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Huge Daily Increases in the Number of Confirmed Chinese Virus Cases

Using my preferred data source – which is updated in real time for the number of new daily cases and deaths with the data being reset at GMT+0 – there have been 12,209,663 confirmed cases of the Chinese virus and 555,324 confirmed deaths. In my preferred terms, China has infected over 12,000,000 million people and killed over half a million people with their virus. Yesterday saw a staggering daily total with an increase of 213,279 cases. There were 5,518 new fatalities. Australia, the country where I live, has reported 9,059 confirmed cases and 106 fatalities. Australia reported 131 new cases yesterday with no new fatalities so the total number of fatalities remained at 106. Today Australia has reported 173 new cases with no new fatalities so again the total number of fatalities remained at 106. Although this data source will have updated in real time before anyone checks the figures, Australia is currently reporting 960 active Chinese virus cases. 932 of these active cases are in the State of Victoria and although the data does not provide this information, the vast majority of these cases are, as we shall see in a moment, in Victoria’s capital city, Melbourne.

Too Many Australians Are Just Dumb

If you’ve read my posts over the last few days then you will know that Australia was about to ease lock down measures across all of its States. However, Chinese virus hotspots emerged in Melbourne which is in the State of Victoria. These clusters of new cases have resulted in Stage Three lockdowns in Greater Melbourne and in one regional area. These new regulations will be in place for 6 weeks. The source of these new infections seems to be hotels where returning travellers were quarantined for two weeks. Apparently responsibility for managing the quarantine conditions was contracted out to private security firms. Staff were not properly trained, there was a lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and, in some cases at least, it seems that security guards, fraternised with the returning travellers. The guards became infected, returned to their homes in the northern and western suburbs of Melbourne and the virus spread throughout communities. Public housing blocks were completely locked down as a result of the transmission.

I offered the opinion very early on in these posts that the Chinese virus would spread in Australia due to human stupidity and such has turned out to be the case. The spread of the virus can be slowed, perhaps even contained under the following conditions. People who test positive self-isolate. Everyone practices social distancing. People practice good hand hygiene. Notice that there is a common denominator in the equation. That common denominator is people behaving responsibly. I could relay anecdote upon anecdote with regard to the herd not behaving responsibly but for now I shall supply you with a couple of stories. A cluster of 102 cases at a school in Melbourne has been linked to a family gathering in the area. Here’s what will have happened. A bunch of dumb arse Australians will have equated the easing of lockdown measures with the end of the social distancing requirements. Result. 102 cases of the virus. Having recently eased lockdown measures, the State of New South Wales is now considering imposing harsher regulations because hospitality venues have been flouting rules. Yep, dumb arse Australians again.

So, yep I am am being highly critical of idiots who do not follow the rules. However, social distancing, along with the other measures outlined above, has always been deemed to be important in controlling the virus. However, evidence has recently emerged that the virus may be transmitted through the air. More research is needed to substantiate this claim. However, 239 scientists in 32 countries have provided evidence that they say shows that floating virus particles can infect people who breathe them in. The World Health Organization (WHO), which initially did not put much stock in the idea of air born transmission of the virus, is also beginning to acknowledge that this is a possibility. It is of course tempting to say something about the ineptitude of the WHO in providing leadership around Covid-19 but I shall not pursue that point. Nor shall I pursue the point that the WHO has essentially done China’s bidding since the outbreak of Covid-19. Rather, I shall attempt to be fair and say that research emerges over time and that current research would support the necessity of social distancing.

Chinese Students Fail to See That It is the Chinese Government That Has Let Them Down

Another aspect of the virus clusters in Victoria is closure of Victoria’s border with New South Wales. Inevitably there have been people from Victorian “hotspots” who have tried to flout the rules and cross the border. However, the more interesting story concerns 100 Chinese international students who apparently crossed the border ahead of the travel restrictions taking effect. I’m going to provide a full quote from one of the students because I want to make a point

Those immediate restrictions gave rise to hardships on us again and again, which could reflect the Government’s lack of compassion .

So, let me ask a question. What exactly is the Chinese Government doing to support Chinese students who are studying overseas? How much compassion is the Chinese Communist Party showing for Chinese international students who may be stranded in countries around the world? Time and time again Chinese students are so very quick to criticise the Australian government and Australian universities but not once have I seen a Chinese student criticizing the CCP for failing to provide sufficient support for Chinese international students. The reason. One can criticize the Australian government without fear of being detained for doing so. Not so in China. Thus, do brain-washed myopic Chinese students take Australian freedoms for granted.

First Published July 10th, 2020

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