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Some Words About My Writing

I have, over the past weeks, been focussing on reporting, if only to myself, on the Chinese Communist Party Wuhan virus. In doing so I have, quite literally sifted through and referenced hundreds of news stories, all from reputable sources. But more than this I have sought to maintain a narrative of the truth with respect to the Chinese virus. I have sought for and presented events in a connected and interconnected way, all the while doing my very best to ensure that China’s lies are surfaced and revealed for what they are, namely, the machinations of a, insular, xenophobic, arrogant and subhuman regime that is seeking to become a the dominant political and economic world power.

Whilst my reports have, on occasion, been substantial in terms of the word count, I would suggest that I have retained my capacity for succinct forms of expression as I have sifted through and synthesized news about the Chinese virus from dozens of news sites around the world. My point here is that if you want the truth, I mean the truth beyond sound bytes and Twitter feeds, then this is one place to find it. As I sit here reflecting upon my writing, I am reminded of something that Palki Sharma said in one of her courageous, hard-hitting and thoroughly researched reports on on China. Palki Sharma said that if it is not on social media then it hasn’t happened.

And there we have it. I am not on social media in any way, shape or form. My non-existence on social media is compounded by the fact that I do not believe that people have the attention span to actually take the time to read my blog posts because these posts are relatively lengthy, very logically argued and heavily referenced such that one has to concentrate for the entire length of each entry in order to follow the writing to its inevitable conclusion that China is perpetuating a big lie, the lie being that is a superior form of government that has effectively responded to al but stamp out the virus in China.

The fact that no one reads what I write does not bother me for two reasons. First, writing is for me a self-referential act of exploring how adroit and adept I can be with words. Thus I find enjoyment in presenting the the way that I see the truth. I think of it as a kind of game, a game of constructing posts that are characterized by balance, proportion and harmony. Secondly, and perhaps just as importantly the only thing that matters is that I have produced what I believe to be an account of the truth of China’s evil, malevolent and unconscionable behaviour. Thus, I feel that I have fulfilled my moral obligation as an academic, a researcher and a writer no matter whether, right now, anyone reads what I have written.

No Matter What Anyone Tells You, The Truth is Out There

I know that the claim that I have written journal entries capturing the truth with respect to China’s evil and abhorrent behaviour in deliberately spreading the Covid-19 virus around the world will immediately be contested. People will say that there is no truth, that the truth depends on who you talk to, that the truth is constantly changing as new facts emerge, that there is too much fake news to really know the truth, that there is just too much information to be able to find the truth. These claims are nonsense.

Watch any news report by the journalist Palki Sharma – the video below is an example – and ask yourself the question whether what she has to say is substantiated by significant amounts of evidence.

Ask yourself as well whether her reporting seems dispassionate and factual or whether it seems to be driven by a political agenda. Operating on the assumption of reasonableness on the part of the person who asks these questions – for example I am going to assume that we are not dealing with brainwashed Chinese citizens who would not know the truth if it ran them over – there can only be one conclusion. Palki Sharma relentlessly pursues and presents the truth in order to combat the Chinese propaganda machine which is intent on ensuring that the truth about China’s role in releasing the Covid-19 virus to the world never sees the light of day.

Next, as I have done, find news reports that include the World Health Organization (WHO) General Manager Tedros Adhanom trying to defend himself in the wake of claims that the WHO has essentially done China’s bidding during Covid-19 crisis.

The role of the WHO in doing China’s bidding seems very clear in terms of the WHO: taking China’s word early in the outbreak that there had been no human to human transmissions; taking far too long to recommend that countries close their borders to prevent the transmission of the virus; and not announcing a pandemic until March 11th 2020 by which time the virus had already spread around the world thanks to China allowing Wuhan residents to travel internationally.

Adhanom’s responses are deliberately misleading as when he spends three minutes in the video above talking about how he has been subject to racism, which has absolutely nothing to do with the WHOs Chinese driven ineptitude in responding to the Chinese virus. Furthermore the claims that he makes about racism and racist slurs are not based in fact, something that is clearly evidenced when he names Taiwan as the origin of these racist attacks against him. Taipei has, quite rightly, pointed out the claims are utterly false and has demanded an apology from the WHO. Now ask yourself whether you have any confidence in Tedros Adhanom’s claims to truth.

China Engaged in an Act of Biological Warfare in Deliberately Unleashing the Wuhan Virus Upon the World

And so I would say once again the truth is out there and it is given in the preponderance of stories from multiple sources all pointing to China’s culpability with respect to unleashing the Covid-19 virus upon the world. From my perspective – and I have not seen a single news story that has made this point directly – China’s actions in deliberately releasing the Covid-19 Wuhan virus upon the world constitutes an act of biological warfare. This fact follows quite simply from the definition of “biological warfare” where,

Biological warfare (BW)—also known as germ warfare—is the use of biological toxins or infectious agents such as bacteria, viruses, insects, and fungi with the intent to kill or incapacitate humans, animals or plants as an act of war.

Look at the logic of the argument. China knowingly allowed Wuhan residents to travel around the world at a time when they were fully aware that the deadly coronavirus could be transmitted between humans. China knew that allowing Wuhan residents to travel around the world would lead to infections worldwide.

There is a second dimension to knowingly infecting the world with the Covid-19 Wuhan virus. The Chinese leadership has shown itself to be subhuman. The fact follows quite simply from the definition of being subhuman which is being,

less than human: such as failing to attain the level (as of morality or intelligence) associated with normal human beings.

Releasing a virus upon the world makes the Chinese Communist Party leaders subhuman because in deliberately sending the virus around the world they showed that they have no conscience. To put it another way, the Chinese Communist Party Leaders have not attained to the level of morality of normal human beings because the vast majority of human beings would not deliberately kill thousands and thousands of people across the globe.

China is Acting in Alignment with a Hidden Strategy to Control the World

A while ago I watched an interview with Andrew Hastie, a liberal MP in Australia and a clever bloke if ever there was one. Hastie argued that China takes an “all of nation” approach to realizing its various political and strategic aims and he gave the example of Chinese students studying in Australia. Whilst Australians might see Universities as places where little Johnny or little Susan go to study in the hope of graduating with a degree, the Chinese see Universities as contested strategic spaces where Chinese students might use their positions to steal research for the Chinese Communist party.

Obviously this is not true of all Chinese students but the trouble is that we have no idea which students are fiercely loyal to the Chinese Communist Party just as we had know idea – until the stories surfaced – that there were Chinese companies in Australia buying up medical equipment, medical supplies, baby formula, dried goods and long-life goods at the behest of the Chinese Communist Party. Another example would be Chinese companies buying up dairy farms, swathes of Australian land and – yes – Darwin Port. It is true that these purchases have been possible thanks to the stupidity of the Australian Government, particularly the Foreign Investment Board which paid no attention to China’s investments in Australia.

It would naïve in the extreme to believe that Chinese companies are just randomly buying up dairy farms, land etc. in Australia. There will be a Chinese Communist Party strategy behind the purchases. Whilst not evidence of a coordinated strategy per se, China’s rules for overseas investment by Chinese companies, divides investment into three categories: “prohibited”, “restricted” and “encouraged”. Agriculture and infrastructure investment is encouraged by the Chinse Communist Party. Other countries invest heavily in Australia’s agricultural land – the United Kingdom and the United States for example – but China’s investment in Australian land has increased exponentially.

Chinese nationals or companies had some investment in 1.5 million hectares of Australian agricultural land, in 2015-16. That jumped to 14.4 million hectares in 2016-17

This represents an almost nine fold increase in Chinese ownership of Australian land in the space of one year all with the blessing of the Chinese Communist Party. The article, which was published November 8th 2017, suggests that Australia has nothing to fear from Chinese investment. I’m pretty sure the correspondent will be having a re-think given the events of the Covid-19 virus.

Australia Milked Chinese Cash Cow Students for All They Were Worth

I am now going to turn my attention to the sector in which I work, the University sector because I have, for quite some time, felt abhorrence at the way in which Australian Universities fill their coffers from International Student Fees. If you take a look at this article you’ll see some really interesting figures showing just how much Australian Universities rely on income from overseas students. For example, the University of Melbourne has a continuing income of $2.5 billion with 35% of that income being generated from overseas students. Some of the other universities mentioned in the article show similar figures for their reliance on international student fees but there are those with a much lower reliance on fees from overseas students, the University of Western Australia for example, which generates 16% of its income from international students.

The article also reports that Chinese students represent 40% of total overseas revenue, although it is not quite clear whether this figure is related to the 8 universities that are mentioned in the article. That point aside, if we do a rough calculation then it seems, for example, that around 15% of the University of Melbourne’s Continuing Income is generated from Chinese students. Extrapolating more broadly to Australian Universities in general, the article reports that Australian universities “have a multiple of several times the number of Chinese students of any comparable university in the world” a fact which means that they have left themselves exposed by “putting all of their eggs in one basket”.

The article makes two other important points. First, and I would note that there is no supporting evidence for this contention, Australian Universities have felt compelled to “pass” full-fee paying foreign students in order to maintain their revenue streams. You can see the logic. Foreign students would not want to pay their money to universities if it looked like they might not pass their degree courses. Secondly, the article reports that the ease with which foreign students – along with their families – have entered Australia is something that has now come to an end with the Prime Minister Scott Morrison telling students who cannot support themselves to go home.

Let’s talk numbers here. When the ban on non citizens travelling from China to Australia was announced in early February, 106,000 Chinese students enrolled in Australian universities were overseas. Of these 106,000 Chinese students, 30,000 Chinese students entered Australia from mid February at the rate of 1000 students per day. They managed this feat by staying in a third country for two weeks which meant that they could simply walk into Australia. Rather than being concerned about the fact that 30,000 Chinese students had made a mockery of border controls meant to keep Australia safe, Australian Universities fell over themselves to support these poor students.

The Chinese Diaspora May Well Be Being Manipulated by the Chinese Communist Party

I’m now going to draw on an article by Michael West. First I would note that West’s perspective on Chinese immigration to Australia is made abundantly clear in his comment that,

Forget the boats. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese people have flooded into Australia, and no one seems to be taking the threat seriously.

West argues first that nationalist Chinese students have poured into Australia. However, education is for West just the “tip of the iceberg” as hundreds of thousands of Chinese have entered Australia using a variety of means including International Student Visas and Business Migration Visas. Thus, according to West, we have more than 520,000 people born in mainland China living in Australia. I checked Australia’s 2016 Census figures which show that 509,555 people identified China as their country of birth. West is close enough and may in any case have more up to date data. West also states that we have over 100,000 people in Australia who identify as having Chinese ancestry. Again, the 2016 Census figures confirm this fact. Finally West reports that we have 120,000 Chinese students studying in Australia, 14,000 more Chinese students than the figure quoted earlier in this journal entry.

So with the ground laid we can get to West’s main arguments which bring me back to points I have made in earlier journal entries and in this entry regarding the fact that there is a Chinese agenda with respect to the Chinese immigrants that it allows to settle around the world and with respect to the Chinese students who study at Western Universities. In a nutshell, and as argued previously, China takes a whole of nation approach to realizing its strategic, political and economic aims and these migrants and students are in the purview of the Chinese Communist Party through the presence of the “the secretive” United Front Work Department (UFWD), a little known but highly ranked department of the ruling Communist Party’s Central Committee that is, according to West, very active in Australia.

This department apparently “monitors and engages with the Chinese diaspora” doing its best to push propaganda through Chinese media outlets in the Australian Chinese community and to sow the seeds of dissent in Australian Universities. Don’t get me wrong here. West’s assertions would require a lot more fact checking but let me ask you this question. Do you think that one of the most controlling regimes in the world is simply letting its citizens leave to start new lives and to study in countries around the world or do you think that the Chinese Communist Party is using the diaspora long with its students to further its own nefarious aims. Honestly, you would have to be naïve in the extreme to think that China’s whole of nation approach to furthering its aims does not include using Chinese migrants and Chinese students who have brainwashed from birth to follow the party line.

First Published April 19th, 2020

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