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China Adopts Holocaust Denial Tactics to Hide the Truth of Their Virus

I’m going to provide Covid-19 Wuhan virus statistics again because the Covid-19 data matters in a world where the Chinese Communist Party is engaging in extensive propaganda efforts to cover up its culpability with respect to having unleashed their virus upon the world. Statistics and data also matter in terms of what the future might look like. If you doubt this, take a look at this article on holocaust denial, which states that,

Holocaust deniers attempt to rewrite history by minimizing, denying or simply ignoring essential facts.

Sound familiar? It should do because this is exactly what China has done with the Covid-19 virus. First China denied the truth by not alerting the World Health Organization (WHO) to the Coronavirus outbreak. Then China tried to “downplay” the facts by telling the WHO that there had not been any human to human transmissions. Finally, China allowed thousands of infected Chinese to travel around the world, thereby ensuring that the Wuhan virus would become a pandemic. Don’t imagine that China’s tactics are going to stop. The Chinese propaganda machine will continue to peddle its lies until the day comes when the world believes them, something we should pray will never happen.

Chinese Virus Statistics from Around the World

Using my preferred data source – remembering that this data source is updated in real time GMT with the data for new cases and new deaths being reset at GMT+0 – I’m giving figures reported at 10.15 PM AEST which makes it 1.15 PM GMT. Right now, the number of confirmed cases worldwide stands at 2,358,351. The number of deaths stands at 161,904. The United States has an incredible 739,052 confirmed cases, an increase of 710 cases over yesterday. The United States has reported 39,040 deaths an increase of 26 deaths over yesterday. Spain continues to report huge daily increases of confirmed cases with an additional 1,528 cases today bringing the total number of cases to 195,944. There have been 20,453 deaths in Spain and increase of 410 fatalities over yesterday.

Italy is also suffering with 175,925 confirmed Covid-19 cases and 23,227 deaths. Italy has not reported any new cases or any new deaths. France has reported 151,793 cases with 18,323 deaths. As with Italy, France has not reported any new cases or any new deaths. Germany has 144,033 confirmed cases which is an increase of 309 new cases over yesterday. Germany has reported 4,557 deaths, an increase of 7 fatalities over yesterday. The United Kingdom has 120,067 confirmed cases which is an increase of 5,850 cases as compared with yesterday. There have been 12,868 deaths in the United Kingdom, an increase of 596 fatalities over yesterday.

China, with figures that no one believes, has reported 82,735 cases with 16 new cases reported since yesterday. There have been 4,632 deaths in China meaning no new fatalities since yesterday. Turkey is now located ahead of Iran in the data table with the total number of cases currently standing at 82,239 with no new cases reported today. There have been 1,890 deaths in Turkey with no new deaths reported today. Iran has 82,211 cases, an increase of 1,343 cases. There have been 5,118 deaths in Iran, an increase of 58 fatalities since yesterday.

Australia, the country where I currently reside, continues to report figures for confirmed cases and deaths that make Australia appear to be one of the most successful countries in the world in combatting the Covid-19 virus. Australia has reported 20 new cases today bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 6,606. Australia has reported no new deaths today and so the total number of deaths remains at 70. If Australia continues to report figures in the twenties for new cases then seven countries below Australia will soon surpass Australia for the number of confirmed cases. Thus Australia, which currently “ranks” at 37 for the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases will likely soon rank 44th in the world.

China’s United Front Work Department is Exercising Its Influence Around the World

If you have been reading my blog posts over the last week or so then you will know that my thoughts have been shifting to China’s “all of nation” approach to realizing its strategic, political and economic aims around the world. At the same time I have been looking into a line of argument that the Chinese Communist Party seeks to and is successful in realizing its influence in countries around the world in a whole host of ways. Yesterday these ideas coalesced and found a great degree of substantiation in terms of the role of the United Front Work Department (UFWD) of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.

[The United Front Work Department] focuses its work on people or entities that are outside the Party proper, especially in the overseas Chinese community, who hold social, commercial, or academic influence, or who represent interest groups. Through its efforts, the UFWD seeks to ensure that these individuals and groups are supportive of or useful to Chinese Communist Party interests and potential critics.

I will make the same point that I made yesterday namely that more research would be required in order to be able to state confidently that the UFWD is at work in Australia, seeking to ensure that at at least a proportion of Chinese Australian residents and citizens remain loyal to China and whilst working to further China’s aims in Australia. However, it would be fair to say that the argument that I have been pursuing – that the Chinese Communist Party seeks to exert influence over what it sees as key strategic areas in foreign countries – is beginning to look credible.

Now take a look at this story which covers Chinese students engaging in violent clashes with pro-Hong Kong students at the University of Queensland to the point where police were called to the campus. The Chinese Consulate General, who hold at honorary position at UQ subsequently praised the Chinese students “spontaneous outpouring of patriotism”. Consider also this story, which briefly refers to protests by Chinese students at the London School of Economics when a giant globe sculpture – part of an art exhibition – was exhibited with Taiwan represented as an independent country rather than as a part of China. My point is that if apparently isolated incidents such as these were “joined up” then we might see a pattern emerging.

Australia Needs to be Constantly Vigilant Against Chinese Infiltration

Looking at Australia’s 2016 Census figures we see that 509,555 people identified China as their country of birth. The 2016 Census figures also show that we have 1,213,903 who identify as having Chinese ancestry. The former group is a subset of the latter group of meaning that the figure for Chinese Australian’s remains at 1,213,903 who identify as having Chinese ancestry. Finally we have roughly 120,000 Chinese students studying in Australia which brings the grand total of “people” in Australia with some affiliation to China to 1,333,903. According to the 2016 Census we had 23,401,892 people living in Australia. This means that in 2016 5.69% of the Australia population was either born in China, identified as having Chinese ancestry or were Chinese students studying in Australia.

It might just be me but that seems like whopping percentage of the population linked to China in some way. If you are thinking at this point, “What’s the problem?” then you have not been paying attention to what I have been I have been writing. There are Chinese in Australia who remain loyal to – and do the bidding of – the Chinese Communist Party. These Chinese residents “hold social, commercial, or academic influence” which they can exert in favour of their Chinese masters. At this point, the role of the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO) becomes important in protecting Australia against Chinese influence and infiltration. Further, as I have argued before, the Liberal MP Andrew Hastie, who chairs the parliamentary committee overseeing Australia’s intelligence and security services, believes that there is a credible threat from Chinese infiltration into Australian politics and Australian universities.

First Published April 19th, 2020

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