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China is Being Sued for Trillions of Dollars for Covering Up the Coronavirus

I’m going to start today with two news stories that put a smile on my face to the extent that when I first read them I could hardly believe that they were true. In one story, a law firm in the United States – Berman Law with Jeremy Alters as the firm’s Chief Strategist – has launched a 6 trillion dollar federal lawsuit against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The lawsuit accuses China of negligence, lies and of covering up the Coronavirus. Note also that there is reference to conducting a “Nuremberg style trial” to investigate the role of the Chinese regime in the Covid-19 pandemic. Who would not want to see Xi Jinping appearing in a courthouse to answer for what China has done in spreading a deadly virus around the world.

Whilst I was still trying to process the first story, I came across a second story reporting that American lawyer Larry Klayman and his advocacy group Freedom Watch along with Texas company called Buzz Photos have filed a lawsuit against the Chinese government, Chinese army, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Director of Wuhan Institute of Virology Shi Zhengli and Chinese army’s Major General Chen Wei. That is quite a list. The amount of the law suit is a whopping 20 trillion dollars with the lawsuit claiming that the coronavirus is the result of a biological weapon prepared by the Chinese authorities.

Whilst it may be highly doubtful – to say the least – whether China would ever turn up to a trial and even more doubtful that they would ever pay reparations, that is not the point, or at least not the main point. China, with its ridiculous and antiquated customs, is obsessed with saving face, a fact that accounts to a significant degree for why they originally tried to hide the virus from world. Imagine how embarrassed the Chinese Communist Party must now be to have been named in two lawsuits taking them to task for negligence, lies and for producing a biological weapon. Talk about embarrassment and there is no saving face with these lawsuits because, put quite simply, China is now being embarrassed on a world stage.

China Engaged in an Act of Biological Warfare in Releasing the Wuhan Virus Upon the World

Right now there is nowhere near enough evidence, if indeed there is any evidence, to suggest that the Wuhan virus was manufactured as a biological weapon. However, I have been writing for weeks now that no matter the origins of the virus, China engaged in an act of biological warfare by knowingly spreading the Covid-19 virus around the world. The logic here is quite simple. China knew that there was human to human transmission of the virus and also knew that the virus was deadly and yet China still allowed Chinese citizens, including Wuhan residents, to travel around the world. This means that, by definition, the Chinese have engaged in an act of biological warfare no matter the origins of the virus.

The United Front Work Department and Chinese Influence in Australia

Two of my recent posts have mentioned the role of the United Front Work Department (UFWD) of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.

[The United Front Work Department] focuses its work on people or entities that are outside the Party proper, especially in the overseas Chinese community, who hold social, commercial, or academic influence, or who represent interest groups. Through its efforts, the UFWD seeks to ensure that these individuals and groups are supportive of or useful to Chinese Communist Party interests.

In this story, we hear about a suspected Chinese Intelligence Group who purportedly offered Melbourne luxury car dealer Nick Zhao $1,000,000 if he would infiltrate the nations parliament as a spy through running for the parliamentary seat of Chisholm in the State of Victoria. Zhao contacted the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO) and sometime after his contact with ASIO he was found dead in a motel room under “mysterious circumstances”. The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) is looking into the matter. The alleged actions of the Chinese Intelligence Group / Spy Ring align perfectly with the way in which the UFWD seeks to engage with and influence notable figures around the world who might operate in the interests of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Liberal Member of Parliament Gladys Liu Seems to have Close Ties with the Chinese Communist Party

Following on from this story we have another story about an Australian political figure, Gladys Liu, who is a Liberal Member of Parliament for the Victorian seat of Chisholm. The claim in this story – which also finds some support in another news story – is that Gladys Liu has been associated with a number of Chinese groups linked to the United Work Front Department. One of these groups was the World Trade United Foundation (WTUF) with Liu being made honorary chair of this organization in 2016. The WTUF has been identified as an arm of the UFWD and security experts claim that the WTUF exists to promote CCP interests abroad.

Liu has also been a council member with the China Overseas Exchange Association which has been described as a propaganda and influence outfit headed by high-ranking Chinese party officials. The China Overseas Exchange Association is also prominent arm of the United Front Work Department. Liu initially told reporters that she had no recollection of being a member of the China Overseas Exchange Association. However, Clive Hamilton, a professor of Public Ethics at Charles Sturt University has made it clear that there are documents showing that Liu has been a council member of this organisation and Liu later retracted her initial statement to admit that she had in fact been a member of this group.

Liu has also seems to have been embroiled in money scandals over the years. She had associations with Brighsun New Energy through coordinating introductions between Brighsun Executives and the Federal Parliament. Brighsun came under investigation for money laundering but not before donating $105,000 to the liberal party. Liu herself apparently spent considerable sums on her own parliamentary campaign including giving her own party $100,000 at the culmination of the campaign, money she says that came from her personally. That may be so but she later tried to have the money returned, claiming that it was a loan. The Liberal Party saw things differently in arguing that Liu had made a donation to the party.

The Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s various speeches defending Gladys Liu can only be called disgusting as he rants that anyone questioning Glady’s Liu’s loyalty is being racist not only towards her but towards all Chinese people living in Australia.

I will reiterate an argument that I have made consistently through my posts. Charges of racism are levelled almost immediately when one makes any kind of argument that portrays either China or Chinese people in a negative light. Thus, Scott Morrison launches into a pathetic racism tirade in the face of legitimate questions about whether a Liberal Member of Parliament is fit to serve. Shame on Scott Morrison.

Does Australia Have a Security Problem With Chinese Citizens and Residents?

I recently reported that we have 1,213,903 residents in Australia who identify as having Chinese ancestry with the group including 509,000 Chinese who were born in China. So we’re talking, according to the 2016 Census Figures, around 5.9% of the Australian population who identify with China in some way. According to this report from November 2019 – the Chinese born community in Australia has increased by 50% in 5 years.

If the trend continues for the next five years, the report projects that there will be 980,000 Chinese born Australians. This figure does not include Hong Kong which would yield an additional 120,000 residents. Adam Creighton, the man who compiled the data, makes the same point that we will have very significant number of Chinese residents, at least some of whom will remain loyal to the CCP.

The point about the loyalty of Chinese in Australia to Beijing is also raised by Andrew Bolt who asks how many Australian Chinese residents remain loyal to China, whether that be because of their brain washing or through coercion by the CCP by, for example, threatening family members who are still in China. Whilst Bolt and Creighton both point to the question of Chinese loyalty to Beijing, we need to take things further in terms of whether something needs to be done and, if so, what is it that needs to be done. At one extreme we can imagine someone simply saying “enough”, no more Chinese in Australia because it is too much of a risk. However, we currently have 1.2 million people in Australia who identify with China in some way so that ship has pretty much sailed. The risk is already here.

Whilst we obviously cannot know how many Chinese Australians are furthering the aims of the CCP, this news report does highlight the fact that Australia needs to be a lot stricter with respect to granting residency and citizenship to Chinese citizens seeking to settle in Australia.

To put matters bluntly, the Chinese should not be allowed to buy their way into Australia. The other line of thought concerns what Australia does day by day to safeguard itself against residents – which would extend beyond the Chinese – who may be loyal to the regimes in their country of birth. In other words, I am talking about how we maintain the security of Australia, a subject that I really know nothing about.

However, it would be somewhat naïve to think that Australia is not keeping tabs on its citizens, particularly Chinese citizens who may be trying, in a whole host of ways, to exert influence in Australia. The question that should really concern us is how effective Australia is in this respect. My impression from having read hundreds of news stories over the past few weeks is that Australia is not funding the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) sufficiently for them to be effective in this respect. So, no concrete answers right now with respect to addressing what looks like a significant security issue with the Chinese in Australia. However, Australia does at last seem to be waking up the fact that they have a problem.

First Published April 20th, 2020

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