Dan O'Heirity

A Long Haul but I Finally Copied Every Covid Post to This Site

Today is something of a red-letter day as I have finally copied all of my posts from my Deviant Art site and I am starting a new post here for the first time. If you take a look at my Deviant Art site then you will see that, for the most part, it contains my writing – books, stories, poems and lyrics. At first sight, it might appear that the Covid blog posts should not really have a home on Deviant Art. However, I suggest in a piece called “What Is Writing” that creativity is at the heart of every piece that I write. It is just that the creativity differs according to the different forms of writing. In the case of the Covid blog posts, the creativity is realized through finding the exact combination of words to say what I want to say. No more and no less. The creativity can also be located in what I perceive to be the balance, proportion and harmony on the page. Everything coheres and there is nothing extraneous in what I write. Finally, there is creativity in my rhetoric and in what I would refer to as a degree of semantic legerdemain. So, there’s the explanation of the creativity in blog posts. The other thing that can happen now that I have shifted all the posts is that I can spend Christmas in completing a book that will be called, “Creative Fecundity”. The book will be a collection of my aforementioned stories, poems and lyrics. I have three weeks of leave so plenty of time to drift into a creative space to achieve what I want to achieve.

Is There Really Evidence of Illegal Activity in the United States Election?

A couple of days ago I was feeling like the question of the who had won the United States election was done and dusted. Biden won. However, this morning I came a cross a report from Sky News which seems to show poll workers pulling out hidden suitcases of voting slips and counting the votes. Their actions were caught on CCTV cameras and took place after everyone else had left the building.

I would have to say that the video evidence looks pretty damning and we shall have to wait to see what plays out in terms of legal challenges to results in Georgia. If you want to keep up with what is going on in the American election legal challenges then you can visit a blog site mentioned in the Sky News report. I took a look and then clicked through to a story on the Democrat response to the Georgia suitcase video. The story takes issues with every defence of what was going on in the CCTV footage with the exception of the fact that “What the Republicans called “suitcases” were in fact empty “regular ballot containers” that were placed under the table to save floor space“. That is a pretty significant admission because calling them suitcases conjures up images of people smuggling in voter ballots. Not so, if the cases were in fact everyday ballot containers. The most damning point in the story looking at the “suitcase issue” is that apparently Biden received a “mathematically impossible” spike in vote counts at the same time that this vote was going on. I’m not a mathematician so I have no idea whether that is true. What I do know is that Andrea Widberg, the reporter examining the CCTV footage story, cannot count. She makes 5 points starting each paragraph with e.g. first, second, third. However, there are two paragraphs that start “third” so the final and fifth point is reported as the fourth point. Seriously, if you’re going to question maths, then get your own maths right. To finish up on Trump for today, you might like to look at this video which paints Trump in a positive light. However, if you watch to the end then you’ll see conspiracy theory stuff again.

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