Today I ask a question about the reliability – or not – of the data for Covid-19 cases and deaths. I then take a look at the question of racism in Australia and in China. To wrongs do not make a right but Beijing really needs to clear up its own back yard before throwing out charges of racism against Australia.


Today’s post is all about Covid-19. I start with some figures and then move on to examining the probability of another deadly pandemic happening in the future. Then I examine some research that argues that Covid-19 may have been circulating in Wuhan as early as August 2019. Finally, I ask whether there was bio hazard event in Wuhan in November 2019.


A slightly different direction today as I look at the financial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in terms of countries that are falling into a recession which is defined in terms of two consecutive periods of negative growth in Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The world is in serious financial trouble and no matter what the road to financial recovery looks like, it cannot include China, the country that started the pandemic and the country that is showing it has no regard for what the world thinks of its increasingly aggressive actions.


Covid-19 figures for new daily cases and new fatalities remain extremely high. However, 10 countries account for around 75% of all new daily cases and daily fatalities. Whilst figures remain high it may be that we have become bored with Covid-19.


I would have to say that I have indulged today in roaming through my mind and my non-existent emotions. The personal cost of Victoria’s response to Covid-19 is incalculable.


Today brings us to the conclusion of the story about Drew Pavlou, the University of Queensland student who incurred the wrath of the University for a host of reasons including being critical of the University’s ties with China. There are also stories that point once again to why the West should simply not trust China.


Today’s post is more of a personal piece in which I highlight how, as an academic, I can be very intelligent and utterly stupid at the same time. I also dwell upon the advantages of living well away from everything in the countryside.


I believe that I have mentioned on occasion that I have what others would take to be a reasonably difficult mental health condition along with a secondary dissociation from my emotions. Given these facts, it is somewhat odd that this is the first entry in which I have explored the mental health issues surrounding the CCP virus. However, here it is and the main line of thought has to do with how to remain mentally well under Covid-19 living conditions.


Today’s post is a bit of a mixed bag. Covid-19 figures have hit a bit of a milestone with more than 6 million cases. China continues to believe that it cannot be contained by the world. The state of Victoria has a Memorandum of Understanding with China over the Belt and Road Initiative. And there is a person reflection to close out the post.


I start with a mini-reflection on whether we are now somewhat bored with the Covid-19 virus. I then move onto the fact of China’s increasing arrogance and belligerence on the world stage. In short, China now believes that it is too powerful to be contained by the world.