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Trump is Still Not Admitting That He Lost the Election Fair and Square

I will say as I have said before that I am a complete amateur when it comes to American politics. All I’m trying to do in these posts is to make sense of what is going on. Today I came across an article from ABC News concerning the role of the The General Services Administration (GSA) in transitioning to a new a president. Basically the GSA is supposed to provide the president elect with office space and infrastructure – computers, phones and so on – to enable the new presidential team to get on and do its work. The role of the GSA is enshrined in in the Presidential Transition Act. However, it appears that Emily Murphy, who was appointed by Mr Trump to run the GSA in 2017, is not convinced that Biden has won. Andy why should she be convinced when Sky News is reporting that there is substantial evidence across a number of states of vote switching and vote deletion on systems that count the votes.

A GSA spokeswoman has said in a statement that the result of the election has not been determined. Now you might think that not having office space and infrastructure is no big thing. However, the problem is that Biden and his team do not have access to daily security briefings with national security adviser, Robert O’Brien, saying only that he would ensure a professional transition to the team led by Joe Biden if Biden is deemed the winner of the 2020 presidential election. Biden’s lack of access to Covid-19 information and briefings will make it hard for him to “hit the ground running” with a strategy to combat Covid-19. Indeed Biden has come out publicly to say that a lack of coordination on Covid-19 could lead to more deaths in America. Biden has also said that, “The idea the President is still playing golf and not doing anything about [the pandemic] is beyond my comprehension“.

More News on Trump Attempting to Stage a Coup in America

There have been a few stories over the last week or so asking the question whether Trump is trying to stage a coup in America. None of the stories have really come to a firm conclusion but today The Guardian published a coup story that is a bit more decisive. The reporter, originally from Turkey, says, “Turkey, my country, falls into that category of authoritarian regimes. But I can tell you that what is happening in the US is a source of horror, not delight, for those on the ground. We know the signs of when a political crisis becomes a de facto coup – so here’s a word of warning”. Before we get to the coup itself, just take a look at this video of the protests and clashes in Washington.

The essence of The Guardian argument seems to be that Trump has managed to call the functioning of democracy into question through his social media lies and through his lawsuits. In this context the reporter states that the functioning of what I would refer to as the state apparatus – the Senate, the Supreme Court, and those in public offices – will be crucial in the coming weeks. Will they act in such a way that democratic processes are seen to work? Finally, if I am reading the story correctly, the journalist’s view is that Trump and his cronies will very likely succeed in their endeavours. Even if Biden were to “win” Trump and his loyal followers “will see their task as running a parallel political reality for the next four years that will constantly threaten Biden’s legitimacy”.

Having read this piece in The Guardian, I am not feeling as buoyed as I first was when I read that a second team of Trump’s lawyers have withdrawn from the Pennsylvania election lawsuit and that a number of the original accusations regarding voting fraud in Pennsylvania have been withdrawn. The reason? Trump may not be concerned with winning or losing but with destabilising American politics. Furthermore, Trump still has over sixty days in office and he seems to be getting busy. Trump has already sacked his Defence Secretary, Mark Esper, and now he has sacked his National Security Adviser John Bolton. It appears that he has done this because Bolton has spoken out publicly saying that there is no evidence of voter fraud and this election is one of the most secure in history. I have voiced on a number of occasions that my greatest fears is that Trump will look to start a war before leaving office. In this story, it is reported that Trump asked advisors for “options” for attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities. He was apparently talked out of the idea by senior Whitehouse personnel. Iran has since stated that there would be a “crushing response” from Iran should Trump follow through with his plan. The final question for today is where is Biden at the moment. He has been seen as irenic, even presidential like in some of his press briefings but he is not making headlines. It’s all Trump.

First Published November 17th, 2020

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