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The CCP Has Killed Hundreds of Thousands of People Worldwide

Today is the 13th May 2020. Once again it has been a while since I have reported on Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus figures and I shall do so today for the same reason that I have reported figures in the past. The CCP would like nothing more than for the world to forget these figures and to forget that the CCP engaged in an act of biological warfare by knowingly allowing its citizens to travel around the world with a virus that had been transmitted from humans to humans in China. This act of biological warfare has already led to millions of infections and hundreds of thousands of deaths. Within the next two weeks the total number of Covid-19 cases worldwide will exceed 5,000,000 if the CCP virus growth rate remains constant. The total number of deaths will exceed 300,000 within a week if the rate of increase of deaths remains constant. So China will have infected 5,000,000 people and China will have killed over 300,000 through an act of biological warfare.

Covid-19 Facts and Figures From Around the World

According to my preferred data source the number of confirmed cases worldwide stands at 4,370,330. The number of deaths stands at 293,827. The United States has 1,410,166 confirmed cases along with 83,491 deaths. This represents an increase of 1,530 cases over yesterday and an increase of 66 fatalities over yesterday. Spain continues to report huge daily increases of confirmed cases with an additional 1,575 cases today bringing the total number of cases to 271,095. There have been 27,104 deaths in Spain, an increase of 184 fatalities over yesterday. Cases and fatalities in Russia have increased significantly since I last reported data with Russia now placing third in the CCP virus table with respect to confirmed cases which stand at 242,271 confirmed cases, an increase of 10,028 cases over yesterday. There have been 2,212 deaths in Russia, an increase of 96 fatalities over yesterday. The United Kingdom is now in 4th place in the CCP virus table with 226,433 confirmed cases with 32,692 deaths. There have been no new cases or deaths reported in the United Kingdome since yesterday.

Italy has reported 221,216 confirmed Covid-19 cases and 30,911 deaths. Italy has reported no new cases or fatalities since yesterday. France has reported 178,225 cases with 26,911 deaths. France has reported no new cases or fatalities since yesterday. There has been a massive increase in cases in Brazil since I last reported figures with Brazil having 178,214 confirmed cases, an increase of 612 cases over yesterday. Brazil has reported 12,461 deaths, an increase of 57 deaths over yesterday. Germany has 173,524 confirmed cases, an increase of 353 cases over yesterday. Germany has reported with 7,780 deaths, an increase of 42 deaths over yesterday. Turkey has surpassed China for CCP virus cases with the total number of cases currently standing at 141,475. There have been 3,894 deaths in Turkey. Turkey has reported no new cases or fatalities since yesterday. Iran has reported 112,725 confirmed cases, an increase of 1,958 cases over yesterday. There have been 6,783 deaths in Iran, representing an increase of 50 fatalities over yesterday. China, with figures that no one believes, has reported 82,927 cases representing 7 new cases since yesterday. China has reported 4,663 deaths.

The Truth of Covid-19 Will Be Found Through Rigorous Research

I am an academic and in academic terms I have made use of what is called “grey literature” in writing these Covid-19 posts. Grey literature is defined asinformation produced outside of traditional publishing and distribution channels, and can include reports, policy literature, working papers, newsletters, government documents, speeches, white papers, urban plans, and so on“. Additionally “grey literature (usually) does not go through a peer review process, the quality can vary a great deal“. As an academic I have been taught to be wary of grey literature on the grounds that the content has not been subject to rigorous academic review, a process that is meant to ensure the factual rigour of whatever source is being used. However, the thing about accessing grey literature is that the sources are always much more current than academic sources. The reason for this is that the peer review process for academic publications entails that in some cases it can take a couple of years, if not longer, before e.g. a submitted journal article finds its way into a publication.

The point that I am trying to make here really has to do with the “research methodology” in these blog posts. The fact of being heavily reliant on grey literature – or using a more appropriate terms for the media age, relying on grey media sources – means that my journal reporting is current or up to date day by day. However, and I agree with the criticism of grey literature in this respect, contemporary sources such as news reports, news articles and websites produce information that varies significantly in quality. A second difference between academic research and the grey literature is that academic research is supposedly “objective” and “dispassionate”. In contrast news reporting, for example, can be driven by a particular agenda. In this respect I would say that Sky News as presented by Andrew Bolt and Alan Jones, to name just two presenters, is clearly driven by the perspective that Covid-19 is being massively overplayed. Additionally, there is a strong anti-government slant to the reporting.

Returning to my approach to research, any particular piece of research needs to use multiple sources when reporting on any particular story. There is also a need to look at primary sources of information. For example, reporting the increase in unemployment that has resulted from the CCP virus means not just but citing news reports but also going directly to the Government’s unemployment figures to determine the absolute increase in unemployment along with the percentage increase in unemployment that we have seen as a result of the lockdown in Australia. Even then, there is a need to interrogate the figures in terms of how the data is being reported because the government has a vested interest in presenting the lowest figures possible. Questions to ask might cover how exactly has the government arrived at the unemployment figures? Have certain groups of people been included with other groups being excluded?

Finally, there is ultimately a need to engage with academic research in order to add a substantive evidence base to any particular story. In this respect, for example, one might look to the research of Professor Anne-Marie Brady, a New Zealand Academic at the University of Canterbury who “is a specialist of Chinese politics (domestic politics and foreign policy), polar politics, Pacific politics, and New Zealand foreign policy”. The necessity of engaging with academic research reminds me of the fact I am now interested in developing a hypothesis around the Covid-19 pandemic. For example, that Covid-19 was deliberately released upon the world by the CCP in order to bring about tectonic shift in the world order. A second example could be that the Covid-19 pandemic is not a pandemic at all. Rather, Covid-19 is no more serious that seasonal influenza. Both of these hypotheses would then need to be tested in terms of the available evidence to support the conjectures.

I have maintained on multiple occasions that the truth is out there and so it is. However, finding the truth requires time, effort and diligence with some of these journal entries taking 6-8 hours to complete. This fact stands in stark contrast to postings on social media that, too often, are unthought through and take no time to compose. Don’t get me wrong. Social media posts countering Chinese attempts to control the narrative of the virus that the CCP spread around the world are important. In fact, one could argue that social media posts from free thinking individuals are crucial at a time when the Chinese are employing thousands of people to flood social media with CCP lies. However, ultimately, it will be substantive evidence based research that shows the CCP for what it really is – a malevolent and morally bankrupt regime that has murdered hundreds of thousands of people.

First Published May 13th, 2020

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