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The Morally Repugnant Side of the Covid-19 Pandemic

My previous post was really about rounding up and rounding off stories that I have covered in the last week or so. Today is about continuing to trace the threads of stories across time to see how certain key ideas have developed over the last few weeks or so. However, before I do that I just want to provide a list of some of the ways in which Chinese leaders and Chinese Australians have behaved in morally repugnant ways since the outbreak of the pandemic.

  • The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has, from the time when the virus was first discovered in China, lied and lied to cover up their culpability with respect to spreading this virus around the world through what I would term an act of biological warfare. Claiming that China has engaged in an act of biological warfare is entirely reasonable as China allowed its citizens to travel around the world at a time when they knew that there had been human to human transmissions of the virus.
  • The CCP has vanished doctors who tried to tell the world about the Chinese Wuhan virus – followed by unashamedly praising the doctor who discovered the virus after he had allegedly died from the virus – and it has detained journalists who have tried to speak the truth about the Wuhan virus. Detaining individuals who try to speak out is the norm for China and is something that they are now doing in Hong Kong by arresting pro-democracy protesters.
  • The CCP has followed the tactics of Nazi Germany by trying to perpetuate the “Big Lie” that the CCP is a superior form of government that quickly brought their own virus under control. The “Big Lie” has also involved telling the world that China is caring for Wuhan residents and Chinese citizens whilst at the same time acting benevolently by helping out countries around the world in their time of need. The point of the “Big Lie”. Keep saying something until that something becomes the truth.
  • The CCP has sent defective medical equipment and defective medical supplies – testing kits and mask for example – around the world thereby putting even more people at risk from the Wuhan virus. In short the CCP has acted unconscionably because it has no conscience. The CCP leadership are, in that respect, subhuman, a fact that follows from the very definition of what it means to be subhuman, namely failing to attain to the level of morality associated with normal human beings.
  • Chinese companies and daigou around the world have stripped countries of medical products, medical supplies, baby formula, dried goods and long-life products and shipped them back to China where these goods have been stockpiled. They did this at a time when China was denying human to human transmission of the virus and at a time when China had coerced the World Health Organization in to telling countries not to shut their borders.

Covid-19 Statistics from Around the World

Using my preferred data source – remembering that this data source is updated in real time GMT for the number of new cases and new deaths with figures being reset at GMT+0 – I’m giving figures reported at 10.15 PM AEST which makes it 1.15 PM GMT. Right now, the number of confirmed cases worldwide stands at 2,748,802. The number of deaths stands at 192,021. The United States has a staggering 866,709 confirmed cases along with 50,243 deaths. Last time I reported statistics, I said that given the significant number of new cases confirmed in the United States each day, it was fair to conjecture that the United States would reach 1,000,000 cases within 10-15 days. Looking at the statistics for the United States today, they will hit 1,000,000 cases within 3-5 days. That will be a watershed moment for the United States and we can, I think, expect to see some even angrier reactions from the United States towards China.

Spain continues to report huge daily increases of confirmed cases with an additional 6,740 cases today bringing the total number of cases to 219,764. There have been 22,524 deaths in Spain, an increase of 367 fatalities over yesterday. Italy is also suffering with 189,973 confirmed Covid-19 cases and 25,549 deaths. Italy has reported no new cases or fatalities since yesterday. France has reported 158,153 cases with 121,856 deaths. France has reported no new cases or fatalities since yesterday. Germany has 153,393 confirmed cases, an increase of 264 cases over yesterday. Germany has reported with 5,575 deaths with no new fatalities since yesterday. The United Kingdom has recorded 138,078 cases with 18,738 deaths. There have been no new cases or deaths reported in the United Kingdome since yesterday. Last time I reported figures for the United Kingdom I said that the United Kingdom would reach a landmark figure of 100,000 cases within one next week, a number that has now been exceeded.

Turkey has surpassed China for Covid-19 cases with the total number of cases currently standing at 101,790. There have been 2,491 deaths in Turkey. Turkey has reported no new cases or fatalities since yesterday. Iran has also now risen above China in the statistics table reporting 88,194 cases, an increase of 1,168 cases over yesterday. There have been 5,574 deaths in Iran, representing an increase of 93 fatalities over yesterday. China, with figures that no one believes, has reported 82,804 cases representing 6 new cases since yesterday. China has reported with 4,632 deaths. Australia, the country where I currently reside, continues to report figures for confirmed cases and deaths that make Australia appear to be one of the most successful countries in the world in combatting the Covid-19 virus. Australia has reported 8 new cases today bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 6,675. Australia has reported 4 new deaths today and so the total number of deaths remains at 75.

The Chinese Communist Party is Hiding the Reality of the Pandemic in China

Time to focus on stories that I have written about almost since I started these journal entries. Let’s start with some stories to see what China has been up to of late. No one has ever believed the numbers from China for fatalities that have resulted from their Wuhan virus and a story from “China in Focus” dated 3rd April, 2020 reports that China has been ordering hundreds of thousands of body bags from Taiwan.

Of course it does not necessarily follow that the ordering of the body bags is related to significantly larger fatalities from the Wuhan virus than the numbers being reported by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). However, one does have to wonder exactly why the Chinese would be ordering such large quantities of body bags.

People in multiple cities in China have been panic buying food despite assurances from officials that there will be no food shortages. Publicly authorities in one Chinese province have been saying that there will not be a food shortage but a leaked document shows that officials in the city of Leshan have been ordered to secure the food supply and other necessities, whatever those other necessities might be. Looking at the bigger picture, the claim that there will be no food shortages is debatable as China cannot produce sufficient grains, for example, for the demand in the country. In 2019 China imported over $150 billion worth of agricultural products including 89 million tons of soya beans. In the current Wuhan virus situation there are food manufacturing countries – Vietnam with rice for example – that have started to limit their food exports which would impact significantly on China.

China Must not Be Allowed to Control the Covid-19 Narrative

It is a well known fact, reported many times in my blog posts, that China stockpiled medical equipment and medical supplies in the early days of the Covid-19 outbreak when the CCP had coerced the World Health Organization into voicing their claim that there were no human to human transmissions of the disease. China continued to stockpile medical equipment and medical supplies as the Wuhan virus spread around the world. This fact is further confirmed in another story from “China in Focus” which reports that whilst China “ramps up its mask diplomacy by claiming to be a saviour to the world“, the truth of the matter is that in some cases the people sending these “China aids” are the same people who sent medical equipment and medical supplies to China from countries that they were pillaging.

Australia has been a victim of Chinese pillaging. By March, 2020 an Australian businessman had helped to ship $30 million worth of medical equipment such as ventilators, medical supplies such as face masks and protective suits to Wuhan. In the early days of the virus employees The Greenland Group downed tools to scour Australia for medical equipment and medical supplies to send to China. In both of these cases, the businessmen in question clearly seem to have ties with the CCP. If it can get any worse then it does. In January, 2020 a Chinese Immigrant Association in New York managed to source 1 million masks and send them to China. In total, between January 24th and February 11th 2020, China imported 730 million masks from other countries. And now China is claiming to be the world’s hero in selling these masks back to countries experiencing severe shortages of crucial medical supplies.

I find myself thinking that China must be shipping Chinese manufactured medical products around the world rather than the medical supplies that they pillaged because a substantial amount of the Chinese medical exports are defective. India has received 50,000 faulty masks from China. Governments in Britain, Turkey the Netherlands and Spain have all reported that they have received defective testing kits from China. Thus whilst this story from Sky News reports that China would like us to forget that they deliberately unleashed the virus on the world and to focus on their “benevolence”, the truth is that this supposed benevolence is not benevolence at all. China has behaved shockingly in the words of one report and unconscionably and disgustingly in my own words. Think about it. China pillaged the world and has sent defective medical products to countries in dire need of medical supplies.

It would, I think, be fair to say, that China is trying to control the narrative around the virus that they unleashed upon the world. China’s attempts to manipulate public opinion through appearing to be a benevolent in supplying the world with medical equipment and medical supplies is just one example of this attempt at manipulation. The world needs to combat the Chinese narrative by, for example, taking up the call of the New Zealand Deputy Prime Minister for a “full and world class investigation” into what happened in Wuhan. The world also needs to ensure an independent investigation of the relationship between the World Health Organization and China. Finally, the world fundamentally needs to re-think its economic relationship with China, and as I have reported before, the world needs to say “No” to China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” which would see China controlling trade routes around the world.

First Published April 24th, 2020

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