There is a “second wave” of Covid-19 in Europe and yet the death rate is not increasing proportionately. In fact, looking at worldwide fatality rate, only 4% of those who have contracted Covid-19 have died. Granted, we are talking about a million people who have died from Covid-19 but I am betting that by mid 2021, Covid-19 will be seen to have been no more severe than seasonal influenza.


In this post I take a look at the insane Covid-19 lockdown conditions that currently in place in Victoria, Australia and I ask the question whether or not our human rights are being violated in terms of the restrictions that are being placed upon us. The answer to that question comes down to how one views a balancing act between protecting our health and restricting our rights. It’s a judgement call and I call it in terms of the fact that our rights are being violated.


I return to one of my favourite topics which is that the severity of Covid-19 has been severely overstated. Ultimately this virus will be seen to be just barely more serious than seasonal influenza or the Asian flu. And yet Victoria, the state in Australia where I live, continues to impose severe regulations and restrictions, particularly on metropolitan Melbourne. What makes matters worse is that the current “second wave” of Covid-19 can be traced to a hotel quarantine debacle that is the responsibility of Daniel Andrews, the Premier of Victoria.


Today’s story is very straightforward. Victoria is rapidly becoming a police state under the guise of keeping everyone safe from Covid-19. Seriously people, how stupid are you if you believe this nonsense. Just take a look at the videos to see excessive use of force by Victorian police. Two of these videos are so disturbing that they have been age restricted by YouTube.


Today is all about facts and figures in the face of the continuing severe lockdown conditions being imposed on metropolitan Melbourne. When all is said and done I argue that the lockdown is not warranted. Rather, the measures are draconian and, given that a very significant number of Covid-19 deaths in Australia have occurred in aged care facilities, it would be fair to say that the Australian government has failed to protect the most vulnerable members of society.


My head will likely explode if I read any more stories about “flattening the curve” or dealing with “waves” of the virus. Australia has never really seen curves that need flattening. Nor has Australia had to deal with waves of the virus. Rather the idea of a Covid-19 pandemic in Australia is a complete and utter myth perpetuated most likely by politicians who have an eye on being re-elected.


I continue with my line of thought that there is something very wrong with Australia’s response to Covid-19 and I would extend this fact to the worldwide reaction to Covid-19. Covid-19 will ultimately be shown to be no worse – in terms of confirmed cases and fatalities – than seasonal flu and yet draconian laws are being placed upon us. The real question here concerns the why of it all. What is the big picture? What strategic, economic and political aims are being realized through the manufacture of a supposed pandemic. Make no mistake. This is a manufactured pandemic meaning that the pandemic is simply not a reality. It has been made up.


Today starts with a look at the impact of the Chinese virus in Australia, particularly in the state of Victoria. The facts of the responses are so far out of alignment with the Covid-19 figures that one must think either that the Victorian government is completely incompetent or that the situation is being managed with a hidden agenda in mind. I then turn my attention to China which is facing all kinds of woes including natural disasters and the closure of 2 million businesses. Well, China, having been continuously belligerent and arrogant on the world stage, is not going to get to much sympathy from the West.


Today, I am, to say the least, deeply critical of Australia’s response to Covid-19. In particular I am deeply critical of what is going on in the state of Victoria which is where I live. We are inundated with alarmist reporting from a host of news sources. At the same time the Victorian government’s response to Covid-19 can only be considered to be a shambles. Meanwhile we face arrest if we do not wear masks in public and if we do not conform to the curfew that runs from 8PM through to 5AM. There is something very wrong. The facts of the Covid-19 response simply do not fit the figures for infections which are ridiculously low. The question, which I will save for another day, concerns what is really going on with Covid-19 in Australia.


Victoria remains in a state of emergency and a state of disaster. Mask wearing is enforced by police and police roam the streets to ensure that people adhere to the nightly curfew. Meanwhile, new daily Covid-19 cases number only in the hundreds and the number of daily deaths barely reaches double figures. I will say, as I have said many times, that the Australian government’s management of Covid-19 has been a disaster of epic proportions. However, there is no indication that the government will change direction. Draconian measures for managing Covid-19 will remain in place. The Australian economy will continue to lose billions of dollars. More and more people will become unemployed. Where will it all end?