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Stories Continue to Surface About China’s Cover Up of the Covid-19 Virus

So, it’s New Year’s Eve which I will spend drinking and playing with my new Staffordshire Bull Puppy, Rocco. I picked him up yesterday and fair to say that I did not get much in the way of sleep last night as he is only seven weeks old which means that he alternates between sleeping, eating, playing and going to the bathroom. This routine holds not matter the time of day or night. It will be another nine weeks before he settles down to something approaching sleeping throughout the night and so much more tiredness to come. On to what to set down on the final day of 2020. Let’s start with stories about China’s cover up of the Covid-19 virus that hark back to stories that we were reading in the early months of 2020. This story from Sky News was released three weeks ago and it provides useful historical perspective on the origins of Covid-19 in the Wuhan seafood market dating around the 8th December, 2019.

The Sky News story continues by reporting that Taiwanese Professor Chuang Yin-Ching of the Taiwan Infectious Diseases Prevention Network flew to China in the early days of the virus to meet with Chinese officials. Professor Chuang says that the Chinese officials absolutely denied the possibility of human to human transmission of the newly found virus. He was, to say the least, sceptical and warned the Taiwanese government about the virus. Taiwan acted early to close its borders and has been incredibly successful in managing the Chinese virus. Using my preferred data source, as of today Taiwan has recorded just 797 confirmed Covid-19 cases along with 7 deaths. Moving on to a story from Newsweek published just 11 hours ago, it would appear that China is ending 2020 just as they began, by suppressing information and research about the virus. There is a very simply lesson to be taken from China’s lies about Covid-19, lies that have led to 83,070,823 confirmed Covid-19 cases and 1,812,226 deaths worldwide . Beijing can never be trusted.

The TV Reality Show That is Trump’s Presidency Continues Unabated

I enjoyed this report from CNN in which American Journalist Jake Tapper talks about Trump’s Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany. At one point Tapper says, roughly, that McEnany lies in the same way that people breathe. Tapper also says that McEnany is unable to acknowledge reality, that reality being that Trump has lost the presidency.

The story gets more amusing in reporting that McEnany took Tapper to task in a Tweet, a Tweet in which she rather stupidly lied. So basically, McEnany condemned herself in trying to defend herself. The last point I would make about this CNN report is that there is section in which McEnany is fielding questions from the press concerning Trumps’ handling of the coronavirus. McEnany repeatedly says that Trump has never downplayed the virus and that he has never lied about the virus. The exact opposite is true and it does make me reflect that whilst we berate China for lies and deceit, Trump is really not any better in this respect. Nor is he really any better in terms of respecting democracy. We have all read about the dozens of lawsuits that Trump filed in order to try to overturn the election result in the United States. Trump’s campaign has lost virtually every single one of these challenges but that fact is not stopping Trump. As reported by Australian News, a Republican senator in the US has announced he will challenge the election results from key swing states when Congress holds a joint session to count the votes from the electoral college on January 6. I doubt that this challenge has any more chance of succeeding than any of Trump’s other challenges but that is really not the point. The point is that Trump has sought to undermine democratic processes ever since it became clear that he had lost the election. Trump’s actions have had serious repercussions. Radicalizing his followers for example. However, take a look at this interview from CNN with a senior executive from the company that produces the Dominion voting machines that Trump’s campaign said were rigged. The executive and his family are in hiding after receiving death threats from Trump supporters.

Rounding Out the Year With a Few Reflections on What Covid Has Meant for Australia

The first point to note is that Covid has had next to no impact on Australia. As reported by my preferred data source, Australia has recorded just 28,405 Covid cases along with 909 deaths. A significant number of these deaths have been in aged care services. That is, not amongst the general population but amongst those most susceptible to dying from Covid. Sure, there’s been recent outbreaks in New South Wales and Victoria but there is no real cause for concern despite the extreme gravitas of our political leaders as they outline the status of the outbreaks. Furthermore, Covid will be endemic even with a vaccine i.e. it will be a virus that we will have learn to live with and it is likely not the last pandemic that we will see. Meanwhile Australia completes the year as it commenced by calling for a robust inquiry into the origins and spread of Covid-19. This will undoubtedly infuriate Beijing given that China has spent the year imposing trade tariffs and embargos on Australia as a result of Australia’s original call for an independent inquiry into the origins of Covid in Wuhan. The fun point here, if indeed fun is the right word. is that Xi Jinping has spend most of the last twelve months trying to bend Australia to his will and he has achieved nothing. In fact, Australia may be about to retaliate for China’s actions by axing a lucrative research agreement between Australian Universities and China’s Jiangsu province. These grants relate to the Victoria-Jiangsu Program for Technology and Innovation Research and Development. Honestly, I have always failed to understand why the West cannot see that China is just laughing at us. Beijing has tried to cripple the Australian economy and yet we happily dole out hundreds of thousands of dollars in research grants to the benefit of Chinese companies. Stop it now.

First Published December 31st, 2020

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