Dan O'Heirity

The United States Election May Finally Be Over

It is Monday 15th December and as reported by The Guardian, Biden is finally the president of America. The reason that Biden is now “officially” the president is that the electoral college has confirmed the popular vote in each of the states. Here is the news as reported by Sky News. Note that Sky News is pro-Trump and yet the channel seems to have finally accepted that Biden has one. That said, notice in the video that Biden will be officially declared president on January 6th, 2020.

Understanding the electoral college process can be difficult. However, ABC News has put together an informative and amusing explanation of the college system based on an analogy of families order pizza. The families all vote for the one of two pizza flavours and a representative has to tell grandma the pizza of choice so that a decision can be made on which pizza to order. The majority of representatives advise grandma in terms of their family vote for the pizza flavour. However, one renegade Uncle decides to overturn the family vote and to advice grandma of his own personal choice. That’s the electoral college process. College members from the different states should report in terms of the popular vote in their state but sometimes the college electors do not report in terms of the popular vote. Sometimes they report in terms who they actually wanted to win the election. For example, a state could have “elected” Trump in favour of Biden. Crazy right. There’s a more serious analysis of the electoral college system from another ABC News story if you want to dig a little deeper and watch the video below if you want to see the actual process of electors confirming the vote.

Let’s put today’s proceedings into perspective. The United States election was held on Tuesday 3rd November, 2020 and it is only today, 15th December 2020 that Biden is finally secure as the next president of the United States. Trump has launched over 50 legal challenges to the outcome of the election in the period from the date of the election to today’s college vote. He has lost all but one of those legal challenges including a challenge lodged in the Supreme Court of the United States where he had appointed 3 of the judges reviewing the case. The court unanimously rejected Trump’s legal challenge with not a single judge siding with Trump. Right now it might be tempting to say that Trump will surely just give up. However, note the point above that Biden is not officially president until he is sworn in on January 6th. That gives Trump and his supporters around 3 more weeks to get up to some mischief. Whilst the Republican Party has, for the most part, “supported” Trump in his insane efforts to overturn the election results, at least one Senator has spoken, telling the world what he thinks of Trump’s antics. As reported by Australian News, Republican Congressman Paul Mitchell has quit the Republican party over Donald Trump’s post-election behaviour. Mitchell wrote, “It is unacceptable for political candidates to treat our election system as though we are a third-world nation and incite distrust of something so basic as the sanctity of our vote“. Mitchell also warned that Mitchell warned that elected Republicans could help President Donald Trump do “long-term harm to our democracy”. We hall have to wait to see but one this is for sure, Trump is not going to just go quietly away.

Beijing Has A Depraved Heart and Has Murdered 1.6 Million People in 217 Countries and Territories

In early 2020, it was utterly obvious to all but the most recalcitrant of individuals that China had covered up Covid-19 whilst allowing infected citizens to travel around the world thus causing the current pandemic. According to my preferred data source, as of today there have been 73,193,269 confirmed Covid-19 cases across 217 countries and territories along with 1,627,977 fatalities. I have argued consistently this year that to refer to “fatalities” is to apply the wrong term to what has happened. In reality Beijing, whether deliberately or through an act of extreme negligence, has murdered over 1.5 million people. The trouble is that we do not really have an appropriate description for what Beijing has done. The term “genocide” comes to mind. According to the United Nations, genocide refers to, “acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group“. For example, killing members of a group. Think Nazi Germany and the holocaust. However, Beijing is not guilty of genocide, at least not in the way that the terms is traditionally applied. Beijing is responsible for the mass murder of people across 217 countries and territories. You might take issue with this fact but check out the definition of murder from the Legal Dictionary. Beijing did not have to intend to kill millions of people, although arguably this was their aim. Rather, according to the Legal Dictionary, murder can be a “killing that resulted from a depraved heart or extreme recklessness”. It is unarguable that Beijing has a depraved heart and it is unarguable that Beijing acted with extreme recklessness. Thus it follows logically that Beijing is responsible for more than 1.5 million murders. As for the word to describe what Beijing has done? I don’t know. Perhaps the Greek word for world, kósmos with Latin suffix, cide. So, kósmocide.

I’m Losing Track of All the Reasons Why We Should Have Contempt for Beijing

China has shown so much hubris this year, so much arrogance and China has been so utterly pompous that I suspect that Western perceptions of Beijing will never be the same again. To state matters differently, China has “taken the gloves off” and shown the world what to expect if Beijing is not obeyed. Australia has been the country that China has focussed upon, trying to hold us up as an example of what happens when Beijing is displeased with a country. The latest act of bullying, as reported by ABC News, would seem to be China stopping coal imports from Australia. Hurting Australia’s trade with China has just become laughable because this seems to be the only strategy in Beijing’s arsenal and it is not working. They’ve placed tariffs on barley and wine, stopped importing meant from our abattoirs, and they left millions of dollars worth of Australian lobsters to die on an airport runway. If you want more details on what China has been doing to Australia then check out this story from the UK Daily Mail. China, your strategy is not working and how very embarrassing when a country as small as Australia can stand up to the supposed might of Beijing. Indeed, the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is standing absolutely firm in the face of Beijing’s bullying. As reported by The Guardian, Morrison has said that it is absolutely “correct” for Australia to stand up for liberal democratic values, Australia’s sovereignty, and to push for an investigation into the origins of Covid-19″. I can imagine Xi Jinping’s face on being informed of the fact that Australia is not bowing. The trouble is that China only knows one way to get what it wants, bullying, threatening and intimidating. Xi Jinping just does not seem to have figured out that you can’t coerce a free democracy into bending to China’s will.

First Published 15th December, 2020

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