The heart of today’s post is a story about a Chinese company sending faulty Covid-19 testing kits to India. However, that particular story is a catalyst for considering how China is attempting to exploit the current pandemic for its own ends. Ultimately, the plan is not working but we should still be vigilant.


Today I start with an existential reflection on the import of this virus form a historical perspective. We are living through world changing events that we can only begin to glimpse. Then I take a look at Chinese virus figures with a particular focus on Australia where seasonal influenza should be considered far more impactful than Covid-19.


I enjoyed writing this post because I had the time to pursue a single story over time in order to try to determine the truth of the matter with respect to whether an Australian MP, Gladys Liu is fit to serve in parliament. If I were a full-time writer, I would pursue more stories in this way.


China is peddling a “victim” narrative around Covid-19, something is disgusting and morally reprehensible. However, there are reasons to be cheerful. The Chinese economy is in a bit of trouble and there is talk of social unrest. The question is whether this unrest will lead to anything in the way of protests against the government.


Today’s post is all about bats. Oddly, and perhaps somewhat embarrassingly, Australian researchers have been shown to have been collaborating with Chinese researchers on research into bat viruses. Such research is, of course, entirely legitimate. It is just that you can’t point fingers at China for researching deadly viruses when your own country is collaborating on the research.


Today’s post is straightforward. China engaged in an act of biological warfare in sending travellers infected with Covid-19 around the world. This act was designed to distract the world from China’s aim to replace the US as the dominant world power. China is practising “unrestricted warfare” tactics to further their global aims.


I have been arguing almost since I engaged in a research based focus on the reporting on the CCP virus that China, by definition, engaged in an act of biological warfare by deliberately sending its citizens to spread the virus around the world at a time when China knew that there had been human to human transmission of the virus. Palki Sharma goes even further arguing that World War III has already begun. It is just that no one has noticed.


This post focuses on the fact that Australia has allowed itself to become overly dependent on its trading relationship with China. The same will be true for many other countries around the world. It is time for the world to re-think trading relations with China because China has revealed its true colours through using its economic power to try to coerce countries such as Australia into conforming to Beijing’s will. Whether or not the world will stand up to China remains an open question.


The theme of today’s post is that the Covid-19 pandemic is almost something of a distraction from the real story in recent months which has to do, I think, with the fact that we are seeing the emergence of a new world order. It may be the case that the story of the pandemic is being manipulated by countries around the world as they endeavour to further their strategic aims.


Today represents a round up of the ideas that I have pursued in my first 51 posts on the Covid-19 pandemic. The post also reflects on the way forward with my reporting particularly in terms of of trying to dig deeper into the Covid-19 stories in order to surface strategies that might be being played out to shape the new world order.