Reasons to despise China just keep on coming. This time it’s Xi Jinping telling the world that the strong should not bully the weak, the weak being China. Seriously, does he really think that the world is fooled by his ridiculous speeches?


China celebrates its success in the battle against Covid whilst denying that the virus originated in China. The Chinese are just despicable. Meanwhile Beijing continues with its expansionist agenda to see what the world will do. Finally, the Pfizer vaccine seems to kill old and frail people which seems to be OK.


Today is a bit of a reflection on what is going on in the United States including Trump’s impeachment and left wing violence in Portland. The post concludes with a reflection on China’s lack of diplomacy and what it reveals about Beijing.


The word breathes a collective sigh of relief that Trump is gone without starting a world war. Meanwhile China strategizes for its domination of the world. The US needs to heal to counter that possibility.


The inauguration program in the United States will be over by the time that I wake up tomorrow. I will be opening news stories with a sense of trepidation.


China, Covid and conflict are all connected. The United States is in meltdown and China is watching. Covid distracted the world whilst China asserted itself aggressively. Now the world is watching America. In the background China is acting. Watch this space.


In this post I suggest that Trump has won. He has divided America, incited and insurrection and developed a huge supporter base through peddling lies about a stolen election. I don’t believe that America can heal from Trump’s legacy.


Today I turn my attention to China and Covid. I know, it’s been a while but these days I have three foci: China. Covid and conflict because I believe that all three are interconnected. Anyway, today I look why we have more reasons to hate China. Then I just basically ridicule the antiquated notion of saving face and I end with good news that four countries would likely stand up against China should China move on Taiwan.


So, Trump has been impeached but will not be prosecuted before the end of his presidency. If a successful prosecution follows his presidency then he will be out of “formal” politics forever. However, that might just suit him.


The Capitol Hill riot is on just about everyone’s mind but I wonder if people see that the very future of democracy in America is at stake. If Trump walks away from this one then anything goes moving forwards.