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An Act of Biological Warfare Is Furthering China’s Strategic Ambitions

It is now a well established fact that the CCP covered up the virus outbreak in Wuhan and that China lied to the World Health Organization when it said that there had been no cases of human to human transmission. It is also a well established fact that China restricted travel within its own country whilst allowing Chinese citizens to fly all over the world thereby ensuring that the CCP virus spread globally and became a pandemic in a matter of months. I would maintain that the explanation that the Chinese deliberately sent this virus around the world is the only plausible explanation for their action in allowing Chinese citizens to travel outside of China. The Chinese knew that human to human transmission had occurred and they knew that the virus was deadly in some cases. In this respect it would be ridiculous to claim that the CCP just made some kind of mistake in allowing their citizens to travel all over the world because their actions in restricting travel within China speak too strongly against this explanation.

The question now is whether we go further down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole in suggesting that the CCP virus, rather than originating in a Wuhan wet market, was actually manufactured in a laboratory. Answering this question would require an awful lot of research but for now lets go with this report that states that scientists have definitively proven that the CCP virus was not manufactured in a laboratory. This may be the case and I am perfectly happy to accept this purported fact, even though wisdom would dictate that scientists tend to disagree with one another on occasion. The reason that I can happily accept the idea that the CCP virus was not manufacture in a laboratory is that the no matter where the virus originated, it remains the case that the CCP engaged in an act of biological warfare in unleashing the virus upon the world. Their purpose in doing so was to divert the attention from their plan to overtake the US as the world’s dominant power.

World War III Has Started Without Anyone Noticing the Fact

I have noted in several other journal entries that Palki Sharma argues that we are already in WWIII. A lot of you will react vehemently to this claim thinking that what she is engaging in sensationalism but Palki Sharma argues the point on pure logic from the definition of what constitutes a war.

This is exactly how I argued that China had engaged in an act of biological warfare. Words have meanings and Sharma shows that “war” has 5 significations; death and human misery; bleeding economies; shortage of supplies; capture of territories; and emergence of new powers. She then argues very persuasively – and I agree with her – that we have seen each of these events occur during the CPP virus. Thus, having engaged in an act of biological warfare, China is now at war with the world albeit a new form of war that involves “unrestricted warfare”.

China is Engaging in Unrestricted Warfare to Become the Dominant World Power

I have referenced a news story on a previous occasion that gives an account of how two Colonels in the People’s Liberation Army – Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui – published a book entitled “Unrestricted Warfare “. The book essentially argues that China could not win out in a military confrontation with the United States but that it could be more successful in launching a legal war, an economic war or a network war against the United States. The book also suggests that terrorism is a viable alternative to direct military conflict. An example of China engaging in a legal war, or in “lawfare” as it is known, would be China’s actions in claiming sovereign control over areas of the South China Sea. China’s territorial claims in this area rest on their own demarcation line known as the “nine dash line“. However, in 2016 the  Permanent Court of Arbitration ruled that, “there was “no legal basis for China to claim historic rights” over the nine-dash line”. Despite the ruling, China continues to make territorial claims in the South China Seas region and in doing so China is securing an area that is strategically and economically important.

It should, I think, be reasonably clear how China could launch an economic war or a network war. If we take Australia for example, the Australian economy is hugely dependent on China. Significant exports to China include iron ore, beef, barley and wine. Fees from Chinese students account for a significant amount of annual revenue in Australian universities. Chinese tourists are also crucial to the Australian economy. China could inflict significant damage on the Australian economy through ceasing to import Australian goods, by directing students not to study in Australia and by banning their citizens from travelling to Australia for holidays. The ways in which China could damage countries around the world through a network war should also be obvious. To give one example, Chinese hackers have allegedly hacked the computer systems of a defence contractor. In doing so they stole around 320GB of documents including source code for the company’s products, engineering schematics and technical manuals.

The book “Unrestricted Warfare” also notes that terrorism is an alternative form of warfare that can have severe economic consequences on a country. The 9/11 attack provides a clear example of one such case of terrorism impacting on an economy. In the aftermath of 9/11 American investors took to panic selling of securities which would have included stocks and bonds. On the first day of New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) trading after 9/11, the market fell 684 points which set a record for the biggest loss in exchange history for a single trading day. Air travel declined leading to bankruptcies and to the demise of a number of air carriers. Almost 18,000 small businesses were shut down or destroyed. Finally, there was an economic impact on travel, tourism, hospitality and entertainment due to the fear and uncertainty experienced by Americans at that time. One can see the logic of the argument for engaging in acts of terrorism when a single act of terrorism in the United States can have such a huge economic impact.

The Outcome of China’s War With the World Remains Uncertain

Michael Pillsbury has argued that China is engaged in a 100 year war to supersede the United States as the dominant global power. This will happen “without [China] firing a shot”. I would argue that China has tried to further its strategic ambitions by spreading Covid-19 around the world as a means to distract countries from its “unrestricted warfare” tactics. Thus the world is, whether it knows it or not, at war with China. In concrete terms, and as described above, China can try to win this war through “lawfare”, through economic means, through hacking sensitive information from governments and companies or by engaging in further acts of bioterrorism. A question for another day would have to do with what global dominance would look like for China. For example, seizing territories in the South China Sea would give China control of shipping routes. Expanding their “Belt and Road Initiative” would give China control of land and sea trade routes. Hacking defence companies around the world could given China a technological advantage in its defence systems. As I said, questions for another day.

First Published May 2nd, 2020

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