Dan O'Heirity

Let’s Take a Look at the United States

I’m going to start today with some Covid-19 facts and figures. According to my preferred data source, as of today there have been 65,536,642 confirmed Covid-19 cases and 1,511,927 deaths across 217 countries and territories. So, China has infected over 65,000,000 through an act of biological warfare and China has murdered over 1,500,000 people. The Guardian reports that on December 2nd, the United States recorded 2,805 deaths, the highest number of total deaths for any single day in the United States. Using my preferred data source the United States has recorded a total of 14,535,196 Covid-19 cases and 282,829 deaths. Just yesterday there were 218,576 new cases in the US along with 2,918 new deaths. China could not have done a better job of crippling the US if it had tried. Oh, wait a minute China did try and it looks as though they have succeeded. Not only that, the US is not alone with severe Covid-19 problems. There is a resurgence of the virus in Europe. Italy, for example, has registered 10,010 new coronavirus infections in a single day, the nation’s highest daily tally since the start of the country’s outbreak.

Meanwhile, as reported in a very amusing article in The Guardian, Arizona and Wisconsin have both certified Biden’s victory meaning that Trump’s campaign has failed to stop vote certification in all six states being contested. In a rather droll piece of writing, The Guardian column says that, “So that’s 0-6 in the certifications, and 0-3 in recounts, and [Trump] hasn’t won a single fraud case. He’s undefeated at losing. He is the Michael Jordan of playing baseball.” So Trump is on his way out and Biden will be the next president of the United States. Right now this looks like good news for Australia as “Joe Biden’s incoming national security adviser, said the US would lobby the international community to support Australia in the wake of ongoing attacks from Beijing“. Beijing has used its mouthpiece the Global Times to send the following message to Australia, “Chinese society strongly advocates resolute and lasting punishments against Australia, to let the world see clearly – one will eventually pay a price for taking the US side and requiting kindness with ingratitude toward China.”

According to The New York Times, Biden is likely to maintain a strong stance towards China which could include leaving in place recently passed rules that will limit the maximum duration of travel visas for Chinese Communist Party members and their families to one month. A spokeswoman for China’s Foreign Ministry, Hua Chunying, has condemned the new rules saying, “We hope people in the United States will adopt a common rational view toward China and give up their hatred and abnormal mind-set toward the Communist Party“. Meanwhile Australia is still dealing with the deeply offensive post from a Chinese Diplomat that depicted and Australian soldier holding a knife to the throat of an Afghan boy. It was a reference to the investigation of the behaviour of Australia soldiers in Afghanistan. Scott Morrison, the Australian Prime Minister, reacted very strongly but now the wisdom of that reaction is being called into question. The argument is that Morrison has let the Chinese know that they hit a “raw nerve”. It might have been better if he had chosen a spokesperson to put out a statement regarding the post. Me, I still wish that someone would slap China in the face.

First Published December 4th, 2020

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