Dan O'Heirity

Checking in on the Current Status of My Covid-19 Knowledge

I am reasonably content – having written 51 blog posts on the CCP virus – that I have not left any ideas in the lurch. By this I mean that I have relentlessly pursued avenues of inquiry whilst also ensuring that the evidence for my different assertions is sufficient to warrant those assertions. That said, I thought that I would start today with a bullet point list of the main points that I have made in my first fifty or so posts about Covid-19 so that I can represent the main ideas to myself in order to have a think about whether anything more needs to be done with respect to substantiating the claims that I have been making.

A Round Up of China’s Morally Repugnant Manipulation of Events Surround Covid-19

  • The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is exploiting Covid-19 through engaging in “hard power” and “soft power” tactics to further its long-term strategy to become the dominant world power which would see China subordinating countries around the world to its will.
  • China engaged in an act of biological warfare through allowing its citizens to travel around the world at a time when it knew that the CCP virus was highly-infections with confirmed cases of human to human transmissions in the Hubei Province.
  • Following the strict logic of what it means to go to war, we might say that China has started WWIII through engaging in an act of biological warfare and that the world has failed to notice this fact because this is a non traditional war.
  • China has been responsible for millions of cases of the CCP virus world wide, hundreds and thousands of deaths from the CCP virus, the collapse of the world economy along with millions of people becoming unemployed almost over night.
  • China ensured that the World Health Organization (WHO) did its bidding in agreeing that there had been no human to human transmissions in the early days of the virus and through having the WHO tell countries not to close their borders.
  • China has consistently lied about the number of CCP virus cases and the number of CCP virus fatalities in Wuhan in order to present a picture to the world that China has a superior form of government that quickly brought the virus under control.
  • China has followed a Nazi Germany strategy of attempting to perpetuate a “Big Lie” namely that it contained the virus quickly and has acted benevolently towards the rest of the world in providing countries with medical equipment and supplies.
  • There are at least half a dozen countries around the world that have paid for and received defective medical equipment and defective medical supplies from China with these countries including Australia, Canada, India and the Netherlands.
  • Chinese companies and daigou shoppers in countries around the world – Australia for example – stripped supermarkets of essential medical and food supplies and shipped them back to China at a time when China was denying the virus.
  • Taking the actions of the CCP into account along with the behaviour of companies around the world loyal to the CCP and the daigou who have stripped our shelves, it follows logically that we can refer to the people involved as “subhuman”.
  • China is trying to use the CCP virus to its advantage in a host of ways by, for example, trying to buy up distressed assets from countries around the world and by pursuing an aggressive expansionist policy in the South China Sea.
  • The world is beginning to wake up to China and, prima facie, it looks like China’s plans for world domination may have back fired on them with, for example, countries moving to block Chinese attempts to buy distressed assets.

Where to From Here With My Covid-19 Posts

I have reviewed the list of the ideas that I have pursued over the last three months or so and I am satisfied with the logic of my arguments and with the evidence that I have brought to bear upon these points. The only outstanding assertion is the claim that China has started WWIII with no on really noticing because China started the war by stealth through deliberately releasing the CCP virus upon the world. Whether or not WWIII has commenced, the important point, the crucial point, is to act as though this is the case because doing so will heighten our guard against the malevolence and machinations of the CCP. To state matters in a different way, the more that I read about Covid-19, the more that I become convinced that it would be a mistake of massive proportions to take the various news stories at face value. Beyond the reported “facts” there is, I think, an underlying an unspoken narrative that is emerging.

At this point in time I am not quite sure what the “real” Covid-19 narrative might be but I am sure that we need to look more deeply into the fact that there will be a new world order post Covid-19. I am not heading into the world of conspiracy theory in making these claims. Rather, it simply is a fact that the world is going to be a very different place once we emerge from this pandemic. For example, countries around the world are re-thinking their trading relations with China whilst also encouraging their companies to leave of China. China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” is being scrutinised in terms of whether China’s real aim is to secure strategically important regions around the world. There are stories about about China infiltrating countries on multiple fronts including governments, businesses and universities in order to influence and undermine democratic processes.

First Published April 26th, 2020

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