Dan O'Heirity

China Is Finally Getting a Taste of It’s Own Medicine

I know that my position is indefensible but I felt just a little happy when I watched this report from Sky News about China suffering massive electricity outages whilst Australian coal sits on ships anchored off of China’s coast. To be exact, 70 coal ships are just out there floating around and carrying about $1 billion dollars worth of coal. You can watch the video for yourself in which the reporter Chris Smith seems just as happy I am about the electricity shortages in China.

Whilst feeling happy about Chinese suffering may be indefensible, there are plenty of good reasons to abhor Beijing. First and rather obviously, China spread Covid-19 around the world at the same time that Beijing was trying to cover up the outbreak. China pillaged medical supplies and medical equipment from around the world whilst telling the world that there was no need to be worried about the virus. Then China shipped defective medical equipment and medical supplies around the world in an effort to appear to be a good global citizen. I could mention the new security law imposed on Hong Kong along with veiled threats against Taiwan. And then of course there is the fact that China has made Australia its “whipping” boy because Australia stood up to Beijing. A smile has once again come to my face as I imagined Xi Jinping fuming with anger because he cannot bring a tiny island under control.

Beijing Could Soon Have a Presence in Australia’s Backyard

China is setting up shop in Australia’s backyard by attempting to establish a fishing port in Papua New Guinea. There are various reasons to be concerned by China’s actions. As reported by Australia News, we should be concerned by the fact that China is decimating the world’s oceans. For example, China has depleted its own seas of fish and, as reported by ABC News, in August of this year an armada of nearly 300 Chinese vessels logged 73,000 hours of fishing in a month, hauling in thousands of tonnes of squid and fish in the seas just off the Galapagos Islands. Next there is the fact that some of China’s fishing fleet have Communist Party commissars observing the captains and their operations. Furthermore selected crews are trained to work in concert with the People’s Liberation Army Navy. Finally on this front, the Chinese coastguard fleet, operate by the People’s Liberation Army, accompanies the fishing fleet. The sum total of all these facts is that China is, as always, aggressively pursuing its own agenda whilst sending a strong message to the world not to interfere with what China is doing, even if the fishing is being carried out illegally. The other perspective on the Papua New Guinea project, as reported by ABC News, is that China may have ulterior motives for establishing a presence in Papua New Guinea. Surely not! For example, China could establish a naval base only 200 KM from the Australian mainland. Finally, there is another ABC News story that points out that it would be very difficult for Australian border control to determine which of China’s ships were actually fishing ships and which might be in Australia’s waters for other reasons. Spying comes to mind.

What Should We Be Watching Out for in the Year 2021?

There was an interesting article in The Conversation today suggesting that we should be looking out for 4 Cs in 2021. The four Cs are coronavirus, China, climate and crises. I’m going to ignore climate change and say that we actually have one C to watch out for in 2021, China. The coronavirus was spread through the world by China and the fact that the world will still be combatting Covid-19 in 2021 is entirely China’s fault. China will continue to bully Australia and to damage our export industry in an effort to make us conform to Beijing’s will. China’s aggression and expansionism will continue in Hong Kong, in the South China sea, on the China / India border and in relation to Taiwan should Taiwan continue to assert its independence. I know that I am on the opposite end of the spectrum from being pro-China, but if you read the article for yourself you will see that China features rather heavily in terms of reasons why we should be concerned about what 2021 might bring. The other point that will surely come to your mind if you read the article is that there does not appear to be too much to be cheerful about as we head into 2021. In that respect I think that the article has pretty much hit the mark. Yes, there will be a Covid-19 vaccine but just how effective it will be and how quickly it can be administered are questions we have yet to answer. Trump will be gone, we hope, but we have yet to see how Biden will deal with China. Australia may find other markets for its exports but that is going to take some time. However, there is one thing about which we can be absolutely certain. China will not be backing down any time soon. Rather, the opposite. China believes itself to be in the ascendancy and I believe that Beijing will pursue whatever policies it pleases with little or no concern with the reactions from countries around the world. Next year will be a pivotal year in this respect. Will China take charge all will countries stand up to the Chinese Communist Party?

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