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The So Called “Independent Inquiry Into the Covid-19 Pandemic

A few days ago I concluded a blog post by lamenting the fact that China had “somehow” manipulated circumstances around the passing of the resolution at the World Health Assembly for an independent inquiry into the CCP virus such that the inquiry would take place in terms that China would find entirely acceptable. I always choose my words carefully and such was the case with the word “somehow”. Just how China goes about getting its way is not always – if ever – obvious but the fact that, broadly speaking, the inquiry will take place with significant involvement from the World Health Organization tells us that China has got its way. Why? Because the World Health Organization has done China’s bidding since the earliest stages of the CCP virus and now it is that very same body that is going to have a key role to play in the investigation.

Today there was a story from ABC News entitled “China makes ill attempt to ‘control’ WHO’s COVID investigation“. Granted, that this “ill attempt” is only briefly mentioned at the 4:20 mark by Liberal senator Jim Molan who says that “It is likely the Chinese government only agreed to support a motion backing an investigation into the origins of COVID-19 because it thinks it can control the World Health Organisation.”

Brief though the mention might be, I can live this almost passing comment because it is an early sign that the world will not be fooled by what we might now quite legitimately call, “China’s Investigation into the Chinese Virus“. Perhaps, to be more precise, we should say that there will be those who will be willing to voice what the rest of the world must be thinking because, actually, no one was ever really going to be fooled into believing that the inquiry was going to be in any way independent. Of course, we will have to wait to see whether other voices emerge to voice the same opinion and, ultimately, we must wait to see what the investigation itself brings.

China is Making Enemies All Around the World

The report above from ABC News also has Liberal senator Jim Molan stating that Australia needs to be in a position of strength in relation to China including not relying on China so heavily for trade of goods and services. In another story from Sky News, Alexander Downer – former Foreign Minister in Australia – is asked by Andrew Bolt which China is acting so brutally. Downer responds that China is essentially calling countries in the West its “enemy” and by doing so China is in fact making these countries their enemies.

Downer also says that China is forgetting that countries like Australia are not alone. Rather countries such as Australia have strong alliances including Western alliances, an alliance with the United States and with Japan. The fact of these alliances speaks to Jim Molan’s point Australia needing to be in a position of strength in relation to China.

The list of countries that China is antagonizing is quite staggering and speaks to the fact that, as far I can see, China is pretty much off siding just about every country in the world. I love the next statement by Downer who says that China is actually bringing about the very state of affairs that it does not want to see – stronger alliances between countries around the world – and, says Downer, China is achieving this by being so “insufferably rude“. There is a crucial point here made by Downer viz. that there is an art to diplomacy, a reason to be diplomatic and China is isolating itself through “overstated, abusive and hostile language” which has included directly abusing governments including the Australian government. Whilst this fact might speak to China’s immaturity in world diplomacy, I believe it actually speaks to Chinese arrogance.

Australian Involvement in China’s “Belt and Road Initiative”

I have discussed China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” on many occasions. It will suffice here to say that China is seeking to create new Chinese controlled trade routes through the development of an overland Silk Road Economic Belt and through a Maritime Silk Road. Basically think of billions of dollars of investment infrastructure such as sea ports, railway lines and roads along with e.g. setting up of special economic zones along the lines of Shenzhen, a city bordering Hong Kong. In the context of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, Australia’s Northern Territory leased the Port of Darwin to a Chinese company for a period of 99 years. Secondly, the Victorian Government signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Chinese on the “Belt and Road Initiative” even though the Federal Government had made it clear that that it did want anything to do with project.

I’ve been wondering for a while just how an Australian state government could defy the clear direction of the Federal government concerning the “Belt and Road Initiative”. There is a really interesting point made in this video from Sky News which is that Section 51 of the Australian Constitution states very clearly that external affairs are the responsibility of the Federal Government, not state Governments and so the Premier for the State of Victoria, Dan Andrews, actually had no constitutional basis for signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on the “Belt and Road Initiative” with China in October 2018.

The other problem here is that the details of the MOU are not known with respect to the conditions attaching to money that may have been borrowed from China. Furthermore, there are no details regarding the security advice that the Andrews government received ahead of signing the MOU.

There is another report from Sky News on the “Belt and Road Initiative” which is also worth a look. It makes a lot of the same points as the previous story, but it also includes a conversation on a disturbing comment by Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas that Australia is “vilifying” China.

You could obviously put a lot of interpretations on this comment but one would be that the Victoria government is very closely intertwined with China and that, for this reason, Tim Pallas is making pro Beijing statements. Whatever the case, as reported by ABC News, Dan Andrews is not backing down saying, “I’m not going to apologise for a trade policy that is all about growing Victorian jobs.” This statement would need some serious investigation because Chinese Belt and Road Initiatives nearly always come with clauses requiring the employment of Chinese workers on the projects.

Huawei Will Have No Place in the Role Out of 5G in the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, as reported by Sky News, Prime Minister Boris Johnson looks set to change his decision to allow China’s Huawei to build the UK’s 5G network. According to World Is One News (WION) this plan will involved reducing Huawei’s involvement in the project to zero by 2023. There are lots of interesting points made in the Sky News story, but one of the main ones is that no company in China “makes it” unless it has very close ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Thus, it follows absolutely that Huawei has extremely close ties to the CCP and as I have argued many a time, the CCP operates on a vector analysis where every aspect of its involvement in other countries is perceived as an opportunity to further China’s singular aim to become the dominant world power. Basically, allowing China to build your 5G network would be utter madness.

Another important point is that there is a piece of academic research by an American Professor – Professor Christopher Balding – called “Who Owns Huawei?“. Here are two summary points from the paper. First, “The Huawei operating company is 100% owned by a holding company, which is in turn approximately 1% owned by Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei and 99% owned by an entity called a ‘trade union committee’ for the holding company” and second, “if the ownership stake of the trade union committee is genuine, and if the trade union and its committee function as trade unions generally function in China, then Huawei may be deemed effectively state-owned.” I honestly couldn’t say whether this is an accurate analysis of the ownership of Huawei because I am not an expert on Chinese company structures. However, the analysis should at least give one pause for thought and anyone interested in verifying the details can engage in further research.

America Seeks to Delist Rogue Chinese Firms From the Stock Market

There is a story from World is One News (WION) and my favourite reporter Palki Sharma. The story focuses on the fact that the US Senate has passed a bill that seeks to remove “rogue Chinese firms” from the American stock market. The Bill, can be seen as being passed amidst rising anti-Chinese sentiment in the United States and by China’s “Luckin” coffee company essentially defrauding American investors through fabricating sales figures. The problem with these firms is, from the American perspective, that they are not subject to the same investor protection rules as American companies.

If the bill does become law, then hundreds of Chinese companies will have to leave the United States because every single Chinese company will have to declare that is not stated owned and not manipulated by a foreign government. State owned companies will of course not be able to make such a declaration. Private companies would have to submit audits for inspection to American watchdogs and failure to do so for three consecutive years would see them delisted from the US stock exchange.

The Problem of Chinese Pillaging Australia Continues

First, I would urge you to watch both of these videos because both speak to a problem with Chinese in Australia that has been going on for years and well before the Covid-19 pandemic. A Chinese woman and her partner have been caught allegedly attempting to export hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stolen baby formula to China. If true then they should be stripped of their residency and sent back to China.

There is a long back story here – one which extends well beyond the baby formula problem – in which I have reported multiple times on how Chinese in Australia stripped Australia of medical products, medical supplies, long life products and baby formula during the early days of the CCP virus. They did this without a single care that Australians would not be able to get the essential supplies that they needed. Returning the fact of Chinese stripping Australian shelves of baby formula, take a look at what can only be called the disgusting behaviour of Chinese shoppers fighting in the aisles for baby formula. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. These people are subhuman.

First Published May 25th, 2020

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