Today I take a localized Australian perspective on what is happening with Covid-19 in the state of Victoria. I then expand my horizon to focus on China’s relations with the rest of the world. The most urgent point in this respect is just what will happen in the South China Sea region. China as secured Hong Kong as its own and may well know set its sights on Taiwan. Trump could decide to try to start a “managed war” with China in the region in order to bolster his chances of getting re-elected. The danger would, of course, be that the war would get out of control. All in all, I would say that Covid-19 remains nothing more than a distraction with much more serious events playing out around the world.


Today I take a look at Covid-19 misinformation narratives and the fact checking websites that can help you determine false claims from true. I also take a quick look at panic buying in New Zealand which has happened because a stage 3 lockdown was imposed on Auckland for a period of 3 days. Yes, people really are that stupid.


This is a post of two parts. First, I focus on the Covid-19 State of Disaster in Victoria which is, well, a complete and utter disaster. We have a curfew in place with police patrolling the streets because a very small number of elderly people are dying in aged care centres. Heartless, I know. Then there is the story of the newly emerging world order which is defining itself before our very eyes. The trouble is that the masses cannot see beyond the Covid-19 smokescreen and so the changes to the world order are going unnoticed by the vast majority of people.


Today I state firmly and categorically that the real story of Covid-19 is not the spread of the virus around the world, the number of confirmed cases or the number of deaths from the virus. The real story of Covid-19 is the emergence of a new world order and the strategies that countries are putting in place to secure their position in that new world order. These strategies could well include the United States “staging” a war with China, perhaps a localised war in the South China Sea.


The reaction to Covid-19 has been so disproportionate that any reasonable person would surely question what is really going on. And that is exactly what I do in this post without heading into the realm of conspiracy theory. I manage this by arguing that we should look at the facts and then generate some testable hypotheses about “who wins” and “who loses” from the Covid-19 strategies that are being played out by the various countries around the world.


Victoria, Australia has declared a state of disaster and, of course, the first thing that stupid Australians did was to rush to the supermarket to panic buy just about anything was not restricted by sales limits. Thus when I went shopping today there was no fresh meat in my supermarket. Nor was there any fresh produce. Like I care. I can survive for a year without every shopping for groceries. China is continuing with its aggressive global posturing and is in conflict with India over border territory between the two countries. This is just one way that China is taking on the world amidst a resurgent Chinese nationalism at home. Fine. Let them rejoice. Whether through soft power tactics, hard power tactics or a military confrontation, China will ultimately lose.


oday I expand upon the fact that Victoria Australia is now operating under a state of emergency and a state of disaster. All this for around 11,000 Covid-19 cases in Victoria along with and around 120 deaths. I know the counter argument. What if the virus were to run rampant? Well, the answer is, according to world data, that around 1% of those infected would end up in a serious or critical condition and only a fraction of those people would die. Furthermore, if you look at the world data you will see that the death rate has been consistently falling. So, we’re under police lockdown in Victoria for absolutely no good reason.


Victoria, Australia has declared a state of disaster and gone into stage 4 lockdown which includes a curfew that runs from 8PM to 5AM. This is an over-reaction to Covid-19 that is utterly unfathomable. Based on world data that shows that only 1% of those who contract Covid-19 end up in a serious or critical condition, if the entire population of Australia were to contract Covid-19, this would mean 252,000 people in a serious or critical condition. However, this reasoning seems to be lost on Australia’s leaders. It might be a step too far to refer to martial law having been imposed on Victoria but the fact of police patrolling the streets to enforce the curfew does have a distinctly Orwellian feel about it.


There are various stories today including the continued over-reaction of Australia to the Covid-19 virus and the silliness of Australians who are protesting having to wear face masks. Honestly, you’d think they would have slightly more serious concerns about their personal freedoms being eroded. Mass CCTV surveillance in Australia’s major cities would be just one example. As for Covid-19 deaths in aged care facilities in the state of Victoria which has recorded the highest number of confirmed Covid-19 cases, as far as I can see the figure of 47 deaths in these facilities means that 0.077% of all aged care residents have succumbed to the virus.


an open mind about the Covid-19 statistics, only 1% of currently active cases are serious or critical. Yes, just 1% of cases and yet countries around the world, including Australia, are still in lockdown. Why? Only a fraction of the 1% of serious or critical cases will end in a fatality. Sure, the fatality rate has been higher in the past but watch the statistics. The rate has been dropping month by month and I bet that the death rate will ultimately be less than 1% worldwide.