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The Chinese Communist Party Has Murdered More Than 400,000 People

The CCP virus figures have reached another significant milestone today and so I shall report on them briefly. According to the data source that I use – which is updated at GMT+0 for number of new daily cases and daily fatalities – there have been 8,028,79 confirmed CCP virus cases. Yep, we’ve tipped over the 8,000,000 mark for CCP virus cases. New daily cases keep coming in at around the 120,000 – 130,000 mark and so we will hit 10,000,000 CCP virus cases in around twenty days. I’m not going to conjecture beyond 20 days because I don’t do data modelling and, therefore, any figures that I projected would be pure guesswork. As of today, there have been 436,920 deaths or, if you have been following my line of reasoning, 436,920 murders by the CCP who deliberately released the CCP virus upon the world in an act of biological warfare. Figures for new daily murders keep coming in at round the 4,000 mark and so we will hit the 500,000 mark for CCP virus deaths in around 20 days. As per one of my previous posts, the number of new cases each day is significantly accounted for by around about 10 countries including, for example, the USA, India, Chile, Mexico, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

There is an interesting point to note with respect to number of new daily cases and number of daily deaths. The number of new daily cases worldwide from March 28th until May 20th was pretty much under 100,000. Since May 20th, 2020, the number of new daily cases has almost consistently been over 100,000. A simple way to put this is that during this period we have seen some of the highest daily figures reported for new cases since the pandemic began. Since May 20th, with the odd exception, the figure for new daily deaths has pretty much remained under 5,000 deaths per day. Granted that my figures are a bit rough and ready but, basically, whilst we have been seeing an increase in the number of new daily cases of the CCP virus with some of the highest daily figures ever recorded, the daily figure for fatalities has remained pretty much consistent around the 5,000 new deaths per day mark. I mention this fact because we are not seeing what we saw in Europe viz. significant increases in new daily cases correlated with significant numbers of fatalities. The question is why this is happening and the answer right now is that I do not know.

Trump Will Hold a Campaign Rally Despite Americas’ Covid-19 Figures

Focussing in on the United States, there is a story from SBS News about record numbers of new cases and hospitalizations in a number of U.S. States including Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, North Carolina, Oklahoma and South Carolina. The reason offered for the increase in the number of new daily cases in these States is that there were mass gatherings over the Memorial Weekend. At a National level the reason for high figures for new daily cases is put down to an increase in testing. The troubling point is not the increased number of cases per se but, rather, the fact that the United States, broadly speaking, appears to be trying to “reopen” in a responsible manner but people, being people, are not observing the measures that would ensure their safety. This state of affairs is, perhaps encapsulated in the fact that “health officials [have pleaded] with the public to wear masks and avoid large gatherings.” At the same time “Mr Trump still plans to hold his first campaign rally since early March on Saturday in Tulsa, although those attending will have to agree not to hold the campaign responsible if they contract COVID-19.

Has Covid-19 Mutated to Become More Contagious?

Whilst I don’t know why the number of deaths has not increased relative to the significant increase in the number of CCP virus cases, there is some new research that suggests that the virus has mutated and that this is why we may be seeing so many infections in the United States. This fact might at first seem alarming, but I’ve looked into the fact of the CCP virus mutating on previous occasions and it just is a fact that any virus mutates. In other words, there is no reason for panic, particularly as the fact of the virus being more contagious does not necessarily make it more deadly. However, there is reason to be interested as the research suggests that a mutation called D614G has given the virus more spike proteins whilst also making the spike proteins more stable and more easily able to enter human cells. It is these spike proteins that make the Covid-19 virus much more contagious than previous viruses because the spike protein seems to be incredibly well suited to invading human cells. The fact that it can and has adapted may make the virus resistant to our attempts to control it through drugs or a vaccine and, apparently, the virus may also adapt to our attempts to control it through social isolation.

Former Head of MI6 Claims Virus Made in Laboratory

I have seen a reasonable number of reports since the outbreak of the CCP pandemic questioning whether the virus was manufactured in a laboratory. I have only taken one such report semi-seriously as it was covering research from an Australian University – Flinders University I think – that argued that the CCP virus spike protein discussed above was inordinately well adapted to attaching to human cells, much more so than to a range of other animal cells that were tested. I always includes stories about the virus possibly originating in a laboratory because even though I do not put much stock in them, I like to think that a search engine somewhere is logging a page reporting that the Chinese manufactured the virus. This time the story from World Is One News (WION) concerns the former head of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove who has said that he believes that the virus originated in a laboratory. Dearlove bases his claim on research from a Norwegian / British research team claiming that they have found elements in the virus’ genetic code suggesting key elements were inserted and did not evolve naturally.

It is worth stopping here to ask a question. Why on earth should we be paying attention to what a former MI6 head has to say about the origins of the virus? Seriously, Dearlove likely knows a lot about spies and spying but is he in any way qualified to comment on a research paper on the origins of the CCP virus? The answer to that question would appear to be, “No, not really.” Dearlove graduated from Queen’s College Cambridge with a Masters Degree in History and, as one would expect, Dearlove’s areas of expertise have to do with national security. He has also offered his opinions on, “contemporary mass foreign migration and its effects upon the European continent” suggesting that, “the governments of Europe were facing a “sea change” in their politics, and if they did not get control and prevent ongoing mass migration of peoples from Africa and Asia into Europe they would find themselves “at the mercy of a populist uprising, . . . which is already stirring . . . ” So, it might be fair to say that Dearlove is not too keen on foreigners migrating to the United Kingdom but there does not appear to be any evidence that he is something of an authority in virology.

First Published June 16th, 2020

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