Dan O'Heirity

The Most Dangerous Times in Modern History

I know that I’m making a pretty big statement in saying that we are living in the most dangerous time of modern history but I’m going to stick by my words. We have a disenfranchised and disaffected madman who has around 70 days remaining in office as American President. Furthermore, not only is Trump disenfranchised and disaffected, he also seems uncertain in his own mind whether to “concede” that Biden has won the election. This YouTube video has Trump making his usual unsubstantiated claims about electoral Fraud. Trump then seems to conceded defeat albeit in terms of saying that the vote was rigged. However, Trump then does a volte face and Tweets that he concedes nothing.

Whilst Trump plays his games, The Guardian reports that Biden cannot being the transition process to become president of the United States. And here is where the danger lies. If you look at the home front in the United States, Covid-19 is out of control and Biden cannot currently being to properly plan for what he will do should he ultimately become the president. To put it bluntly, Trump’s extreme narcissism is putting lives at risk. If you look at the world picture, then Biden does not have access to security briefings and so, again, he is not able to plan for what he will do should he become president. This time Trump’s narcissism is putting America at risk from a possible attack from China.

This is not hyperbole on my part. According to the Australian News, China has become increasingly vocal in terms of warlike messaging. This includes statements from Xi Jinping talking about being ready to fight. Consider also that, “the US Pacific Air Forces commander has now warned his troops to be ready for conflict“. Furthermore, “British Chief of Defence Staff General Sir Nick Carter also pressed a metaphoric action-stations button, saying the threat of world war was real“. The real danger here is that it will be Trump who starts the war. Think about this fact. There are many things that Trump will not be able to do when he is no longer president. Starting a war is one of those things. Furthermore, what could be more appealing to a man who lives a reality TV show than to start a war. Reality TV that would secure billions of viewers. Meanwhile this is the state of America today. Ignorant and uninformed people supporting Trump.

First Published November 16th, 2020

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