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China Attacks the West Using Strange Pigeon English

China is once again very unhappy with the West and the Communist Party has used its mouthpiece the “Global Times” to tell us just what they think of us. According to Australia News, China is displeased with western countries who have decided not to use Huawei for reasons having to do with cyber security concerns along with China’s human rights abuses. However, the latest tirade from Beijing seems to have been prompted by the fact that of a rather famous French footballer, Antoine Griezmann, announcing that he is ending his sponsorship with Huawei over human rights allegations. The Global times wrote, “The Chinese people can clearly feel the hysteria and ludicrousness of such extremism. Griezmann’s action makes him a fool“. “Hysteria” and “ludicrousness”. Seriously, have your news reports written by someone who actually has a command of the English language. The Global Times goes on to accuse the west of having double standards in not questioning the United State’s “surveillance of the world”. In this context, the Global Times writes that, “Western opinion is a tiger when facing China, but turns into a cat when facing the US. The US entrapment of Huawei is an unprecedented, unjust case in the history of crackdowns on tech companies“. I would be the first to admit that the west is far from perfect and sure countries in the west undoubtedly surveil their people to one degree or another. However, here’s what they don’t do. Western countries don’t try to cripple the economies of other western countries just because political or ideological differences.

I have written on many occasions that China keeps its own people in line through bullying and intimidation and that China is trying to adopt the same tactic with countries around the world. Chris Smith from Sky News makes the same point in this video in which China has called Australia the “most unfriendly country in the world”.

The “most unfriendly country in the world”. Really. That is an utterly nonsensical statement. Sky News also refers to China’s “primitive and childish diplomacy”. Honestly, thank goodness for Sky News. Smith goes on to argue that Australia absolutely need to sever ties with Beijing through finding other markets for our goods. I know that this is a complicated argument. For example, I would say that Australia has a very heavy trade reliance on China and it is entirely unclear whether we could find markets that would allow us to match our exports to China. However, Smith argues that we can find other trading partners. Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister, has suggested very strongly that there could be a trade deal with Australia. There is also the fact that Australian’s can be urged to “buy Australian” in order to lift up the Australian economy. As far as possible, Australian’s can also choose not to buy Chinese products. Arguments aside, China is primitive. China is a bully. China is childish. We should have nothing to do with Beijing because we have seen what happens when Australia displeases the communist rulers. We are severely punished. Basically, fuck of China.

Trump Loses Yet Another Legal Challenge to Overturn Election Results

I wrote a couple of days ago about Trump’s most recent legal challenge to the outcome of the presidential election. As reported by The Guardian, Texas filed with the supreme court to have the election results in 4 “swing states” overturned. The motion was backed by Trump, 17 other states, 17 Republican Attorney Generals and 126 Republicans in the House of Representatives. There are two very significant points about this loss. Trump appointed 3 justices to the supreme court during his terms thereby ensuring a 6-3 conservative majority. Secondly Trump tweeted “If the Supreme Court shows great Wisdom and Courage, the American People will win perhaps the most important case in history, and our Electoral Process will be respected again!“. And what happened. There was a unanimous decision to reject the legal proceeding. That means that even Trump’s “allies” turned against him. Not one of them supported his claim. If you want to hear more about the supreme court decision then take a look at this CNN report.

Since that loss, and as reported by another Guardian story, Trump has lost a federal court challenge on Saturday in Wisconsin to name Trump as winner even though Biden won the popular vote. Judges have said that yet another case being fought in Wisconsin “smacks of racism”. You would think that by now Trump and his supporters would have given up, particularly as the popular vote is due to be ratified tomorrow. But no. Watch this video from Sky News.

The Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas has said that the supreme court decision establishes “a precedent that states can violate the US constitution and not be held accountable. WTF. He goes on to suggest that that “law abiding states should form a union of states that will abide by the constitution. You have to remember here that Trump’s campaign has so far lost over 50 legal challenges to the election results and yet this guy is spouting nonsense that there was something unconstitutional about the decision of the supreme court. Trump posted a propaganda video soon after the supreme court decision with the main point being that America deserved but did not get an honest election. Seriously. Can you imagine the scale of orchestrated fraud that would have had to happen in order to “fake” the election result. The very idea is nonsensical. The same holds true for the idea that more than 50 courts across America are somehow conspiring to keep Trump out of the Whitehouse. However, none of this has stopped Trump and his supporters and whilst confirming Biden as president should be a formality, there is still reason to wonder what Trump and his supporters were will do next. Take a look at the CNN video for some details on just how few Republican leaders have acknowledged that Biden has won.

First Published 13th December, 2020

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