Dan O'Heirity

The Call for an Independent Inquiry Into China’s Virus

A couple of days ago, I picked up on the fact that the question of an independent inquiry into the CCP virus was going to be taken up at a forum within the World Health Organization (WHO). I was, at that time, a little light on details until today when I went through my morning ritual of waking myself up with coffee and cigarettes whilst reviewing the news stories form the day. I came across this comprehensive video from World Is One News (WION) covering proceedings at the World Health Assembly, a decision making body of the World Health Organization (WHO), to pass a resolution for an independent inquiry into the origins and spread of China’s virus. 100 countries from around the world are supporting the resolution.

As always with WION, the report does much more in taking China to task – or more exactly taking Xi Jinping to task – for using the World Health Assembly to try to spin a new narrative around the CCP virus. Whilst I have the greatest admiration for WION, this story does not, in my opinion, go anywhere near far enough in reporting on the way that China has manipulated the world into carrying out an enquiry into their virus that will only lead to conclusions that China deems “palatable”. Of course there may be other WION stories that I have not found but in lieu of those stories I have sourced evidence from multiple news reports that mean that we an only come to one conclusion.

The WION story starts by reporting that Xi Jinping only decided to speak to the assembly after an attempt by the Chinese Foreign Ministry to say that the investigation was premature was essentially rejected. Xi Jinping then said that China would support an investigation to be carried out by the WHO. This is the same WHO that was complicit with China in covering up the initial outbreak, in accepting the claim that there had been no human to human transmissions when we know that there had been human to human transmissions and in telling countries around the world that there was no need to close their borders. In other words, the investigation is to be carried out by an organization that is, shall we say, extremely sympathetic to China.

Secondly Xi Jinping trots out the same tired lines saying that China has been open and transport and honest in its reporting to the WHO, for example, about the CCP virus. I do love Palki Sharm who says of Xi Jinping that, “either he has bought his own propaganda or he believes that the world does not see through China’s lies. China’s transparency is, frankly, an oxymoron“. Xi Jinping also tells the assembly that China will provide US$2 billion dollars in international assistance within two years. There is no real detail in Xi Jinping’s statement about what this international assistance might look like. However, Xi Jinping mentions in particular that money will be made available to developing countries. We should see this strategy as one of trying to woo developing countries to China’s view of the Covid-19 virus.

Finally Xi Jinping tells the assembly that China will share a vaccine with the world for free. Once again Xi Jinping makes specific reference to developing countries in an attempt to buy their loyalty to China’s narrative about the origins and the spread of the virus. Again you have got to love Palki Sharma who says that China may well create the first vaccine because China had a head start in vaccine research and because, “for all we know China made the virus“. Well, not according to China with Chinese state media still trying to blame the US for the origins of the virus. The WION report closes with Palki Sharma commenting that the two days of the Assembly will be challenging for China and that the draft proposal for a global inquiry into China’s virus will likely be adopted.

Reactions to Proceedings at the World Health Assembly

In this report from ABC News we learn that, “Beijing’s embassy in Canberra issued a statement saying the inquiry being considered by the WHA was “totally different” to the one Australia proposed, [and] that to claim vindication was “nothing but a joke“. Sadly for Australia, and for the rest of the world, this seems to me to be true as Australia has backed down on calling for an inquiry by an independent body. Rather, the investigation will be led by an independent committee within the WHO, the very organization that did China’s bidding during the early months of the CCP virus. Secondly Australia has been vocal about giving WHO officials the same powers as weapons inspectors which would mean being able to enter a country without invitation. However, this now seems to be something of a long term goal rather than a power that might be granted in the context of the inquiry into the CCP virus.

Although I am really not a fan of Sky News Host Andrew Bolt, he does sum up matters very succinctly by saying that “China is getting away with it.”

In doing so he expands upon the nature of the proposal for an “independent [sic] inquiry” by detailing the bodies that will be involved. First, there is The World Organization for Animal Health, led by a French scientist who has openly praised China for its management of the African Swine Flu Epidemic. Next comes the World Health Organization and nothing needs to be said there beyond the fact that the WHO is clearly in the pocket of the Chinese. Lastly, and this is the most astonishing fact, the third body is the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization that is headed up by China’s former Vice Minister of Agriculture QU Dongyu. You can verify these facts through reading item 9.6 in the agenda from the WHA meeting. So basically we have a French scientist who loves China, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of the WHO, who has continually done China’s bidding and Qu Dongyu who is undoubtedly completely and utterly loyal to the CCP.

The World Should Be Very Concerned Right Now

I’ve taken a look at the proposal that is before the WHA and I’ve given some details from the Sky News report about the membership of the team that would conduct the “independent inquiry” into the origins and spread of the virus. There has of course been a long history to get to the point of the proposal being tabled at the WHA. This history, as Sky News Reports, has included China’s lies and deceit around the origins and the spread of the virus along with China trying to bully countries like Australia who have called for an independent inquiry.

At the same time, China is becoming increasingly arrogant and belligerent on the world stage and my feeling is that China now believes that it is in an unassailable position in which Beijing can act with impunity. In short, I would say that China now believes that it is strategically and economically too powerful for the world to stand up against longer term aims to become the single dominant global power. Time will tell but I would expect China to become ever more assertive.

First Published May 19th, 2020

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