I continue with a line of thought that I have been pursuing over the past few days namely that there seems to be something terribly manufactured about the idea that Australia has a Covid-19 crisis on its hands. The number of confirmed cases along with the number of fatalities would certainly suggest that the idea of the pandemic is being manufactured. I believe that my argument would hold true even if the current figures for confirmed cases were to rise by a factor of 20.


This will likely not be a particularly popular piece of writing but facts are facts. If you look at the statistics for Covid-19 confirmed cases and fatalities then the impact of this pandemic really is being overstated. Yes, there have been nearly 15 million cases worldwide and yes there have have been around 600,000 reported deaths but these figures are a drop in the ocean compared to the Spanish Flu of 1918. Furthermore, the statistics, particularly for the number of fatalities are entirely questionable.


I do not go quite as far as joining the conspiracy theorists but I do believe that we are being severely misled by the idea of Covid-19 as an unprecedented pandemic. Just take a look at seasonal figures for influenza or at annual figures for cases of pneumonia and deaths from pneumonia. These figures will put Covid-19 into perspective for you. I go as far as saying that agendas are being served by pushing the story of a catastrophic pandemic but at this point in time I can only conjecture on “who” benefits from selling the public on the idea that the current economic chaos is a necessary result of dealing with the so called pandemic.


I’ve been looking at Covid-19 stories for a long time now and I have looked at a lot of data including data for seasonal influenza cases and seasonal influenza deaths in Australia. Today, I returned to this data because I have an increasingly niggling feeling that there is something that is just not right about the stories that we are being told about Covid-19. Have a read of this story and I’m pretty sure you’ll agree with me that something is amiss with what is going on in Australia. My mind turns to conspiracy theory and I find myself asking a question about who is benefiting from the Covid-19 pandemic “story”.


It’s been a while but in this post I get back to the Covid-19 international picture by taking a look at what Trump is up to in punishing China for passing the new Hong Kong security legislation. I’ve never been a Trump fan and I understand the dangers of adopting such an adversarial stance with China and yet I cannot help but applaud a world leader who is actually taking decisive action. There is also brief mention of China’s multifaceted strategy to rule the world along with a brief mention of how China exerts influence on Hollywood to control what we see and hear in movies.


There are three possible strategies for dealing with the virus namely eradication, elimination or suppression. Eradication is achieved when there is a global absence of the virus, a scenario which most likely requires a vaccine. Elimination refers to the absence of the virus in a country or region and eradication can be achieved as more and more countries manage to eliminate the virus. Suppression or control of the virus is a strategy means reducing the number of local cases to an acceptable level with community transmission still occurring. The question concerns which route Victoria will ultimately choose – elimination or suppression.


Today I highlight a melodramatic, affected and terribly overly sensationalized piece of reporting from an Australian journalist on the current Chinese virus situation in Australia. Honestly, one would be forgiven for thinking that Australia simply has no awareness of what has happened in Europe and North America. I also review the use of face masks and point out that the Australian market seems to be flooded with what are most likely sub-standard K95 Chinese made masks. Finally, I despair once again at the fact that social media allows any idiot with worthless thoughts to express what they are thinking.


Today’s post is pretty straightforward. The Chinese virus is rampant around the world and the only way it can be brought under control is if a vaccine is developed to support countries in reaching herd immunity. Who knows if a vaccine will be produced but it should be noted that there is no vaccine for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome or Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome.


Today I take a a look at the increased number of Covid-19 cases in Victoria, Australia. I also report on some recent Covid-19 research. Finally, I am not particularly kind to Chinese students who are moaning about their plight and blaming Australia for their woes. People, what has China done for your recently.


It’s a bit of a mixed bag today. I report on global figures for Covid-19 cases and deaths and then I take a look at what is happening with the virus in Australia. Fair to say that the Australian press is being somewhat alarmist about the Chinese virus. Then I take a quick look at Australian universities that are still hoping to get their international students back on campus. Yawn. Try a new plan people. Finally, China is seeking to present itself as a responsible global citizen through alerting the world to a couple of new viruses. Sorry, China. You’ve killed over half a million people so we’re not buying it.