Dan O'Heirity

The conspiracy theorists guide to the Covid-19 virus. In 1997 Bird Flu or Avian Flu spread to humans in Hong Kong from infected poultry imported from China. China downplayed the virus claiming that all of its chickens were healthy even though the Chinese Communist Party had requested H5N1 reagents – used to test for presence of antibodies to the virus – from the World Health Organization. With the virus contained, thanks to a mass culling of chickens in Hong Kong, China realized that it had found a way to realize its ambition to become the world superpower. All that was required was to start a pandemic.

In 2002, China made its first attempt to unleash a deadly virus – Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) – upon the world. The Chinese Communist Party did its best to ensure that there would be a pandemic through deliberately not reporting SARS to the World Health Organization until almost three months after they identified their first case in the Guangdong province. However, their plans backfired with the vast majority of confirmed cases, 5,327 cases to be exact, occurring in China. Hong Kong logged 1,575 cases and Taiwan logged 671 cases. Cases in the rest of the world were negligible. When all was said and done, the total number of cases worldwide was 8,437 cases. There were 813 deaths worldwide giving a fatality rate of 9.63%.

In 2019 China created a new Coronavirus strain in a laboratory in Wuhan with the intention of engaging in an act of biological warfare through unleashing the virus upon the world. In order to make it look as though the virus had emerged from a zoonotic event, the Chinese Communist Party engaged in a controlled release of the virus into the Wuhan community knowing that they could almost certainly contain the virus within the Hubei Province through restricting travel and through utilizing brutal and inhumane containment measures such as welding apartment doors closed so that people were forced to quarantine for months without sufficient food or medical supplies. With the virus pretty much contained to the Hubei Province, China then sent infected citizens around the world to ensure that there would be a pandemic.

China progressed its pan to ensure a pandemic by not telling the World Health Organization about the virus until almost two months after they had initiated the controlled release in Wuhan. China then claimed the virus had emerged in a market in Wuhan and that there had been no human to human transmissions of the virus. This was a blatant lie but China succeeded in coercing the WHO into telling the world that there had not been any reported cases of human to human transmission in China. At the same time, China directed the World Health Organization to tell the world’s leaders that there was no need to close their borders. The World Health Organization did China’s bidding and, as a result, China’s plan to start a pandemic was successful.

Next China systematically pillaged countries around the world – Australia being a clear and sad example – for medical equipment, medical supplies, baby formula, dried goods and long life products. China also bought up respirators from around the world, importing $20,000,000 worth of the machines from the United States. China did not need the vast majority of the supplies. Rather the supplies were sourced as a contingency measure and to ensure that the West would find itself without critical medical supplies, dairy products, dried and long life food products once the virus got a grip across the world. With the West in dire need China would then send medical equipment and medical supplies around the world as part of a concerted propaganda campaign.

This part of China’s plan was perfectly executed with countries around the world finding themselves in dire straits as infections ran into the millions and deaths ran into the hundreds of thousands. The United States was one of the hardest hit countries in this respect with over half a million Covid-19 cases and over 20,000 deaths only three months into the pandemic. This situation forced the United States into buying back respirators that they had sold to China only three months earlier, a time when China and the World Health Organization had been telling countries around the world that there was no cause for concern. Australia was also forced by purchase medical supplies from China which meant allowing flights from Wuhan to land in Australia.

China did not want the world to know how many cases and deaths had actually resulted from their staged release of the virus in Wuhan and so China constantly lied about the spread of the virus, number of confirmed cases and the number of deaths. The word did not quite believe China’s lies, wondering for example why China had locked down travel in China whilst allowing its citizens all over the world. One political commentator used the words “biological warfare” but the world’s leaders were to weak to accuse China of deliberately causing a pandemic. Barely three months after the virus in Wuhan was first announced to the world, China opened up Wuhan to send the strongest of signals that it had beaten the virus with no more than 80,000 cases and 3,500 deaths.

China had tested the resolve of the world’s leaders in the face of the obvious fact that they had intentionally spread the virus around the world and China found the world’s governments wanting. China took the world’s weakness as an imprimatur to further its ambitions to become the dominant world superpower. First, China brought Hong Kong back under its control with new security legislation that would see the end of freedom of speech in Hong Kong. The world did nothing. Next, China invaded Taiwan and replaced the government a mock presidential democracy that answered to Beijing. Again, the world did nothing. Finally, China took military control of the South China Sea.

China had outmanoeuvred the West at every stage of the Covid-19 virus pandemic. Finally, the West had no choice but to kowtow to China because its supply chains – essential for trying to rebuild economies around the world – were inextricably linked with China and with other countries that operated under directives from China. China continued unopposed with its “Belt and Road Project” – an initiative to develop new land and see trade routes from China, through Central Asia and into Europe – and within a matter of years China controlled trade routes across the world. The days of the West were over with China having realized its aim of becoming the dominant world superpower.

First Published April 12th, 2020

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