The Conspiracy Theorists Guide to the CCP virus. In 2019 China created a new Coronavirus strain in a laboratory in Wuhan with the intention of engaging in an act of biological warfare through unleashing the virus upon the world. In order to make it look as though the virus had emerged from a zoonotic event, the Chinese Communist Party engaged in a controlled release of the virus into the Wuhan community knowing that they could almost certainly contain the virus within the Hubei Province.


Could it be that China locked down travel within China but allowed Chinese citizens to travel overseas because, in reality, China was engaging in an act of biological warfare? People may think that I am going too far in making this claim but I am not so sure. The fact is that China did restrict travel within China, particularly travel from the Hubei Province, whilst allowing its citizens to travel around the world. Essentially this means that China was trying to stop the spread of the virus in China – meaning that China knew that there was human to human transmission of the virus – at the same time they were spreading the virus around the world by allowing international travel.


The Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt has said, in a statement that can only be considered to be utterly nonsensical, that Easter may be the single most significant weekend that we will face in the whole course of Australia’s actions to contain the virus. The reasons that the statement is nonsensical is that Australia’s testing rates for the Covid-19 are pretty low which means that we really have no idea about community transmission rates. Nor do we really know the extent to which people are practising social distancing.


I have reported some astonishing stories since the Covid-19 pandemic began, but this story defies belief. Australia is actually importing medical supplies from the virus epicentre, a fact which symbolizes so much that Australia has got wrong in dealing with this pandemic, including allowing Australia to be pillaged by the Chinese for medical equipment and medical supplies such that Australia now has to import supplies from China.


the United States is suffering from a shortage of ventilators which is ironic because in the early days of the Covid-19 virus, America sold 27.2 million dollars of ventilators to China along with a whole range of other medical supplies. Really, could Covid-19 matters become any more bizarre or surreal. One wonders if China is selling the American made ventilators back to the United States at a significant profit margin. Or perhaps China is selling its Chinese made ventilators to the United States and keeping the American made ventilators for themselves


I reported stories yesterday that Australia is being pillaged by Chinese companies and daigou with one story referring to the people engaging in these activities as parasites. I would go even further. I would say that it is more than reasonable to refer to these people as sub-human.


Chinese residents in Australia – whose real allegiance lies with China – have stripped supermarket shelves bare of supplies whilst also bussing en masse to rural supermarkets to do the same. This behaviour is more than morally repugnant; it is profoundly immoral and wicked.


Chinese Property Companies operating in Australia have been using private jets to send vast quantities of medical supplies from Australia to China, leaving Australia low on much needed supplies. However, this is not the full story. These companies are backed by the Chinese government and during the months of January and February 2020 they “downed tools” to focus their concentrated efforts on pillaging Australia and other countries for essential medical equipment such as hazmat suits, medical masks, gloves, antiseptic wipes and just about anything else that they could get their hands on.


I’ve already reported on the fact that Patient Zero in Wuhan was identified as a shrimp seller in one of the local markets. Today, the first report came in of how the virus came to Australia. A 58 year old man flew in from Wuhan and five days later it was evident that he had the Covid-19 virus. Two days later a 21 year old woman from Wuhan studying at the University of New South Wales tested positive. At the same time – and I remember reading about this story – a tour group from Wuhan flew into the Gold Coast. Coronavirus was here, and though it was inevitable that it came to Australia from China, coronavirus expert Dr Norman Swan has said that mistakes, fiascos and mishandling since had caused it to spread.


China is engaging in a war of misinformation for the virus that they spread around the world including trying to blame the United States for introducing the virus into China, a claim that is palpably nonsense. Whilst it may or may not be the case that patient Zero was likely a shrimp vendor working in a Wuhan market, it is absolutely certain that the virus originated in Wuhan. China must not be allowed to obscure this fact through a misinformation campaign.