The focus of this post is Chinese interference in Australia politics and is based on a report from “Four Corners”. I have hopefully added value by summarizing the story and by providing links to key information that is mentioned in the report.


Social media posts countering Chinese attempts to control the narrative of the virus that the CCP spread around the world are important. In fact, one could argue that social media posts from free thinking individuals are crucial at a time when the Chinese are employing thousands of people to flood social media with CCP lies. However, ultimately, it will be substantive evidence based research that discovers the truth about the Covid-19 virus.


There are two parts to today’s post. First, the the state of Victoria in Australia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with China over its “Belt and Road Initiative” even though the Australian government has said that it wants nothing to do with the project. Secondly, I question the ethics of this decision given China’s detention of millions of Uyghur Muslims. The connection is that detentions are happening in a region that is crucial for the success of China’s “Belt and Road Initiative”. Coincidence. I think not.


This post covers two of my favourite topics. The stupidity of the masses and the utter awfulness of the Chinese. I really have no answer to either condition except to continue to hide away and write about just what it is that I see in the world around me.


I’m an academic and so the current catastrophic state of Australian universities as a result of the loss of their international “cash cow” students obviously interests me. I present data on the over-reliance of Australia’s universities on the international student market and fundamentally question why the hell senior management have not been sacked across the Higher Education sector. Honestly, had they been running real businesses they would have been marched out the door.