

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