China is once again angry with the West and let’s the world know with its usual complete lack of diplomacy. Trump has lost another lawsuit and American will surely confirm Biden as president next week. Or will it?


Trump has now lost 52 legal challenges that he has lodged against the outcome of the presidential election. Seriously, when will he finally get that he has lost the election. Covid-19 has now been with us for 12 months, albeit that we did not know about it in December 2019 because China was doing its best to cover up the virus. How will we make sense of 2020? China seems to be trying to secure a physical presence in Papua New Guinea, just 200 kilometres from mainland Australia.


Chinese companies are producing vaccines which are being issued in China and “tested” on patients in countries including Brazil, Turkey and Indonesia. Yikes, “Made in China”. Trump’s shenanigans continue unabated. Finally, the Chinese have invested in 41 wineries in Australia. Yep we are economically lazy.


The Trump campaign continues with the insanity of trying to overturn the election results. China demands respect from Australia but Australia stands firm.


I have argued for a very long time that every death from Covid-19 is a CCP murder because China deliberately unleashed the virus upon the world. A 60 Minutes interview adds some credence to my claim. Then of course we have Trump still trying to overturn the election and showing not a care for the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have died from Covid-19.


I start with a quick review of continuing baseless claims by Trumps campaign of wide spread voter fraud in America. Then I take a look at China’s intentions for Taiwan. I conclude on the Covid-19 vaccine which I will not be taking any time soon.


It is almost totally unbelievable but the debate about who won the presidential election is still going on. This time round there is a video that seems to show poll workers in Georgia processing thousands of hidden votes. Or does it?


Let’s Take a Look at the United States I’m going to start today with some Covid-19 facts and figures. According to my preferred data source, as of today there have been 65,536,642 confirmed Covid-19 cases and 1,511,927 deaths across 217 countries and territories. So, China has infected over 65,000,000 through an act of biological warfare […]


I didn’t think that it was possible for my contempt for Beijing to run any deeper. Then a Chinese diplomate posted a fake picture on Twitter of an Australian soldier holding a knife to the throat of an Afghanistan boy. Yes, there has been an inquiry in Australia that seems to have found that some soldiers in Afghanistan committed war crimes. However, China is simply trying to make political gain from this fact. And, sorry China, Tiananmen Square. Do you remember? Perhaps not because it has been erased from your history.


Today I take a look at the characteristics of a conspiracy theorist and yep you’ve guessed it, Trump ticks all of the boxes. I then turn my attention to Beijing’s continued arrogance and hypocrisy on the world stage. In short a Chinese diplomat has posted fake image on Twitter of an Australian solider holding a knife to the throat of an Afghan boy. It is a reference to a war crimes inquiry currently underway in Australia. Beijing still does not understand that countries cannot be bullied into doing China’s bidding. As for the art of diplomacy, Beijing has not got the first clue.