Testing rates for Covid-19 are so low in Australia that Australia will never have an accurate picture of how many Australians actually contract the virus. However, the testing failure has been far more fatal in the United States with the virus spreading through communities due, in part at least, to the lack of testing in the early stages of the virus. The same does not appear to be true in Australia but it would, I think, be fair to say that Australia has simply been lucky in this respect.


Today there is a story about Patient Zero having apparently been identified. This story came as a complete surprise. The fact that the woman was a shrimp seller at a live market in Wuhan did not come as a surprise. Nor did the fact that the article, like many other articles, refers to China’s attempt to initially cover up the virus outbreak whilst also pointing to the devastation that the virus has now caused worldwide. Back to the Wuhan woman. I wonder what it feels like to know that you were the first person in the world to have a virus that has now accounted for over 600,00 Covid-19 cases and over 25,000 fatalities.