Today I put a focus on Donald Trump’s supporters and suggest that they are completely bonkers. Who in their right mind would donate $2.5 million to help Trump’s camp fight the election results. Come on people, Biden has won with Trump’s campaign losing 38 legal appeals against the election results. The post concludes with a quick review of how China now sees itself in the eyes of the world. Here I would refer to Beijing’s self assured hubris.


I take a brief look at the American election and then I put a focus on China’s continuing arrogance and yes, gloating, about how well they are doing economically after Covid-19. The post finishes with a beautiful short film on how Covid-19 has affected everyday people. Take note Beijing, the word empathy is in the English dictionary.


I’m still focussing on the American election but ultimately everything is connected. It all started with Covid-19 and has moved through China believing itself to be now too powerful to be stopped. So the question of the American presidency is an important one because the election will define America’s ongoing attitude towards China.


Trump is on his way out, China is characteristically arrogant and it would appear that we will soon have a vaccine for Covid-19. The latter fact seems almost surreal. Could it really be that we will soon have an effective vaccine and that life will get back to something like normal. Well, it sure looks that way.


Today brings me back a bit more directly to Covid-19 with Trump preferring the golf course to a G20 Covid meeting. Go figure. China continues to try to bully Australia but, happily, Australia is standing firm in the face of Beijing’s arrogance and presumption. How utterly embarrassing for Xi Jinping.


Today I continue to focus on the insanity that is Trump’s attempt to stay in power. It seems that he has now gone as far as trying to influence lawmakers in states to overturn the electoral result in favour of naming him as winner. In other words, Trump wants the popular vote to be ignored. At the same time, winning the election might not be Trump’s end game. It could be that he is trying to rally his followers for whatever he decides to do when he is no longer president.


I’ve spent a few days looking at the American presidential election. Today’s story is all about China but the stories should be read together because, ultimately, both relate countries that have madmen in charge. Trump is clearly a raving narcissist and Xi Jinping is clearly suffering from delusions of grandeur. I will say as I have said many times recently, we are in a very dangerous place in history.


Today I continue to focus on the American election and the current craziness of Rudy Giuliani giving a press conference in which, quite honestly, he just seems to have bought into Trump’s conspiracy theories. Indeed, Giuliani’s conference is so bizarre that I find myself wondering if he is fully in possession of his mental faculties. I review Trump’s legal challenges and conclude on the positive note that Trump is highly unlikely to succeed in remaining as the president of America. The damage that he will have done to the idea of democracy in America is a whole other question.


The madness continues in America with Trump still trying to subvert democratic processes to God knows what end. Australia’s relations with China have an historical and probably non-recoverable low. This makes me happy because Australia has been lazy in putting itself in a position of dependency on China. Time to break the ties.


Honestly, right now I feel as though the world is on a knife edge. Trump’s madness continues in America. Countries are forming military alliances against China. Covid-19 is running rampant. I fear for what might come next.