I would say that the idea that Australian universities are losing hundreds of millions of dollars from lost international student revenue just seems wrong. There is a more complex picture to what is happening. This post tries to make some sense of the situation.


If there is a them to today’s post then it is that China is becoming somewhat embattled through taking an aggressive, arrogant and bullying stance towards countries around the world. In this context, the idea of diplomacy seems to be lost on Beijing.


Today’s post is about the financial woes of Australian universities as a result in the drop in revenue from international students due to Covid-19. The post also covers what might be called the more nefarious activities of Chinese professors and students stealing university research for China.


The main argument that I am putting together in this post is that China is now displaying its usual arrogance along with complete contempt for world opinion on matters such as bring both Taiwan and Hong Kong under the rule of Beijing. One reason for China’s increasingly public shows of contempt for world opinion could be that China has been allowed to get away with mass murder in unleashing the CCP virus upon the world. Thus, China now figures that it can get away with pretty much anything.


I report on a number of different stories in this post but perhaps the most interesting story relates to a “China in Focus” report that provides concrete evidence – “Document Number 3” which is a Chinese regime internal document that has found its way into the public realm – that once again seems to show that China covered up the virus in its early stages and that the regime directed that virus samples be destroyed. Given that this is “Document Number 3”, I am of course intrigued by what might have been written in documents 1 and 2. Strangely, China in focus does not raise this point.


This post was written the day after the WHO General Assembly passed the resolution to conduct an “independent inquiry” into the origins and spread of the CCP virus. China mocks Australia by saying that the nature of actual inquiry differs considerablly from what Australia was seeking, a fact whch is unfortunately true. Other reports praise Australia for its leadership in calling for the inquiry. All in all the stories reflect what one would expect to see after the decision to hold the inquiry – claim and counter claim regarding the success or not of the passing of the resolution by the General Assembly.


The facts in today’s report concern the “independent inquiry” into the origins and spread of the CCP virus. These facts made me despair because “somehow” China has managed ensure that the inquiry will be carried out in terms that it finds palatable. In other words, the inquiry will be anything but independent.


Today’s story has a little something to say about computer security and then focuses substantially on the University of Queensland which, we might say, “has clearly been turned into a useful idiot of the world’s most evil autocratic regime”, China. The story is well worth a read to see what happens to free speech on a university campus when a university ties itself far too closely to Beijing.


This is the first report in which I make the argument that China is guilty of mass murder. The argument in the article is lengthier but essentially the definition of murder from a legal dictionary, is “The unlawful killing of another human being without justification or excuse”. And what does the world do in the face of mass murder. It ever so tentatively suggests that we should have an inquiry into the origins and spread of the virus.


Today’s report is, broadly speaking, about the economic cost of the CCP virus for Australia including, for example, loss of trade in goods and loss of revenue from tourists. I would argue that the Chinese leadership has shown that it has no moral sensibility, no moral framework and this is why we see news stories that talk about Australia needing to partner with countries that share our “values and our standards”. It is why we see these potential partner countries characterized in terms of being “civilized”. Although no one will come out and say it, the idea of partnering with civilized countries that share our values implies that China is uncivilized and does not share our values. This is one of the many reasons why free, liberal, democratic societies need to reorient and rebuild their economies to the exclusion of China.