Dan O'Heirity

People Have Remained Irredeemably Stupid During Covid-19

As of today 11th May 2020 we have a virus that has infected over 4,000,000 worldwide. That same virus has killed nearly 300,000 thousand people worldwide. Anyone with half a brain can also see that Covid-19 has significantly heightened tensions between China and the rest of the world with China aggressively pursuing expansionist policies whilst trying to lay claim to territories over which it has very questionable claims. The South China Sea region is a case in point. Then there is the extremely concerning question of just what China will do with, or perhaps to, Hong Kong. Looking beyond China, there is also the fundamental fact of economic chaos and mass unemployment in just about every country that one would care to name. I could quite fairly refer to an extremely troubling and tumultuous state of affairs that should make us fearful for the stability of the current world order. However, the masses, the ordinary folk in Australia, have far more pressing concerns. To take but one example, the masses are stampeding to buy an air fryer that is on special offer at one of Australia’s major retail outlets.

People were so desperate to secure one of these fryers that lengthy queues formed outside the stores even before opening time. Social distancing rules were ignored and there were heated arguments as some shoppers loaded up their trolleys with three or more of these fryers. Some shoppers visited multiple stores when they could not get their hands on the product at the first store that they visited. And the people took to social media to complain about not being able to buy the air fryer despite having visited multiple stores in order to secure their purchase. Over 4,000,000 infected, nearly 300,000 deaths, the world possibly already in WWIII without anyone being aware and what is it that is most important to the masses. An air fryer. And, just to note, I own the model of air fryer that is currently on sale and it is just not that great. Think about the very concept of an air fryer. Have you ever seen a fish and chip shop advertising air fried fish and chips? No, and there is a reason. Deep fried fish and chips are just so much better.

China Continues to Be Morally Repugnant in the Way That Only China Can Be So Utterly Reprehensible

I have written multiple times on China sending faulty medical equipment around the world with my most recent story being about faulty testing kits received by India. Today there was a story about Tanzania receiving faulty testing kits from China.

The kits were apparently determined to be faulty after goats and sheep tested positive for the CCP virus. Granted that this sounds very odd but the report comes from WION which is a reputable news source that does its homework. A couple of other points to note. First, the story also lists a number of other countries that have received faulty medical supplies from China including Spain which has twice had to return products purchased from China. Second the story notes that Ali Baba founder Jack Ma has donated medical equipment and medical supplies to Africa and in all fairness there is no report on whether or not these supplies were faulty.

I am, for the first time, going to share comments that appeared beneath the YouTube video above. I am sharing the first comment just because it made me laugh, “Even men can be tested pregnant in Chinese Pregnancy Testing Kits“. Come on. That is just hysterical. The second comment is as follows, “I don’t trust that China is not putting Covid-19 in the materials they are donating. UK already stated they got equipment and test kits that were contaminated with covid-19.” Multiple U.K. newspapers have reported that testing kits heading for the U.K. were found to be infected with the CCP virus. This story reports that, “one production firm, Luxembourg-based manufacturer Eurofins, told UK labs on Monday that deliveries would be delayed as core parts had been contaminated with coronavirus“. However, there is no indication in this story of Chinese involvement in manufacturing the core parts for the test kits. A similar issue has been reported in the United States but again China had nothing to do with the faulty kits. The moral of the story. Perhaps best not to put too much stock in comments on YouTube videos.

The Chinese Medical Mask Problem is Just a Problem of Business Greed

Continuing with the topic of Chinese made medical equipment and Chinese made medical supplies, this story is extremely interesting in terms of understanding why Chinese supplies are so substandard.

There is one key point that you need to take from this video. Almost overnight, hundreds if not thousands of mask production factories appeared in cities across China. In this respect I am going to provide two full quotes from the video. First, “Anqing City is a base of the medical masks industry. Netizens exposed that a while ago, hundreds of mask factories were established overnight in Tongcheng County of Anqing. So far, more than a thousand mask factories stopped their operations“. Secondly, “It is wrong that everybody went straight ahead to produce facial masks. The real medical facial masks need to be produced in a sterile environment and it is totally irresponsible to sell masks that are produced in regular workshops or in garages. Therefore, some masks are not selling and the production stopped, as a result, factories closed down“. Well, hurrah.

I would be the first to admit that a lot more research would need to be done to substantiate these stories and such is the way that my observations work. At some point I will return to the question of the “regulation” of companies in China along with the question of quality control in China. However, this story does provide a starting point for fundamentally questioning Chinese production methods. If the story is to be believed then these mask production “companies” established their businesses with no regulatory oversight and it would be very fair to assume that the motive was making money. Now, of course, there is nothing wrong with wanting to make money except when the goal is to profit from human suffering. In terms of quality, many of these companies have “gone under” because the masks that they were producing could not meet quality standards imposed by the Conformité Européene (CE) or Food And Drug Administration (FDA). In other words, the manufactures could not meet quality standards that were not in place in China.

First Published May 11th, 2020

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