Dan O'Heirity

Trump’s Loyal Supporters Are Absolutely Bonkers

I’m going to start with a story about Rudy Giuliani from Australia News. The story provides a picture of Giuliani’s life. Highlights include his appointment as US Attorney to New York in 1983 a time during which he indicted 11 Mafia bosses from New York’s Five Families syndicate and his mayoral leadership after the 9/11 attack. In 2018, Trump appointed Giuliani as his personal lawyer and here we are today with Giuliani lodging almost endless legal challenges to try to overturn the result of the presidential election. A Pennsylvania judge described Giuliani’s legal argument as “disgraceful in an American courtroom” and the Pennsylvania defeat was the 38th courtroom defeat for Trump’s lawyers nationwide. The New Jersey Democratic congressman Bill Pascrell is attempting to have Giuliani disbarred for the part he has played in trying to overturn the election results. Pascrell has said, “Mr Giuliani has participated in frivolous lawsuits and used our nation’s courts to assault public confidence in the electoral system“. Meanwhile, Giuliani is still taking to Twitter with allegations of widespread electoral fraud but with no supporting evidence. It does not take too much insight to see that Giuliani has lost the plot. He is either doing Trump’s bidding no matter how insane the “requests” or he is suffering from a rapidly deteriorating cognitive disorder. Perhaps both.

As reported by The Guardian, a Trump supporter, Fredric Eshelman, who donated $2.5 million to fight election fraud now wants his money back. The heart of the story is that the Eshelman donated the money to a group called, “True the Vote” a group in Texas that claimed that it was going to file lawsuits in an attempt to overturn the election result. However, the lawsuits were not pursued and so Eshelman quite rightly wants his money back. However, there is a bigger story here, one that Eshelman should probably have looked into. According to another report by The Guardian, Trump is asking his supporters to donate to funds that he has set up ostensibly to fight the election result. The first fund is Trump’s personal fund and if you visit the site you’ll see that you can “Click Here to Donate to the Election Defence Fund”. If you visit the webpage for the second fund then you will read that the, “Trump Make America Great Again Committee (“TMAGAC”) is a joint fundraising committee composed of participating committees Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. (“DJTP”), Save America, and the Republican National Committee (“RNC”). Complicated I know, but in essence only a fraction of donations will actually go to challenging election results. If you want to check this fact out just visit the website and scroll down to the fine print which gives details of how donations will be spent. Fair to say that it is a pretty complicated formula and you have to read it very carefully to figure out just where the donated money is going.

A New World Order is Emerging and America Will Still Play a Big Part

I’ve written many times on the fact that China now demands to be treated with absolute respect and the consequences are severe for countries who do not tow the line. Australia is a case in point with China imposing huge tariffs across a range of products that Australia traditionally exports to China. An article from ABC News very succinctly sums up China’s current attitude towards the world, “China believes it can dictate terms and, when it deems fit, punish countries like Australia“. However, one of Australia’s top diplomats Frances Adamson has warned “the Communist Party that it’s not at the point where it can ‘set the terms of its engagement with the world'”. It seems to me that the trouble is that China believes that it is at exactly the point where it can dictate terms of engagement with the world. Enter America. Trump has taken decisive action against China for the part China played in starting the Covid-19 pandemic. He also took decisive action when China imposed a new security law on Hong Kong including imposing sanctions key figures involved in implementing the new security law. We cannot know what Biden will do with respect to China but has referred to Xi as a “thug” and the ABC News story suggests that Biden will continue the narrative of “containing China”. Australia, a country closely aligned with the United States, will have to navigate this space.

First Published November 29th, 2020

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