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It is a slow Covid-19 news day, at least in terms of the news sites that I visit. One story argues that China should be sued for trillions of dollars because of their culpability with respect to the Covid-19 virus and, in particular, because of the fact that they covered up the virus for around a month which ensured that it would spread around the world. In this respect China learned nothing from the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) virus which also originated in China and which was also covered up.

There are a few articles covering the significant rise in the death toll in New York over night. There’s also a couple of stories in Australia about new cases of Covid-19 but, as I have written many times, these stories are a nonsense because the almost complete lack of testing in Australia for Covid-19 means that Australia does not have the first clue how many Covid-19 cases there really are in the country. Australian leaders have acted shamelessly and irresponsibly in this respect, particularly as Australia has a reasonably significant problem with residents not taking the virus seriously and, as a consequence, not taking the social distancing rules seriously.

There is one story about daigou that should outrage Australians, and indeed people around the world, because hoards of Chinese around the world are stripping supermarket shelves of essential products – medical supplies, medicinal supplies, baby products particularly baby formula, long-life products such as milk and dried goods including pasta – in order to export them to China for personal profit. Here is a shocking moment when a Chinese woman – or at least a woman of Asian descent – is caught apparently loading up four or five trolleys with baby formula.

Stories about daigou have surfaced multiple times since the Covid-19 outbreak including stories of people stripping city supermarkets of essential supplies and travelling to rural towns to do the same. The woman in this story seems to have gotten around the purchasing restrictions – one can only buy two tins of baby formula at a time – simply by going through the checkouts multiple times so that each purchase was essentially a new purchase.

I reported stories yesterday that ranged broadly across the fact that Australia is being pillaged by Chinese companies and Chinese daigou shoppers with one story referring to the people engaging in these activities as parasites. It might be argued that those are strong words and there will undoubtedly be those who hold up the racism / racial profiling card in order to ensure that the truth with respect to the looting of Australia by the Chinese is never surfaced. However, I would maintain that the people – whether Company Directors, company employees or individual Daigou shoppers – responsible for pillaging Australia are parasites and I would go even further. I would say that it is more than reasonable to refer to these people as sub-human where sub-human is defined as follows:

less than human: such as;

a: failing to attain the level (as of morality or intelligence) associated with normal human beings

b: unsuitable to or unfit for human beings // subhuman living conditions c: of or relating to a taxonomic group lower than that of humans // subhuman primates

Following this definition there are two senses in which Directors of Chinese companies, employees of Chinese companies and the daigou are less than human. They do not exhibit the moral sensibilities that are crucial to being fully human. To put this another way, they seem to lack any conscience or, more broadly social conscience, that would tell them that their actions are wrong. Secondly, they form a taxonomic group that can be considered to be less than human.

People will no doubt react vehemently to the points that I have made but consider these facts. Civilised human beings would find it impossible to arrive en masse at a small Australian town to strip the shelves of essential products simply in order to make money. Something would stop them and that something would be their conscience, both individual and social. Put simply, most people would find themselves unable to pillage supermarket shelves for personal profit because their conscience would tell them that doing so would be wrong. Not so with the owners of Chinese companies and the Chinese employees of these companies and the individual daigou shoppers who are sending thousands of tons of Australian supplies to China. These Chinese “people” lack a moral conscience and should be considered to be sub-human.

Reflect upon these points. I shall say it again. These Chinese “people” obviously do not have a conscience because they have no care for the sick who need drugs, the elderly who are most vulnerable to Covid-19 or parents in Australia who are desperate to get baby formula. They also have no shame because shame is a feeling that is linked to violating a moral code or to acting against one’s conscience. This explains why a daigou can go through a check out twenty times in order to accumulate 4 or 5 trolleys of baby formula. They feel no shame because they have no conscience. They are, therefore, sub-human.

In terms of an argument that these people form a taxonomic group, it is estimated that there are currently 80,000 daigou in Australia. In the 2016 census 2.2% of the Australian population – roughly 550,000 people if we take the Australian population to be around 25,000,000 – identified that they were born in China representing an increase of 0.7% over the 2011 census. 5.6% of respondents in the 2016 census – roughly 1.4 million people based on an Australian population of 25,000,000 – said that they had “some Chinese background.” Those born in China would form a subset of the 1.4 million people identifying as having “some Chinese background.” Thus, we can say that we have a distinct daigou group of 80,000 people that makes up nearly 5.7% of the 1.4 million people who identified as having “some Chinese background”.

Now let’s turn to the statistics. According to my first data source – which is updated in real time for the number of new cases and new deaths and reset at GMT+0 for new cases and new deaths meaning that given that it is nearly mid-day in Australia the reported figures will just about cover a 24 hour period – there have been 1,201,443 confirmed cases of the Covid-19 virus worldwide, an increase of 34,196 cases over the previous day. The total number of deaths now stands at 64,688, an increase of 8,452 deaths over the previous day. The number of fatalities will inevitably reach 100,000 in the not too distant future and this will prompt another period of extreme anger across the world towards China’s atrocities including initially covering up the Covid-19 virus in order to save face.

The United States has 311,357 confirmed cases, an increase of 34,196 cases over yesterday. There have been 8,452 deaths in the United States, an increase of 1,331 deaths over yesterday. Spain registered 6,969 new cases giving a total of 126,168 cases. There have been 11,497 deaths in Spain, an increase of 749 fatalities over yesterday. Italy registered 4,805 new cases bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 124,632 cases. The Italian death toll now stands at 15,362, representing 681 new fatalities. Germany has 96,092 cases an increase of 4,933 cases. There have been 1,444 deaths in Germany, an increase of 169 fatalities. France recorded 89,953 cases, an increase of 7,788 cases. There have been 7,560 deaths in France representing an increase of 1,053 fatalities.

China continues to provide data that no one believes with 19 new cases giving a total number of cases at 81,639. China registered 4 new deaths bringing the total number of fatalities to 3,326. Iran and the United Kingdom may be the next two countries to overtake China in terms of the total number of reported cases in those countries. Australia registered 96 new cases bringing the total number of cases to 5,550. There were 2 new deaths bringing the total number of deaths to 30. With respect to Australia, and for the first time, I actually have confirmed testing rates. Australia has only tested 300,000 people or 1.2% of the population which confirms figures I tried to piece together having found the testing rates for the different States in Australia.

The figure of 300,000, also available on the Australian government website, represents a travesty with respect to what will be the actual number of cases in Australia and yet the government still claims that, “The proportion of cases under investigation in each state and territory has continued to decline, indicating that public health actions — including case identification and contact tracing — is improving“. For God’s sake, you’re testing hardly anyone. It is worth taking a moment to reflect on what these figures mean. There have been dozens of stories over the past few weeks giving figures in the trillions of dollars for the impact on the world economy.

Airlines have all but stopped operating with their planes now stored in warehouses. Business worldwide have had to shut down including large department stores and small companies. Millions of people worldwide have become unemployed virtually over night. Billions of dollars have been wiped off peoples’ investments and superannuation. Investments will, eventually, right themselves but recent retirees with limited superannuation funds are going to find it hard particularly if you consider that it might take around 5 years for the economy to right itself once the Covid-19 Pandemic is over, something that could take over 12 months. In short, China has fucked us.

New modelling in Australia suggests that it might be the Summer – it is now March with Summer occurring around December time in Australia – before the social isolation measures are relaxed. This prediction standards in stark contrast to other stories that I have covered over the past week or so that talked of Australia “winning the war” against Covid-19 with the prospect of social isolating measures being relaxed in the next couple of months or so. In other words, there are very conflicting stories in Australia regarding how long we may have to live in lock down and this story, published today 5th March 2020 provides a very useful overview of the different perspectives on just how long social distancing may last in Australia.

I would suggest that the differences lie in the fact that some stories report what the Prime Minister and the politicians have to say whilst other stories, such as the data modelling story I covered, are seeking a basis in fact for predicting the spread of the virus. Irrespective, in my view stories about relaxing social isolation measures are very concerning for many reasons including the fact that it might be argued that many Australians are not taking the Covid-19 virus seriously with stories emerging almost daily of people failing to self-isolate and people flouting the social distancing rules.

Worse still, Australians are still gathering en masse, this time in a “hoon gathering” which basically consists of people with no brains congregating in their cars to race them on suburban streets. And as if that was not enough, police swooped on a car rally with over 150 vehicles present and handed out 58 Covid-19 infringement notices with fines of around $1,300.

China has also flagged the intention to lift travel restrictions to Wuhan whilst also telling Wuhan residents that they should stay indoors because of a concern about a second wave of the virus resulting from incoming travellers. This signals to me that China is up to something because opening up Wuhan whilst flagging that there may be a second wave of infections is utterly nonsensical. Why would you open up Wuhan if you feared a second wave of infections? Lies, Lies and more lies from the Chinese Communist Party.

First Published July 5th, 2020

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