Dan O'Heirity

The Destructive Chaos That is Donald Trump Continues

More news on the American presidential election. Trump is still not conceding the election and bizarre stories abound. As reported by The Guardian, Georgia’s secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, has claimed that Republican Senator Lindsey Graham asked whether it was possible to invalidate legally cast ballots after Donald Trump was narrowly defeated in the state. Of course, it is impossible to tell from one story whether this was actually the case and Graham has refuted the claim by Raffensperger saying that she was merely trying to find out more about the voting press. Whatever the ins and outs of the story, shenanigans continue to surface. Meanwhile, the Trump campaign filed for a limited recount of two Wisconsin counties on Wednesday in the hope of turning over Biden’s victory in that state. Those counties are Milwaukee county and Dane county. Trump’s campaign has apparently provided $3 million to fund the recount. That is one heck of a lot of money. If Trump wanted a complete recount in the state then it would cost $7 million.

The re-count in the two counties is due to start on Friday 20th November. However, here’s a strange fact. In Milwaukee county Biden beat Trump by 317,251 votes to 134,355 votes. In Dane county Biden seems to have won with 260,157 votes compared to Trump’s 78,789 votes. Trump is not even close and yet there will be a recount. Here’s an explanation for the recount from Fox News: illegally altered absentee ballots; illegally issued absentee ballots; and illegal advice from a government official.

However, I shall return to a theory I came across a few days ago. Trump is not so much concerned with winning the election but with subverting belief in democratic processes and, indeed, faith in democracy. Thinking along what seem to be the same lines, “Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, a Democrat, blasted the Trump campaign’s recount request, calling it a racially biased bid to subvert the will of voters“. He goes on to say, “It’s a very futile attempt to try to disrupt democracy in the most Democratic counties in the state of Wisconsin. This is flat out an attack on democracy in cities and places where people of color live“.

Australia-china Relations Happily at an All Time Low

It is no secret that I am not a fan of Beijing because, let’s face it, they deliberately infected the world with a virus that has, as of today, killed 1,354,821 people. Yep, that’s what China has done. Rather than accepting any responsibility for their actions, Beijing has been arrogant and belligerent on the world stage. China has also tried to bully Australia in to coming into line with Beijing’s wishes. In particular the bullying has occurred because Australia spearheaded a call for an independent inquiry into the origins and spread of Covid-19. I imagine that the result of such an inquiry would be that the virus originated in China and that China’s cover up of the virus along with deliberately spreading the virus around the world led to the current pandemic. A Chinese diplomat has now deliberately leaked a document that contains a long list of grievances against Australia. Here’s just one example. China accuses Australia of “allowing federal MPs to issue ‘outrageous condemnation of the governing party of China'”. I will say what I always say. Why can’t the Chinese government get a native English speaker to prepare documents for public release. “Outrageous condemnation”. Seriously.

Apparently the Chinese embassy official said that, “the Chinese embassy official said Australia might be able to repair its relationship with China if it changed some of its listed positions“. I am surely not the only person who sees these actions as an overt attempt to coerce Australia into towing Beijing’s line. This is something that has happened more times than I can count over the last 11 months or so. Take a look at this report from ABC News which provides an account of how Chinese state run media has declared that the Australian economy could “suffer further pain” from Chinese export bans. Now back to the leaked document story with the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison saying, “In that list you would’ve seen the media and freely elected politicians apparently aren’t allowed to speak their minds, well, we won’t be changing that in Australia either”. I remain seriously, or at least somewhat baffled, by the Chinese mindset. Does Xi Jinping really think that Australia is going to give up on its core values just because China wants it to be so? It doesn’t matter how many products China blocks – and China has blocked one heck of a lot of Australian products – the Australian government will stand firm. Just think about the alternative and the reason for not giving in will be obvious. Australia would forever be in servitude to China. Wake up China.

First Published November 19th, 2020

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