China starts the year as it began by trying to cover up the Covid-19 virus. Trump’s campaign is still intent on overturning the election. Good luck with that one. And Covid is here to stay. In other words it will be endemic and we will have to learn to live with it.


As the year draws to a close we should remember that China has murdered more than 1.7 million people. Far from being contrite, Beijing remains arrogant and aloof. Meanwhile we should all be counting down the days until Trump leaves the Whitehouse.


Covid-19 has been a complete non-event in Australia and with 4 different vaccines available from March 2021, it looks like Australia will come through the “pandemic” unscathed. Meanwhile, we should be deeply worried about Xi Jinping and Trump, both of who are mad in their own ways.


Today I take another look at Trump’s insanity and the possibility of a re-run of the election in swing states that would take place under martial law. There is a new variant of Covid-19 that may well be a cause of concern in terms of its adapting to infect humans. We should remember that China has murdered more than 1.7 million people through spreading Covid-19 around the world. Finally, the chances of a significant conflict breaking out between the superpowers somewhere in the world seems high.


China is apparently suffering from electricity outages even as billions of dollars worth of Australian coal sits on ships off the Chinese coast. Hurrah. China is trying to move into Australia’s backyard by establishing a fishing port in Papua New Guinea. We should be worried. Looking ahead to 2021, I am not sure what we have to look forward to.


It’s been a year since China covered up Covid-19 and around 11 months since the world first found out abut the virus. In that time China has murdered over 1.5 million people. Beijing shows no remorse. Far from it. We see the usual hubris and arrogance. Trump is on his way out but what will he do before he leaves. We should be very concerned.


No matter what they do, our politicians and leaders just seem to be untouchable. It’s like there’s one rule for them and one for the masses. I cover stories that give us every reason to loath Beijing and I end up with a story of an Australian island being leased to a Chinese company for 99 years. Go Australia ­čśŽ


I start with a point that I touched on yesterday. China has murdered millions of people world wide and is, therefore, guilty of k├│smocide. A Melbourne Covid-19 lockdown has been deemed illegal but the government simply rejects the finding. How does that work? Finally, Trump proves himself once again to be totally insane.


Beijing is responsible for the mass murder of people across 217 countries and territories. You might take issue with this fact but check out the definition of murder from the Legal Dictionary. Beijing did not have to intend to kill millions of people, although arguably this was their aim. Rather, according to the Legal Dictionary, murder can be a “killing that resulted from a depraved heart or extreme recklessness”. It is unarguable that Beijing has a depraved heart and it is unarguable that Beijing acted with extreme recklessness.


Today could be the day that Trump will finally have to admit that he has lost the election. Biden is looking for a new world order but bringing one about will be extremely challenging. And it looks like two million Chinese Communist Party Members have “infiltrated” governments and companies around the world.