Dan O'Heirity

China Has Murdered Millions of People and Is Guilty of Kósmocide

Yesterday I made the following argument. According to the Legal Dictionary, murder can be a “killing that resulted from a depraved heart or extreme recklessness”. It is unarguable that Beijing has a depraved heart and it is unarguable that Beijing acted with extreme recklessness. Thus it follows logically that Beijing is responsible for more than 1.5 million murders. As for the word to describe what Beijing has done? I don’t know. Perhaps the Greek word for world, kósmos with Latin suffix, cide. So, kósmocide. I am not being frivolous with this argument. I absolutely believe that Beijing, and more specifically Xi Jinping, should be charged with mass murder or, using my now preferred term, with kósmocide. Just look at today’s Covid-19 figures. According to my preferred source, there have been 74,534,155 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and 1,655,226 murders across 117 countries and territories. And yet, far from being held accountable for the origins and spread of the virus, China is in fact acting arrogantly and with hubris in trying to get it’s way on the world stage. Basically if you don’t do China’s bidding then you will be severely punished. Australia is a case in point with China doing ever more damage to the Australian economy through stopping or severely restricting the import of key Australian exports to China. Watch this report from Sky News if you want to know more about China’s strategic moves to seize world power.

Melbourne’s Extreme Lockdown Was Unlawful and Breached Human Rights

The state of Victoria in Australia endured some of the harshest lockdown measures of anywhere in the world. These measures were particularly severe public housing residents in North Melbourne and Flemington where there was a Covid-19 outbreak. As reported by 9News Australia, an investigation led by Ombudsman Deborah Glass has found that the measures “were not based on direct health advice and breached human rights“. That seems to me to be a pretty serious finding but the Victorian Housing Minister Richard Wynne has rejected the findings of the report stating that the lockdown was not unlawful and that it had saved lives. Consider the fact that the premier Daniel Andrews intervened in a plan from 4th July to lockdown the housing towers the next day. Instead, Andrews ordered an immediate lockdown effective as of 4PM. 9News maintains that many residents were not aware of the lockdown measures and did not know why there so many police surrounding the housing estates. Some residents were without food and medical supplies and other residents had to wait a week to go outside for some fresh air. This is the stuff of China right. Lock it down and have police, who would have been armed, patrolling the estates. Well, I’ve often said that there is a reason why the Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is referred to as Chairman Dan. I mean a reason beyond the fact that he signed a Memorandum of Understanding with China over their Belt and Road Initiative. That reason, perhaps Chairman Dan was taking advice from China on how to manage a lockdown.

The Bizarre Spectacle That Is Trump Has Descended into Utter Farce

This video is from The David Parkman show in the United States. When I first watched the video I thought that I was watching a kind of comedy sketch compiled from insane moments from Trump’s various interviews. I watched the video again and I realized that Parkman was actually point to a real interview between Trump and a Fox News Reporter. I would highly recommend watching the video in full but here are some highlights. Trump claims that the army was out of bullets when he entered office. There are the usual unsubstantiated claims that he was robbed of the election. Then Trump says that he is worried about the United States having an illegitimate president, Jo Biden. Irony, it is actually Trump who would be the illegitimate president. Whilst we have all seen this kind of “Trumpery” before, one point concerned me. When talking about the military Trump referred to America’s nuclear weapons and said something along the lines of “God forbid that we would have to use them”. My concern, as I have stated on previous occasions, is that a madman is in charge of a nuclear arsenal. I would still see the days until Biden is formally sworn in as being fraught with danger.

First Published December 17th, 2020

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